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Discover the immersive world of Grand Piece Online, a Roblox game inspired by the manga and anime series One Piece.

Get the latest GPO codes for Roblox and unlock exciting rewards for your avatar

For fans of the manga and anime series One Piece, the world-building and characters are a source of inspiration and entertainment. The same can be said of the Roblox game Grand Piece Online (GPO), which takes its cues from the world of One Piece and creates a unique, immersive experience for players.

In this article, you’ll discover:

  • An overview of Grand Piece Online
  • Active GPO codes Roblox
  • What are stats in Grand Piece Online

Overview of Grand Piece Online

The game is set in the vast oceanic world of Grand Line where players can choose to be a pirate or a marine and join either the Blackbeard Pirates or the Marines. Once players have chosen their team, they set out on an adventure to explore the open seas, fight other players, and collect treasure.

The game is not just about exploration and treasure hunting. Players must also fight to increase their strength and become the most powerful character in the game. This is where stats come into play.

Active GPO codes

The codes for Grand Piece Online can provide you with a chance to obtain a new race, reset your Devil Fruit ability, and completely wipe your character’s stats to begin anew.

  • Unfortunately, there are zero active Grand Piece Online codes at the moment.

What are stats in Grand Piece Online

Stats are the numerical values assigned to different abilities that affect the gameplay of the character. These stats include strength, durability, agility, perception, and more. The higher the value of a stat, the more powerful the character is in that ability.

To max out a character’s stats in Grand Piece Online, players must put in a lot of time and effort. The game is highly competitive, and players are constantly fighting against each other to be the best. It is never a bad thing to have an edge over your opponents, and getting a boost to your stats can give you that edge.

There are several ways to get a stat boost in Grand Piece Online. The first is by leveling up. As players progress through the game, they earn experience points that can be used to level up their characters. Each level gained increases the character’s stats, making them more powerful.

Another way to get a stat boost is by using Devil Fruits. Devil Fruits are rare items that grant players unique abilities, such as the power to control fire or turn into a dragon. These abilities come with a stat boost, making the character even stronger.

Finally, players can also use equipment to boost their stats. These items include weapons, armor, and accessories, each with its own unique set of stats. By equipping the right items, players can further increase their character’s strength and become a formidable opponent.


Grand Piece Online is a highly competitive combat-based game that draws heavy influence from the hit anime One Piece. Players must push themselves to reach their full potential and use their strength and wits to take on their opponents.

Getting a boost to max out your character’s stats is never a bad thing, and there are several ways to do so in the game. You already know what to do: Set sail on the Grand Line and become the most powerful pirate or marine in the game.

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