Ghost of Tsushima: Follow the Blue Flowers, Curse of Uchitsune Guide

Need some quick help with the Mythic Tales mission ‘The Curse of Uchitsune’ and finding all of the blue flower locations?

To get some of the best gear in Ghost of Tsushima, you’ll want to follow the Mythic Tales to track down items of legend. They pose a great challenge, but the rewards are worthwhile.

This is a guide for the Mythic Tale ‘The Curse of Uchitsune,’ which details where you go to find the blue flower locations as well as some tips for other segments of the mission.

Warning, this Curse of Uchitsune guide contains spoilers, with each part of the Ghost of Tsushima side quest detailed below.

How to find the Curse of Uchitsune Mythic Tale

As with other Mythic Tales, the most common way to trigger The Curse of Uchitsune is to talk to peasants – often those making camp in the wild – and then follow their rumours to a musician.

The Curse of Uchitsune side quest will take you to Hiyoshi, where a musician is singing the tale of the legendary archer Uchitsune.

After hearing his tale, you go off in search of the first part of the quest: finding blue flowers on the Hiyoshi coast.

For completing the Curse of Uchitsune Mythic Tale, you’ll receive a moderate legend increase, Explosive Arrows, and the Longbow which Uchitsune used to defeat a winged demon.

Where are the Hiyoshi coast blue flowers?

For this first hunt for the blue hydrangeas, you’ll need to head eastwards out of Hiyoshi and into the Hidden Springs Forest that meets the cliffs.

Making your way up from the southernmost area of the forest, riding north while following the cliffs, it won’t be long before you encounter the first blue flowers location.

In the image above, you can see where you’ll first find the trail of blue flowers if you head north from the southern part of the search area.

Follow the blue flowers until you find a tree on a white stone formation. Under the tree, you’ll discover a lowered pathway leading to a cracked tomb entrance.

Enter the tomb to find the first map, which asks you to find an island covered in blue flowers, just off of the coast.

Where is the blue flower island?

As with the first stage of The Curse of Uchitsune, you’ll want to trot along the cliffs until you spot the blue flower island. It’s quite far up the shoreline, but you should be able to spot it from afar.

Follow the cliffs a bit further until you can see some paths heading down towards the coast with blue flowers dotted around.

Come inland a bit, find the path, and follow the trail of blue hydrangeas until you meet a small pathway heading down to the coast, as shown below.

Next, head down to the beach, swim over to the blue flower island, go inside the cove and pick up the next map of this Mythic Tale.

Here’s where you can find the blue flower island from the first Uchitsune map in Ghost of Tsushima:

Curse of Uchitsune mountain location

You’ll need to follow the blue flowers further now, having to search Hiyoshi for the mountain.

The next map shows that you’re looking for a Hiyoshi mountain with two peaks, featuring a trail of blue flowers and an area of yellow in the background.

The search area for the Curse of Uchitsune mountain location is 430m from the blue flower island, but you can cut some riding time by fast travelling to Sensi Ishikawa’s Dojo.

In the image above, you can see the view from the peak near the dojo (where Ishikawa lets you get ambushed in the story), clearly being able to see the blue flower mountains.

Head towards these peaks until you meet a crossroads, which is where you’ll then catch the trail of blue flowers on the mountain. On the map below, you can see the location of the Curse of Uchitsune mountain.

Follow the blue flowers, scale the mountain, and find the shine in a little downward slope partway up the blue flower-covered Hiyoshi mountain. Go to the shrine and take the legendary Longbow of Uchitsune.

How to defeat the Tengu Demon in the Duel of Demons

As was the case in The Legend of Tadayori, to claim the Mythic Tales reward, you’ll need to defeat a master swordsman in a one-on-one duel, with the Duel of Demons seeing you face a Tengu Demon.

The Tengu Demon is wickedly fast and loves to charge in with powerful strikes. A good mindset to get into from the get-go is always to press Down to heal whenever you take one hit.

It’s also good to prepare for the Tengu Demon duel by unlocking the Deflection Technique called ‘Unyielding Sword Parry,’ as deliberately aiming to parry and counter is a good strategy for defeating the Tengu.

You’ll need to be aware of the Tengu Demon’s incredible speed throughout, which they’ll use in the form of seven-strike combinations as well as power attacks.

If you see them sheath their sword and start to approach, get ready to dodge (O), as they are far too quick for you to charge in and hit with a heavy shot. Sometimes you can, but most of the time they’ll catch you.

Get used to waiting for them to charge in and then either looking for a perfect parry (L1) or dodging around them if you see the orange glinting.

Follow up with heavy attacks (Triangle), but be reserved: the Tengu Demon is very fast and will sidestep to attack your back if you throw one too many heavy attacks.

Be patient and play the long game with the Tengu Demon, have block and dodge as your go-to buttons and then be opportunistic but conservative when you see an opening to return fire.

Once you’ve defeated the Tengu Demon, the Longbow is yours to keep.

Mythic Weapon: Longbow

So, follow all of the blue flowers, find the island and Curse of Uchitsune mountain location, and win the demonic duel to be rewarded with Explosive Arrows and the Longbow.

The cursed Longbow of Uchitsune offers high damage and zoom, but long draw time, and you cannot crouch while aiming with the ranged weapon. Explosive Arrows require the Longbow for use.

You can upgrade the Longbow another four times by visiting a bowyer with the following materials:

  • Longbow II: 200 Supplies, 50 Bamboo
  • Longbow III: 400 Supplies, 100 Bamboo, 20 Yew Wood
  • Longbow IV: 600 Supplies, 150 Bamboo, 40 Yew Wood, 2 Wax Wood
  • Longbow V: 800 Supplies, 200 Bamboo, 60 Yew Wood, 4 Wax Wood

You’ve now completed the Mythic Tale of The Curse of Uchitsune and have earned the mighty Longbow weapon.

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