Harvest Moon One World: Best Seeds (Crops) to Farm for the Most Money

Find out the best crops to grow in Harvest Moon: One World for getting the most money out of your farming time and space.

There are some 231 crops to discover across Harvest Moon: One World, with several of them spawning in the overworld as Seeds given by Harvest Wisps.

Being on a ticking clock at all times, and costs to expand increasing rapidly as the game goes on, you’ll want to make the most of your farming time by finding and growing the best Seeds in Harvest Moon.

On this page, you’ll find each of the most valuable crops featured, as well as a full list of all of the Seeds that we’ve found ranked by their calculated value.

Ranking the best Crops in Harvest Moon: One World

It’d be fine to rank the Seeds by the total sale price of the produce that they yield with each planting. However, that method doesn’t take into consideration the time taken to farm, and that each one takes up a potentially more valuable farming plot.

Plants that take less time to grow to return more money in Harvest Moon are more valuable. Prioritising those Seeds allows you to grow more in a shorter space of time, thus getting more money faster. So, the best Seeds list here ranks them according to how much money they make per day of farming.

We used the large farm plot in Lebkuchen to grow all of the Seeds that we’d found so far, planting them on the first day of Summer. Of those listed, only a couple needed a different approach to just being watered each day or fertilised to protect from an upcoming storm.

The Strawberry Seeds required a couple of dry days to yield Strawberries, while the Green Bell Pepper Seeds would mutate into more valuable Purple Bell Peppers when not watered every day. That said, Purple Bell Peppers aren’t listed among the best Seeds here as we haven’t encountered their Seeds in the game.

Following this method, these Harvest Moon Seeds are ranked by their base value, not considering their potential value through mutations or recipes.

Lilac Spinach (Mountains)

Season: Autumn, Winter
Location: Lebkuchen inlet with the Walnut trees
Days to Grow: Three
Total Yield: One Lilac Spinach
Sale Price per Plant: 1,120G
Value per Day: 373.34G

The Lilac Spinach is described as “a rare Spinach with purple leaves,” and can be found in one of the inlets along the path heading east towards the Lebkuchen General Store.

As described, it’s a rare spawn, but can appear by the two Walnut trees just across from the entrance to the Lebkuchen farm location. In this playthrough, they were found fairly frequently in early spring, as shown below.

Being in season in the autumn and winter, the Lilac Spinach Seeds only take three days to grow and be harvested. While its yield is only one vegetable, the Lilac Spinach’s single-unit sale price of 1,120G means that it effectively earns you 373.34G per day.

So, it’s fast growth and high value enables the rare Spinach to rank atop the Harvest Moon: One World best Seeds list.

Romanesco (Tundra)

Season: Autumn, Winter
Location: Salmiakki opening to the northwest side of the pool
Days to Grow: Four
Total Yield: One Romanesco
Sale Price per Plant: 1,440G
Value per Day: 360G

The Romanesco is described as “a variety of Broccoli with distinctive fractal-shaped flower buds,” and that “its texture is similar to that of Cauliflower.”

A very valuable vegetable to farm, the Romanesco is a rare spawn around the back of Salmiakki village. By following the path east and around the pool of water, you’ll then find a small opening before the vast mountain area: here is where the Romanesco Seeds can appear.

Preferring the cold and snowy terrain, a single Romanesco can be harvested from the Romanesco Seeds after four days of growth, with that one vegetable being sold for a massive 1,440G.

Taking an additional day to grow than the Lilac Spinach Seeds, the Romanesco comes in second on these rankings of the best Seeds in Harvest Moon: One World, with it essentially earning you 360G per day.

Blue Lettuce (Beaches)

Season: Spring, Summer
Location: Halo Halo, on the path down to the Harvest Goddess Spring
Days to Grow: Four
Total Yield: One Blue Lettuce
Sale Price per Plant: 1,280G
Value per Day: 320G

The Blue Lettuce is described as “a blue Lettuce that grows in water. Has a distinctive crunchy texture,” and can be found in a the large opening down the path that leads south, towards the Harvest Goddess Spring. While the beach is listed as the Blue Lettuce’s terrain, and the high-value vegetable is, indeed, in Halo Halo, it’s much further inland.

To get to the Blue Lettuce, follow the river under the bridge that leads from Calisson to Halo Halo west, around, and south. You’ll pass the entrance to the large farm plot, and then find another large opening before you get to the Harvest Goddess Spring. In this playthrough, we found the Blue Lettuce Seeds at 4:57 pm on the west side of the space, as shown below.

Once you get your hands on Blue Lettuce Seeds, you’ll be able to grow some of the best Seeds in Harvest Moon: One World, and one of the most valuable vegetables available.

Taking four days to grow its full yield of one Blue Lettuce, you’ll receive 1,280G for selling the product of these top Harvest Moon Seeds. As such, the Blue Lettuce Seeds effectively earn you 320G per day if you eventually sell the veggie.

Edelweiss (Mountains)

Season: Summer, Autumn
Location: Lebkuchen inlet near the lake, where the Jackal spawns at night
Days to Grow: Four
Total Yield: One Edelweiss
Sale Price per Plant: 1,200G
Value per Day: 300G

Described as “a small white flower that prefers the rocks of the highlands,” while the Edelweiss flower doesn’t offer any stamina recovery or much further application, it’s certainly valuable.

You can find the Edelweiss surprisingly easily in the game. From the Lebkuchen farm, head west and then southwards towards the lake. Following the path further west, cut into the inlet that leads to three circular spaces. If you go closer to night time, you could pick up Edelweiss Seeds and pet the Jackal.

As well as it being easy to find, the Edelweiss is quite easy to grow on farms that aren’t influenced by extreme temperatures. It takes four days for the Edelweiss to be harvested, at which point it’s worth 1,200G.

Essentially making you a tidy 300G per day, the Edelweiss ranks as one of the easiest to find and grow of the best Seeds in Harvest Moon: One World.

Giant Onion (Beaches, Drylands)

Season: Spring, Summer
Location: Near Dva at the Mine east of Calisson
Days to Grow: Three
Total Yield: One Giant Onion
Sale Price per Plant: 800G
Value per Day: 266.67G

Potentially found early and often into the game, the Giant Onion is described as “a variety of very large Onion.”

Once you’ve repaired the east bridge leading out of Calisson, you can find the Giant Onion towards the end of the east-running trail, turning north to Dva’s Mine just before hitting the Bengal Tiger’s nocturnal prowling spot.

If you start stacking Giant Onion Seeds early, you could find yourself with plenty of cash when you decide to bulk-farm them all. It only takes three days to grow and harvest the massive vegetable that’s worth 800G apiece.

Due to it taking so few days to go from planting to harvest, the Giant Onion Seeds manage to clock-in among Harvest Moon’s best Seeds by earning you the equivalent of 266.67G per farming plot.

Best Seeds in Harvest Moon: One World list ranked by value

In the table below, you can see how much each of the Seeds that we’ve discovered in Harvest Moon: One World effectively earns you each day. Being unsure of just how many Seeds are available in the open world, this table will be added to when more are discovered.

PlantValue per DayTotal DaysTotal YieldSingle ValueTotal Value
Lilac Spinach373.34311,1201,120
Blue Lettuce320411,2801,280
Giant Onion266.6731800800
Killer Tomato250937502,250
Pointy Cabbage24041960960
Pink Rose24041960960
Blue Rose24041960960
White Rose24041960960
Rising Sun21041840840
Beautiful Sunflower21041840840
Blue Melon20041800800
Pink Marguerite20041800800
Purple Marguerite20041800800
Magical Berry1921036401,920
Rock Daisy18041720720
Striped Hibiscus15041600600
Blue Hibiscus15041600600
Yellow Tulip13541540540
Blue Soybeans12851640640
Tall Wheat12041480480
Giant Squash1201034001,200
Strawberry Pansy112.541450450
Red Onion10031300300
Dragon Pineapple10082400800
Goldband Lilly10041400400
Red Cabbage9041360360
White Eggplant8051400400
Romaine Lettuce8061480480
Royal Herb8061480480
Red Rose8041320320
Yellow Marguerite7541300300
White Berry72103240720
Aqua Strawberry72103240720
Baby Carrot6031180180
Black Carrot6031180180
Sunset Corn53.3462160320
Crystal Corn53.3462160320
San Marzano5093150450
Ice Tomato5093150450
White Asparagus4541180180
Purple Asparagus4541180180
Baby Celery4541180180
Red Bell Pepper4093120360
Orange Bell Pepper4093120360
Red Turnip4031120120
Peach Pineapple37.582150300
Gold Barrel Pineapple37.582150300
White Celery3061180180
Globe Eggplant3051150150
Fodder Corn206260120
Sweet Corn206260120
Sweet Potato1810360180
Green Bell Pepper13.349340120

If you know of any more Seeds that can be found in Harvest Moon: One World, let us know in the comments, and we’ll add them to the rankings above. To help locate these Seeds, if you’ve found them before, you can use the in-game Harvest Wisp search, but it’s not overly helpful.

To get the most money for your farming time, consider scrolling down the best Seeds in Harvest Moon: One World list until you get to the ones that you have stored or can accumulate quickly.

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