Godfall Complete Controls Guide for PS5 and PC

Here’re the controls that you need to know to vanquish your foes in Godfall on PC and PlayStation 5, including how to heal and how Soulshatter works.

Godfall Complete Controls Guide for PS5 and PC explained in detail

A core part of the superb PlayStation 5 launch line-up as well as featuring on the Epic Games Store for PC gamers, Godfall offers immaculate aesthetics, fast-paced action, fantasy RPG customisations, and lots of looting.

There’re plenty of weapons to use, manoeuvres to master, and enemies to defeat, but to do all of that, you’ll need to get to grips with the Godfall controls.

Find all of the Godfall controls on PS5 and PC right here, along with some gameplay tips to help you master this new universe.

In this Godfall controls guide, for the PS5 controls, L and R denote the analogues, the button activated by pressing either analogue is shown as L3 or R3, and the d-pad buttons are listed as Up, Right, Down, and Left.

Godfall controls on PlayStation 5 and PC

Godfall controls on PlayStation 5 controller and PC keyboard

While there are different characters, weapons, and techniques to use as your progress through the game, these are the set Godfall controls on PS5 and PC that’ll govern most of your play:

Godfall Action PS5 Controls PC Controls
Move L W, A, S, D
Sprint L3 Left Shift
Super Sprint L3 (keep running in the same direction) Left Shift (keep running in the same direction)
Jump Gaps O C
Camera R N/A
Interact O C
Evade X (with L direction) Space (with Move direction)
Toggle target-Lock R3 Mouse Wheel (click)
Light Attack R1 Left-Click
Heavy Attack R2 (hold to power-up) Right-Click (hold to power-up)
Sprint Attack L3, R1 Left Shift, Left-Click
Takedown R3 F
Block L1 Q
Parry L1 (timed with enemy attack) Q (timed with enemy attack)
Throw Shield L1, R2 Q, Right-Click
Aim L2 N/A
Use Weapon Technique L2 (hold) E
Swap Weapon Triangle Mouse Wheel (down)
Use Life Stone (Heal) Square R
Activate Archon Fury L3 + R3 Z
Quick Turn Down X
Spirit Vision Left G
Place Banner Up V
Open Menu TouchPad (press) I
Options Menu Menu O (Toggle Objectives)

How to cross gaps in Godfall

cross gaps in Godfall controls guide

When making your way around the various areas and zones of Godfall, you’ll find that you can jump over some gaps, but that others require the use of a Phase Node.

If you’re struggling to find a way off of your platform, look around for the telltale shining blue light of the Phase Node, shown above, move your aim to it, and then press O/C to leap across.

How to heal in Godfall

heal in Godfall controls guide

In the bottom left of the screen, you’ll be able to see a green bar, which shows how much health your character has left. Getting hit by enemy attacks will reduce your health bar, and while losing all of your health doesn’t have particularly dire consequences, you’ll want to try to heal when it’s reduced to red.

The key to healing is the green Health Globe. When you defeat enemies or smash environment items, they’ll sometimes release a green Health Globe, which you can walk over to heal.

Just below your health bar is a small gem icon with a number from zero to three next to it; these are your Life Stone charges. When you need to heal in Godfall, you can press Square/R to use the Life Stone to heal, which consumes one full charge.

You can carry up to three Life Stone charges at once, which you can refill by walking over Health Globes when you have a full health bar. So, even if you don’t need to heal, you’ll want to collect the Health Globes.

What is Soulshatter in Godfall?

Soulshatter in Godfall controls guide

Soulshatter is essentially a method of building up the potential to deal massive amounts of damage to an enemy. It’s shown by a white bar that covers the enemy’s red health bar whenever you land a light attack.

To build-up Soulshatter, you need to continually hit the enemy with light attacks, using R1/Left-Click. Keep hitting your foe with light attacks until it has sustained a good amount of Soulshatter Buildup (shown by the white bar).

When the enemy has taken as much Soulshatter Buildup as you’d like, press R2/Right-Click to hit it with heavy attacks and deal Soulshatter Damage equal to the Soulshatter Buildup.

When you’re tasked with accumulating a set amount of ‘Enemies Soulshattered,’ it means that you need to fill an enemy’s health bar with Soulshatter Buildup (by using light attacks), and then land a heavy attack to deal enough Soulshatter Damage to defeat the foe.

How do you save the game in Godfall?

save game in Godfall controls guide

There isn’t a clear-cut way to manually save your game in Godfall, but it’s become apparent that the game auto-saves regularly.

A short way into Godfall, you can effectively save by going to the Sanctum and then quitting. However, if you want to leave the game mid-mission or before a designated checkpoint, you can do so without it hindering your save too much.

Learned by discovering how the ‘Select Character’ feature works (which give you a new game to play), when you return to your Godfall save, you’ll be taken back to your last checkpoint, but your loot, equipment, and upgrades appear to remain from your progress before quitting. As such, you’ll only lose mission progress.

While you’ll need to hack-and-slash your way through the area’s enemies again, you should be able to open all of the crates and smash the pots again despite keeping the loot gained from your earlier run. When you progress further in Godfall, though, it’s better to be safe and return to the Sanctum before quitting.

Now that you know the Godfall controls on PS5 and PC, you can go about hacking away at your enemies and collecting all of the loot that you can carry.

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