Gran Turismo 7: How to Unlock Sport and Multiplayer Modes

Here’s how you can unlock Sport and Multiplayer modes in Gran Turismo 7.

One of the most, if not the most popular, mode in Gran Turismo is the online Sport Mode where you race against other gamers worldwide. Gran Turismo 7 includes Sport and Multiplayer modes, but you will have to spend some time winning races and collecting cars to unlock the popular modes.

Read below your guide on unlocking the multiplayer modes, especially if you’re someone who wants to test your mettle against fellow gamers.

Complete Menu Books 1 though 8 to unlock Menu Book 9

The location of Sport mode on the World Map. Multiplayer is located below on the docks.

One new feature in Gran Turismo 7 is the presence of the Café and its proprietor, Luca. Luca will give you “tasks” to proceed in the game and unlock courses and new features. Even with 12 icons unlocked in the picture, there are still at least two other menus to unlock with one being the dealer for legend cars.

These tasks come in the form of Menu Books. These menu books will be a mix of collecting three specific cars, winning a license or championship, and engaging with some of the unlocked menus. For example, one Menu Book is to simply wash your car at GT Auto (bottom center with the star icon).

Menu Books 1 through 8 should take you a couple of hours, depending on your skill level, to complete. The one that may take you the longest is unlocking your National B license because of the specific time requirements for each exercise.

Once you finish the eighth Menu Book, return to the Café and receive your reward. Luca will then give you Menu Book 9.

Finish top three in the Tokyo Highway Parade championship

With Menu Book 9 accepted and in hand, head to World Circuits and select the Tokyo Highway Parade championship on the bottom of the screen. From here, you will have to place top three across two races on the Tokyo Expressway Central Clockwise and Counterclockwise.

In these championship style races, you have to do each race consecutively with no ability to leave the race or menus, nor can you switch your car. The Counterclockwise race will be done in the rain, so keep that in mind for braking purposes. Make sure you pick a car you’re confident will win; a good tip is to have your car at least 25 PP higher than recommended, though some of that should be placed into increased horsepower.

While racing, remember that there is plenty of time to overtake the other racers – who are actually Gran Turismo drivers from around the world programmed into the game as AI racers – so be patient. The course is also rather narrow in most places with many curves, so if you’re going for the Clean Race Bonus, you will have to be strategic about when and where you decide to pass cars.

Another tip: you can retry each race as many times as needed as long as you don’t cross the finish line. This means if you want to restart the race for whatever reason, make liberal use of the retry option!

With a third place or higher finish accomplished, return to Luca.

Enter Sport Mode and read over the rules

The first screen in Sport Mode that will greet you should you leave the “Don’t Show Again” unchecked, which will go through the rules each time you access Sport Mode.

After turning in Menu Book 9 to Luca, you will be rewarded with two new game menus: Sport Mode and Multiplayer Mode. Sport Mode is the competitive version where you will race against others for rankings and to advance your racer class. Multiplayer mode allows you to race online, but in an unranked (and hopefully less stressful for some) environment. This is also where you can play a local race with a friend using a second controller.

Remember, if you play Sport Mode, to follow the rules and notes on sportsmanship. Don’t ram other cars and leave enough space on all sides to avoid contact as much as possible. You don’t want to be dinged and have your sportsmanship rating fall, potentially losing the ability to participate in Sport Mode races.

For trophy hunters, there are two Sport Mode related trophies: one for finishing one Sport Mode race and another for finishing 50 Sport Mode races. Unlike Gran Turismo Sport, where you had to win many Sport Mode races to unlock a trophies, Gran Turismo 7 has eased the burden significantly with its Sport Mode trophies.

Unlike Gran Turismo Sport, Gran Turismo 7 makes you work a little longer and potentially harder to unlock Sport Mode. However, along the way, you’ll amass a collection of credits and vehicles that should help with your attempts to climb the Sport Mode ladder. Will you reign supreme in Gran Turismo 7?





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