Harvest Moon One World: Where to Find Chamomile, Malika Quest Guide

Having trouble finding the Chamomile plant to fulfil Malika’s quest? Here’s how to go about getting Chamomile in Harvest Moon: One World.

Once you’ve found your way to the desert village of Pastilla by exploring the sand-covered area of Harvest Moon: One World, you’ll be able to work your way through the local quests.

After providing all of the ingredients for the big feast, the leader of Pastilla, Saeed, will send you on a quest to deliver a letter to the young woman who lives in the oasis.

Saeed’s quest turns into Malika’s quest, which initially revolves around you collecting the Chamomile plant for her. As they’re not the easiest plants to find, here’s your quick guide to getting Chamomile in Harvest Moon: One World.

Where to find the woman who lives in the oasis on Harvest Moon: One World

To complete the first part of Saeed’s quest in Harvest Moon: One World, you’ll need to make use of the desert heat resistance tricks to venture to the other side of the region.

From Saeed’s palace in Pastilla, go to the southern side of the lake, and then ride directly west until you hit a darkened area of burnt trees.

From here, follow the raised area down and to the west until you find a tent and a northward path that leads to a small pool of water.

To find the woman who lives in the oasis, you’ll need to arrive here in the daytime, with your entrance to the oasis area starting a cut scene with Malika.

After you give Saeed’s letter to Malika, she’ll task you with finding her three Chamomiles.

Where to find Chamomile in Harvest Moon: One World

To complete the Get Chamomile quest in Harvest Moon: One World, you’ll want to get some Chamomile Seeds and grow the plant yourself.

Chamomile Seeds can be found in a few locations around the desert area in the east of the One World map, spawning through Harvest Wisps at different times of the day.

The easiest place to find Chamomile Seeds every day is just behind Saeed’s palace (shown above), with the Harvest Wisp being present here with the seeds at 2 pm, as shown below.

You can also find Chamomile Seeds around the corner to the east and further north from the oasis entrance. As shown in the image below, the seeds can be found just south of the opening for the large farm location in the desert, at around 8 am.

Another Chamomile Seed location in Harvest Moon: One World is near the northeast corner of the desert, close to a large rock. Found at 12 pm, the easiest way to find these seeds is to start from the left side of the Camel enclosure in Pastilla and then ride directly north to the location shown below.

Once you have at least three Chamomile Seeds, you’ll have to grow the Chamomile plant, but doing so isn’t always as easy as it is with other plants.

How to grow Chamomile in Harvest Moon: One World

The Chamomile plant likes regular or arid conditions, but unlike most things that you’ll plant in Harvest Moon: One World, you won’t want to water the Chamomile plant every day.

In this playthrough, even on the desert farm, watering the Chamomile Seeds every day and putting down fertiliser resulted in it mutating into Aqua Chamomiles. Unfortunately, Malika won’t accept mutated Chamomiles for her quest.

After moving the farm to regular ground, planting the seeds without using any fertiliser and only watering the Chamomile on the first, second, and fourth day resulted in real Chamomile plants sprouting.

Once you’ve grown three Chamomiles, return to Malika at the oasis in the desert, and give her the plants to complete the Get Chamomile quest in Harvest Moon: One World.

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