Harry Maguire FIFA 23

With a rating of 86, Maguire's FIFA 23 card is one of the best available and could be a crucial part of any team's success.

Player Harry Maguire FIFA 23 Guide

Harry Maguire is one of the most exciting footballers in the world, and he’s making a big splash in FIFA 23. With a rating of 86 out of 100, Maguire has earned himself an In-Form Gold card that puts him among some of the elite players in the game. His physicality, defensive ability, and passing acumen have all been considered when crafting his stats, along with his overall performance at Manchester United during their 2020-2021 season run.

Maguire began his professional career in 2011 with Sheffield United – where he played for two seasons before moving to Hull City. During his time there, he helped them reach promotion to the Premier League while being named Player of the Year for the 2014–2015 season. After that, Maguire moved to Leicester City and put in several more excellent performances before eventually being signed in 2019 by Manchester United.

With a Gold card on FIFA 23, Harry Maguire is among some of the best defenders available in the game – which could be an excellent asset for any team looking to build a formidable defensive lineup. His physicality rating is an impressive 81 out of 100, making him one of the strongest players on the ball, while his standing tackle and sliding tackle ratings are both at 84, respectively. This makes him adept at intercepting passes and making tackles against dribbling opponents.

His passing accuracy and vision are also quite good, with a rating of 81 each. This means that Maguire cannot only play accurate passes from the back, but he also has a good understanding of his opponents and can pick out key passes to unlock defenses. His attacking attributes are also decent, with 79 for both finishing and heading accuracy – making him useful in set-piece situations.

Overall, Harry Maguire’s card on FIFA 23 is impressive and could be extremely valuable for any team looking to build their ideal defensive lineup. His physicality, tackling abilities, passing acumen, and attacking talent all make him one of the most rounded defenders in the game – making him an invaluable asset no matter what kind of team you’re building.

With a rating of 86, Maguire’s FIFA 23 card is one of the best available and could be a crucial part of any team’s success. Whether you’re looking for defensive solidity or attacking prowess, Harry Maguire is a perfect choice. In addition, his FIFA 23 card is an excellent tool for anyone looking to build their dream team. So don’t miss out and get your hands on Harry Maguire’s FIFA 23 card today.

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