Ghostwire Tokyo: How to Complete “Deep Cleaning” Side Mission

Here’s your guide to completing the side quest “Deep Cleaning” in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, your main mission is to unravel the mystery of Hannya and his cronies, who kidnapped your sister, as you battle otherworldly “Visitors.” Partway through chapter two, you will be able to engage in side missions.

One of the first side missions you can do is “Deep Cleaning.” Read below for your step-by-step guide on how to start and complete “Deep Cleaning.”

Head to the Volunteer Office

The completed entry for “Deep Cleaning.”

After you’re given the “A Maze of Death” main mission by KK, you can more freely explore the map. On the way toward the marker for “A Maze of Death,” you’ll notice two green markers on the map indicating side missions. The one for “Deep Cleaning” is the one furthest from “A Maze of Death.”

Enter the Volunteer Office. Like with any building, explore thoroughly for items and more database entries. Head upstairs and into the room to the right. Nab the item on the shelf and speak to the floating spirit. He mentions a standing pool of water and how it’s making him anxious. KK says this could lead to corruption, so you know what to do: find the source and eliminate the threat!

Head to the Bathhouse

The entrance to the bathhouse after clearing the corruption.

After exiting, you’ll notice a large green circle on the map to indicate the source is somewhere within the radius of the circle. Head to the northeastern part of the green circle to find a bathhouse with a corrupted tree out front. Use Spectral Vision (Square) to locate the core and shoot it with R2. This will clear the path.

Enter the bathhouse.

Make your way to the back door

The door to your final destination.

The path inside is linear as side paths are initially blocked. Again, explore as much as possible and look for items and database entries. As you make your way through, you’ll notice the corruption increasing (KK points it out as well) and chairs suddenly coming together to block one path.

Hit the back hallway where the corruption is most intense. Ready yourself for battle as you open the door.

Kill the waves of Visitors in the other plane

You’ll be transported to another plane with, as you might have guessed, standing water all around. You will have to fight a few waves of enemies, with each wave having more enemies than the last. The first wave should be no problem with only two enemies. However, after the first wave, Visitors will start to employ projectile attacks as well as a melee attack with purple energy surrounding them.

If you run low on ether, there are plenty of objects floating around. Melee strike them to nab the ether. If you have any of the recommended skills unlocked, this battle should be a breeze.

If you want the “Master of Blocking” trophy for 30 Perfect Blocks, leave one enemy in the first wave and spam Perfect Blocks until it pops. This is a great place to game the system.

Once you defeat all enemies, the corruption will be cleared and your side mission complete! If this is your first side mission, then “Problem Solver” will pop. “Wishmaker” will pop if you complete all side missions.

On your way out of the bathhouse, the path will be unblocked and you can nab a series of consumables in the next room. Return to the Volunteer Office to inform the spirit, who will then drift away. Note that this last step is optional as the side mission will be marked as complete after defeating the enemies.

Now you know exactly how to complete “Deep Cleaning” and what to expect. Go show those Visitors they chose the wrong bathhouse to corrupt!





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