Godfall: How to Find Hidden Objectives and Open the Chests

Need some quick help working out where the hidden objectives are, or how to solve the pillar puzzles and plant puzzle in Godfall?

To build you into Godfall, you’re initially guided through the story of the game, but after completing missions or whenever you return to realms, you can activate new objectives.

Finding and completing the hidden objectives in the realms of Godfall can help you to get your hands on stacks of essential resources and high-level equipment – if you can find their locations.

In this Godfall guide, we’re running through how to initiate more objectives, how to find hidden objectives, and some tips for completing the hidden objective chest puzzles.

How to trigger hidden objectives in Godfall

Each realm contains several Twilight Beacons in very distinct parts of the map. Once you’ve found one, you can interact with it (hold O/C) to light the beacon and receive a new set of hidden objectives.

The Twilight Beacons are offered as a way for you to extend your time in each realm and to collect more loot. By completing each of the objectives presented by a Twilight Beacon, you get a reward, with an additional bonus given after you’ve completed all of the objectives.

Once you’ve completed all of the hidden objectives unlocked by lighting a Twilight Beacon, you can return to it to receive another set of tasks with more rewards to uncover.

How to use Spirit Vision to reveal hidden objectives in Godfall

Once you’ve activated a Twilight Beacon and are tasked to use Spirit Vision to reveal hidden objectives, you need to switch on Spirit Vision (Left/G) to see where you need to go.

With Spirit Vision activated, you’ll can look around for the red beam, which acts as the hidden objective marker. If you can’t see the red mission marker directly, you can usually see a red glow to follow to the hidden objective. By following the red glow, you’ll eventually come to the objective marker, which is often a high-value chest.

After you find the objective marker, you’ll usually need to interact with the item to initiate the objective. Sometimes, you’ll need to activate the hidden objective by interacting with the chest while in Spirit Vision.

How to unlock the hidden objective chests in Godfall

After you’ve been able to use Spirit Vision to reveal the hidden objectives and have interacted with the chest, you’ll usually find that it’s locked, with you needing to complete a challenge or solve a puzzle to unlock the chest.

Sometimes, the challenge will be to simply defeat waves of enemies. While there are often enemies near each hidden objective, interacting with some of these chests will cause more, often powerful, enemies to appear around the chest; to unlock the chest, you need to defeat them all.

Other chests are tied to a sort of puzzle that you need to solve, with the objective usually being to hit a set number of surrounding items before an invisible timer runs out.

How to solve the hidden objective pillar puzzle

One of the more puzzling hidden objectives involves reward chests linked to several surrounding pillars, as shown above.

For these hidden objectives, you need to work out what type of attack is needed to switch-off the posts that are energising the chest, and then knock them all down before the timer runs out.

In the case of the hidden objective from the Earth realm shown above, you need to use heavy attacks (R2/Right-Click) within an undisclosed time limit to unlock the chest.

Furthermore, the shorter blue pillars require one strike to be switched off, while the taller green pillars needed two hits to sink into the ground.

The timer starts when your first attack hits a pillar and pushes it into the ground. So, you’ll want to review the area, locate all of the puzzle’s posts, and then go about knocking them down as quickly as possible.

How to solve the hidden objective plant roots puzzle

Another form of the timer puzzles to beat sees several plant bulbs pop-up around the hidden objective chest, with the rewards trunk being wrapped in roots and vines.

When you hit these spore plants, you can end up taking damage and get knocked back, cutting your chances of completing the hidden objective within the timeframe.

You’ll need to defeat all of the plants to unfurl the roots around the chest. To help give you a jump on the timer, you can use the first Shield Throw skill ability, ‘Arcing Shield,’ to take down a bunch of plants in one shot, and then run around picking off the rest.

However, it can also be quite effective to just jump into a large patch of the plant buds. The knockback can then throw you into more of the bulbs, destroying them faster than if you were to hit them individually.

Once you’ve got the hang of how the hidden objectives work and how to solve the hidden objective chest puzzles, you’ll be able to get your hands on loads of loot in Godfall.

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