Good Scary Games on Roblox

Discover some of the most spine-chilling horror games on Roblox, from Piggy to Identity Fraud. Get ready for jump scares and eerie moments!

good scary games on roblox

There are plenty of games to choose from on the Roblox platform, but horror games have become increasingly popular in recent years. Whether they’re based on franchises like Five Nights at Freddy’s or an original creation, some gamers just like to be spooked.

In this article, you will read:

  • Some good scary games on Roblox.
  • An overview of each of the featured scary games on Roblox

Some good scary games on Roblox

There are a plethora of good scary games on Roblox, the online gaming and creation platform. If you’d rather play one based on a horror franchise, simply search for the franchise in Roblox.

1. Piggy

Piggy is a survival game that takes place on a variety of different maps. Players are tasked with escaping a series of obstacles and avoiding a deadly pig character that is hunting them down. The game is inspired by the popular horror franchise Saw, and offers a thrilling experience for players.

2. Granny

Granny is a classic horror game that has been around for a while, but still remains popular on Roblox. Players are trapped inside a creepy house and must find a way to escape before the evil Granny catches them. The game has plenty of jump scares and eerie moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

3. The Mimic

The Mimic is a puzzle game that has a horror twist. Players are tasked with escaping a monster that can mimic their every move. The game is filled with challenging puzzles and creepy moments that will keep you on your toes.

4. Alone in a Dark House

As the name suggests, Alone in a Dark House is a horror game that takes place in a dark and creepy house. Players must explore the house to find a way out while avoiding a terrifying monster. The game offers a spooky atmosphere and plenty of jump scares to keep you on edge.

5. Dead Silence

Dead Silence is another game that is inspired by a horror movie. In this game, players are trapped in a ventriloquist’s mansion and must find a way to escape before the evil doll catches them. The game offers a unique and creepy experience that horror fans will love.

6. Identity Fraud

Identity Fraud is a puzzle game with a horror twist. Players must navigate through a maze of rooms while avoiding deadly creatures that are lurking in the shadows. The game offers a unique and terrifying experience.


This article provided a few of the good scary games on Roblox. If you enjoy survival horror, puzzle games, or classic horror experiences, there is something for everyone on the platform. If you’re in the mood for a spooky gaming experience, make sure you check out these games and get ready to be scared.

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