GreedFall Guide: Quick Tips and the Best Nadaig Baro Strategy

Having trouble on GreedFall or want to know what to expect before getting started?

One of the greatest aspects of GreedFall is that you get to make the decisions which alter the direction and eventual conclusion of the story and that the game, often without warning, springs these choices upon you. Part of the fun is not knowing which way the story will go and then reacting in the moment, but there are some things that you’ll want to know beforehand or to help you out along the way.

We’ve also included an easy-to-follow guide to the absurdly aggressive Nadaig Baro for anyone who has found themselves trapped by the powerful god-guarding beast. But if you want to avoid any spoilers, skip the final section of this GreedFall guide.

Swiftly sheathe your weapon

One of the most irritating, but very minor, aspects of the GreedFall experience is finishing a battle, going to loot the bodies, but then ending up quickstepping backwards as the loot button is the same as the button to dodge when you’re in attack mode. The button suggested to put your weapons away isn’t instant, and the time that it takes for them to be put away automatically is tedious.

If you want to bypass these draining few seconds, simply press sneak. Pressing L3 will immediately put your weapons away, speeding up the whole process.

Max out one arm of the attributes tree

When you go up enough levels to earn a new attribute point, the smart move is to spread the points around so that you can have a decent footing in all sectors, but by the time you reach around level 28-ish, you’ll want to have maxed out one of the arms of one of the combat-driven attributes.

This will require five attribute points. If your weapons of choice are blunt one-handed or two-handed, max-out Strength. If magic is your thing, fill all five of the Mental attribute zones. Or, if you’re into rapiers and other such swords, fill up the agility line.

Not only does doing so give you huge stat boosts, but it also allows you to use the very best weapons of that type in GreedFall. Luckily, you will pick up Memory Crystals along the way, so if you reach the late game and are short on attribute points, you can reset all of your character development trees to adjust to the tasks at hand.

Once you pick a side, commit

There will come a time – a couple of times, actually – when you have to pick a side and decide which of the two evils you wish to appease. Once you have picked a lane, be sure to keep them happy. In GreedFall, your diplomatic talents prove to be very important as the story progresses.

So, once you pick a side, commit to those alliances and make choices which you think will please the leaders of that faction. You can, of course, not do this and do whatever you want whenever you want, which is fun, but for late-game needs, you will want to keep a couple of them on your side.

Against some creatures, magic is better

At the start of the game, you must choose between three types to define you as a character and set up the first steps on your character development trees. However, once you’ve stacked enough skill points, you can unlock and build through any of the other types. If you’ve selected one of the melee weapon branches, activate the Divine Magic Ring.

Some creatures, particularly the hardy tenlans and yorglands, take an age to hack away at with melee weapons, but magic manages to piece their hides effectively. Going down the Divine Magic Ring route with some of your skill points will also help with the strategy listed at the bottom of this page.

Warning: light spoilers ahead.

Get your house in order

When you’re gearing up for the end game, you’ll be set a quest marker which has you go to one of your camps and discuss things with your companions. Before you do this, make sure that you have done everything on your checklist – including camp discoveries and note finds.

There isn’t any free-roaming after the conclusion of the story, and once you enter the final area, the game will mark all of the available missions and side quests as incomplete.

Warning: larger spoilers ahead.

How to defeat the Nadaig Baro

Teased earlier on in the story, the Nadaig Baro is the great beast that stands between you and the fate of Teer Fradee. It’s a vicious creature with incredible range, speed, and power.

Not only do its jumps, melee attacks, and general movements cause serious damage to even the most heavily-armoured De Sardet, but it can also shoot beams of light to attack from range and bring down the ceiling.

Going in with your melee weapon and trying to evade attacks may lead to hours of frustration as one misstep could end the battle. The best, easiest, and most efficient way to combat the Nadaig Baro is to use speed and range.

First, you’ll want to fulfil the Divine Magic Skill tree down to Lightning Dash and over to Faster Than Lightning – use a Memory Crystal if necessary. You will also need the Firearms line to be checked through to Impact Bullets.

Then, with a pistol bound to the direction pad and a magic ring – regardless of its power – equipped as your primary weapon, you can utilise the Lightning Dash to evade the Nadaig Baro and then unload your pistol into it at every opportunity. The key is to keep dashing to get out of its line of sight and then fire, being cautious of its rapid turning and attack speed.

Also, whenever the Nadaig Baro fires its light beam upwards, don’t assume that the debris will tumble in that same line: it’ll come down across a huge area, so keep dashing until the rocks stop tumbling.

There you go: just a few tips to help you navigate the mysterious world within the video game GreedFall.

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