Ghost of Tsushima: The Frog Statues, Mending Rock Shrine Guide

So, you’ve found the frog statue, bowed, and spawned a bunch of hopping frogs; but is there more to the frogs than this little trick?

There’s a lot to explore and discover in Ghost of Tsushima, ranging from missions of myth to saving captured peasants.

While riding along the Isonade Coast, you may find yourself coming across a short trail with a frog statue. Some will bow to the frog and then be on their way, but there’s much more to the frogs.

Here’s everything that you need to know about the frog statues, the path to the Mending Rock Shrine, and the reward on offer for following the frogs.

Where are the frog statues in Ghost of Tsushima?

You can find the path of frog statues by travelling along the top of the cliffs of the Isonade Coast, cutting in when a path leads down the face of the cliffs.

When you’re in the right area, you’ll see a set of torii gates with a signpost informing you that the gates lead to the Mending Rock Shrine.

Follow the torri gates down the path. On your right, you’ll see a frog statue with a signpost showing a person bowing.

Turn to face the frog statue, swipe down on the TouchPad to bow, and then a swarm of frogs will spawn around you.

Continue down the path to find another frog statue which you can bow to, spawning even more frogs.

Go all the way to the end of the path and you’ll find a very small break in the wall, giving you a prompt to squeeze through by pressing R2.

Following the trail to the Mending Rock Shrine

After squeezing through the gap, you’ll need to continue to follow the path, crawl through a small space into a cave, climb out of the cave, and find a broken bridge.

Run to the edge of the cliff, where the bridge used to be, and jump to the other side. You’ll miss the other side of the bridge and grab onto a ledge beneath, but from there, you can climb downwards and then around to the left.

Once you’ve made your way around, you’ll soon find that what seems to be the next connecting bridge is broken and that there isn’t a path above.

Instead, you need to follow the trail that leads back towards where you’ve come from, with a set of planks to jump across under the rock face that you’ve just climbed along.

Jump across the planks, scale the rock climb on the other side, crawl into another space to see another frog statue, and then leap across the gap to crawl along the opposite wall.

At the end of the wall climb, you’ll see a more open space, as well as a bridge in the near distance.

To get there, you’ll need to leap across to the other side, follow the path past the frog statues and head towards the tree and the broken bridge.

The reward for finding Mending Rock Shrine

Crossing the bridge, which requires some jumping, will get you to the Mending Rock Shrine. Said to be the sanctuary of Okuninushi, kami of medicine, you receive a healing-oriented reward for honouring the shrine.

So, approach the structure, press R2 to honour the shrine, and receive your reward: the Charm of Okuninushi.

The Charm of Okuninushi is a powerful charm which you can bind to your one of your sword’s charm slots from in the Gear part of the menu.

Charms are among the best ways to increase your health in Ghost of Tsushima, with the Charm of Okuninushi being one such defence charm.

By equipping the charm, you’ll slowly recover health while out of combat, meaning that you won’t have to waste Resolve to heal between battles.

So, the frog statues of Ghost of Tsushima are more than just fun gimmicks, with those along the Isonade Coast leading you to the Mending Rock Shrine and the Charm of Okuninushi.

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