Harvest Moon One World: How to Sell Animals and Domesticated Pets

Want to make space in your Barn or House for new animals? Here’s how to get rid of your animals without waiting for them pass away.

It can take quite some time for you to unlock the ability to expand your Barn and House in Harvest Moon: One World, and even longer to accumulate the necessary resources and cash.

So, you may find yourself with a Barn filled with animals that you can’t afford to keep, without enough spaces to bring in an animal that you need, or you may just want to upgrade the wild animal that you domesticated early in the game.

On this page, we run through the methods to effectively sell animals in Harvest Moon: One World or otherwise clear animal slots on your farm.

How to sell an animal in Harvest Moon: One World

Early in the game, you’ll meet the Animal Dealer, who says that if you want to sell animals, you can hand them over as many people find that they don’t need their animals at some point.

However, you can’t sell your animals to the Animal Dealer. At the time of writing, a way to sell your animals in Harvest Moon: One World to recuperate some of the money paid to get them hadn’t presented itself in-game.

So, it seems that the only way to sell animals cleanly is just to let them go. To release any animal in Harvest Moon, be it an animal in the Barn or the House, follow these steps:

  • Open the DocPad, scroll to the ‘Making Friends’ tab, and press ‘Confirm.’
  • On the ‘Making Friends’ page, switch the tab to ‘Animals’ and select the animal that you wish to release.
  • Select ‘Let go’ to release the animal, and then again to confirm, freeing some space in your Barn or House.

Once you’ve chosen to let go of an animal in Harvest Moon: One World, a prompt will show to indicate that it’s been released to the wild.

This method works for the farm animals that you’ve purchased and the wild animals that you’ve domesticated through petting, whether they live in the Barn or the House.

Do wild animals reappear after being released in Harvest Moon: One World?

While they won’t pop-up immediately, wild animals do reappear in their usual spawn location after an extended length of time. So, if you choose to let go of any of the bears, big cats, or rabbits, you’ll be able to encounter them in the wild again down the line.

Other methods of removing animals in Harvest Moon: One World

Using the method above to release an animal to the wild is by far the fastest and easiest method of making some space in your House or Barn.

Should you not want to go down that path, you could just wait for an animal to pass away. All animals in Harvest Moon: One World have a lifespan, and at some point, the Animal Dealer will come into your home and inform you that an animal has passed away.

Other than those cleaner methods, you could neglect your animals by not feeding, interacting, cleaning, or giving them medicine for about seven days, sometimes fewer.

Now that you know the easiest and the more time-consuming methods of releasing an animal in Harvest Moon: One World, you can make space for the new creatures that you’ve discovered.

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