Gucci Town Promo Codes Roblox

Discover the exciting and free game, Gucci Town, created by luxury fashion house Gucci in partnership with Roblox.

Save big on Gucci Town items in Roblox with the latest promo codes

Roblox has once again partnered with a renowned brand to create a unique experience for its users. This time, it’s with the luxury fashion house Gucci, and the result is the exciting and free game, Gucci Town.

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  • More info about Gucci Town
  • Active Gucci Town promo codes Roblox
  • How to redeem Gucci Town promo codes Roblox

About Gucci Town

Released on June 11, 2022, Gucci Town is designed to offer an engaging and interactive experience to players while also advertising the Gucci brand. The game features several activities that players can enjoy such as creating art, posing for pictures, and collecting new clothes.

One of the features of Gucci Town is the virtual shops that are full of Gucci items. Players can browse and purchase digital Gucci products to dress up their avatars in fashionable outfits, allowing them to show off their style while exploring the game.

However, Gucci Town is more than just a fashion game. It also serves as a platform to educate players about the brand’s heritage and artisanship. Through various mini-games and interactive activities, players can learn about the history of Gucci, the brand’s commitment to sustainability, and its iconic designs.

A very important benefit of Gucci Town is that it’s entirely free to play. Players don’t need to spend any money to enjoy the game or access its features. The game also provides an opportunity for players to obtain free Gucci avatar items, making it an excellent option for players who love collecting virtual items.

Active Gucci Town promo codes Roblox

All the latest codes have been compiled in this list as released by the developers. Make sure to redeem the active codes to claim your freebies before they expire.

  • GUCCITOWN40 – Use this code to get Free Items
  • GUCCITOWN40 – Use this code to get 100 Gems for free.
  • New Year 2022 – Use this code to get 8,000,000 Yen
  • Gucci Pink GG Baseball Hat – Use this code to get 1600 GG Gems
  • Gucci Love Parade Print T-Shirt – Use this code to get 1500 GG Gems
  • Gucci Hair Piece 2 – Use this code to get 1500 GG Gems
  • Gucci Hair Piece 1 – Use this code to get 1500 GG Gems

How to redeem Gucci Town promo codes Roblox

To receive gifts in Gucci Town, players can easily redeem codes by following the steps outlined below:

  • To redeem codes in Gucci Town on Roblox, players should begin by opening the game and accessing the menu by pressing “M.”
  • Once in the menu, navigate to the codes section, where each code will be listed under a textbox.
  • After entering the code, press “Enter” to receive your gift.
  • If the code has expired, it will not work.


Gucci Town is an excellent example of how brands can use gaming platforms to connect with younger audiences. By creating an interactive and engaging experience, Gucci can showcase its products and educate players about its brand values. The game also provides a fun and safe environment for players to explore and express their creativity.

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