Ghostwire Tokyo: How to Complete “Zashiki-Warashi” Side Mission

Here’s your guide to completing the “Zashiki-Warashi” side mission.

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, side missions become available partway through chapter two. Specifically, you should start to see them on the map no later than when KK directs you to the “A Maze of Death” main mission. One of the first side missions you can play is “Zashiki-Warashi.”

Read below for your step-by-step guide on completing “Zashiki-Warashi.” For context, Zashiki-Warashi are house yokai that are said to bring good fortune to those who see them.

Speak to the spirit outside of her house

As you near the main mission, you’ll see the green dot for the side mission a little away from “A Maze of Death.” Head here and speak to the spirit of the old lady outside of her home. Basically, she had issues with her greedy landlord, culminating in the landlord kidnapping the Zashiki-Warashi. You are tasked with finding the location of the Zashiki-Warashi and returning her to the spirit.

She gives you a few good hints. One, the blue dish she mentions in the picture will be where you lay the offering she gives you. Two, she mentions something about an alcove and the possibility that the yokai is there.

Explore the house to find key items

Enter the house and hit the main living area in the middle. Open the closet to find a locked safe. From the living area, head right into the hallway and enter the first door on your left. Use Spectral Vision (Square) to reveal the hidden Buddhist shrine (pictured). It seems the landlord’s spirit was able to hide the shrine! Open it to find a key.

Before you hit the safe, turn left from the room and open the door at the end of the hallway to find a database entry. Then, hit the safe to reveal the floor plans with a hidden alcove that looks to have been marked out by the landlord. Ensure you’ve collected every item in the living area and that side of the home before proceeding.

Use Spectral Vision and confront the landlord

From the living area, head left and to the end of the hallway for another database entry. Enter the main room here and open the far closet to find a relic, the Kendama. However, as you look around, there are no doors or windows that you can access.

The hidden room with the clearly visible daruma in the center.

Here’s where the side mission can get tricky. What you want to do in this room is turn around and face the blank wall. Then, use Spectral Vision (Square) to reveal a hidden room, just like with the shrine earlier.

The hand seal needed to purge the spirit.

KK warns you as you enter to be careful. Proceed into the room for the malevolent spirit of the landlord to manifest and yell that the Zashiki-Warashi is theirs. You will then be prompted to do a hand seal (pictured). Use the right analog stick to form the seal, then hold L2 and R2 together to seal away the spirit.

After that, place the offering on the blue bowl to reveal the Zashiki-Warashi. Talk to it, then return to the spirit outside. Speak to her and she’ll give a little more info on the yokai. The spirit will then leave the plane, no longer tied down. Hold L2 when prompted with the yokai to obtain magatama, necessary to improve some skills. In all likelihood, this will be the first bit of Magatama you get, triggering the pictured tutorial. You will also unlock a character entry for Zashiki-Warashi.

The description after completing the side mission.

There you have it, your guide to completing “Zashiki-Warashi.” Spectral Vision is crucial to the success of this side mission, and don’t forget all of the consumables and data entries!





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