GTA 5 Lowriders Classics

Now gamers can choose their very own GTA 5 lowriders. 

The best GTA 5 Lowriders Classics Complete List

Gamers are now raving about the latest in GTA 5 lowriders classics. Lowriders is a specific upgrade for GTA, and although it might be fun to drive them on the street, it’s equally as fun to drive them while in GTA 5. What are the highlights of the GTA 5 lowriders?

Best Lowriders in GTA 5

Gamers looking for performance are sure to love the Sabre Turbo Custom best. This car is one of the new favorites on the list because it’s a combination of cars you don’t see together very often. This includes a lowrider that is coupled with a high-performance muscle car. This makes the Sabre Turbo Custom a sure best for those who look forward to the lowriders in GTA 5.

The Latest in Lowriders

The Sabre Turbo might be a classic and a favorite, but there is a new lowrider that is getting the attention of gamers across the GTA fan club. This is one of the newest in GTA 5 lowriders known as the Vapid Slamvan Custom. What sets it apart is that the cars design defies the laws of physics and it doesn’t seem to fit the typical format of what a lowrider looks and feels like.

Gamers typically look for a cool looking lowrider that gets really low to the ground. The Vapid is, but its design is the truckbed. Most gamers believe it copies the look of the Bobcat from GTA 4, but it has a wooden floor and it also has side border extensions. Anything that can make a lowrider sexy is on the new list of GTA 5 lowriders.

Most Iconic Lowrider of Them All

Did you know that one of the most famous lowriders in the GTA series is the Gypsy Rose? It’s no surprise that style and hot cars are melded together with this lowrider, named after a famous exotic dancer back in the 1940s. That was a time when everything was hopping. Exotic dancers were becoming more common, along with hot cars being registered as model cars when they were one of a kind.

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These lowriders in GTA 5 and in series prior to this are well worth remembering. These cars traditionally come from Mexico. It was something they were known for in customizing cars, and the excitement was so close to California it just kept spreading across the states. Now gamers can choose their very own GTA 5 lowriders.

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