Ghost of Tsushima: Find Violets Locations, Legend of Tadayori Guide

Need some quick help with the Mythic Tales mission ‘The Legend of Tadayori’ and finding the second location of the violets to solve the map?

Ghost of Tsushima is filled with tales to follow separately from the central storylines, with some of the best being the Mythic Tales. They’re challenging but offer great rewards.

This is a guide for Mythic Tale ‘The Legend of Tadayori,’ which includes where to find each patch of violets and a couple of tips on progressing through other stages.

Warning, this Legend of Tadayori guide contains spoilers, with each part of the Mythic Tale detailed below.

How to trigger the Legend of Tadayori Mythic Tale

To commence the Legend of Tadayori, you’ll need to encounter the musician who sings of Tadayori’s triumphs at Azamo Bay.

You’ll find the musician sitting in a camp in the woods, being directed to him on the word of a peasant. So, be sure to talk to peasants whenever the prompt shows – particularly ones who have made camp.

Once you’ve talked to the musician, you’ll set off to find the location of Tadayori’s Armour.

For completing the lengthy and quite challenging Mythic Tale, you’ll receive a moderate legend increase and Tadayori’s Armour, which enhances your archery skills.

How to find the violets in the Legend of Tadayori

On the way to the first location to find the patch of violet chrysanthemums, your path will likely take you over a steep hill, at the top of which there’s a crossroads.

As you’re coming down the path that leads to the destination area, you’ll see some white stone formations to the right, which is where you’ll find the first patch of violets and the shrine to Tadayori.

Make your way to the top of the violet-covered hill, and open the tube to find the map to Tadayori’s Rest.

How to find the second patch of violets on the Tadayori’s Rest map

After finding the map, you can have it opened up across a portion of your screen by swiping right on the TouchPad.

The map shows the shrine at the bottom with forest, a hut, a river, and then another patch of violets marking the way to the location known as Tadayori’s Rest.

Ghost of Tsushima offers little more help than this, with a general area marked out to explore. So, look to the image above to an idea of the general direction that you need to head.

It’s a fair distance away, with plenty of Mongols to distract and divert you, but once you clear the forest and meet the river, you’ll be able to see the second location of violets. See the map above for an exact location.

When you arrive, you’ll be able to see a trail of violets that runs towards the mountains.

To get to the next part of The Legend of Tadayori, you need to follow the violet chrysanthemums until you reach the mountain. You won’t be able to scale the rocks, and need to find the opening which is marked by a lantern.

Once you’ve crawled through and followed the path, you’ll arrive at Tadayori’s Rest.

Tips for the Duel at Tadayori’s Rest and defeating Kaede

Kaede is a formidable foe, and you have to cut her health bar down to next-to-nothing to triumph in the Duel at Tadayori’s Rest.

She uses three particularly devastating moves. One is a speedy eight-strike combination which you’ll need to block and try to counter afterwards.

Another is a four-strike combination where she’ll throw three strikes up top and then crouch to perform a move that you have to dodge – marked by a little flash.

Her third big move sees the defender of Tadayori’s Rest sheath her blade and then approach you. If she’s given the time to attack, the hit can be devastating.

However, while sheathed, you have a window of opportunity to charge in and rain down heavy attacks to chop away some of her health bar.

A defensive approach with lots of blocking, dodging, and small combinations of attacks when there’s an opening is the best way to go, with heavy attacks being the preference due to Kaede’s quick blocking.

Once you’ve passed the test, it’s on to the next location: Azamo Bay.

Where is Tadayori’s Armour in Azamo Bay?

If you have liberated Azamo Bay and can fast-travel there, you’ll quickly be able to make your way to the next location of violets. Otherwise, you’ll have to ride 1.6km from Tadayori’s Rest.

The violets and Tadayori’s Armour are atop the cliffs that overlook Azamo Bay, as you can see in the image above.

Once you’ve climbed to the top of the cliff, you’ll find that the musician who sent you on this quest is being held captive by Mongols.

The troupe features three archers around the perimeter, dual-wield swordsmen, and a big Mongol with a spear and large shield.

You’ll need to defeat them and keep the musician alive, but you can make the task a little easier by sneaking around the back and assassinating at least two of the archers before engaging in the melee combat.

After you’ve defeated the Mongols, the musician will reveal the location of Tadayori’s Armour. Afterwards, though, you’ll need to fend off a few more waves of Mongols while defending the musician again.

Mythic Armour: Tadayori’s Armour

Completing the many stages of the Legend of Tadayori will grant you Tadayori’s Armour, which you automatically equip in the final phase of the Mythic Tale.

Tadayori’s Armour grants Jin the following perks:

  • Increases nocking and reload speed by 15%
  • Increases total Concentration time by 1 second
  • Headshots restore 25% of the Concentration metre

To upgrade the mythic armour to level two, you’ll need ten pieces of Linen and 250 Supplies.

You’ve now completed the Mythic Tale of The Legend of Tadayori and have earned the mighty Tadayori’s Armour item.

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