Hogwarts Legacy: Moth to a Frame Mission Guide

Has this mission got you scratching your head or wondering what it’s all about? We have got you covered. Be aware there are content spoilers ahead.

You’ve arrived at Hogwarts, selected your House and had a whistle-stop tour with Professor Weasley. He leaves you to explore in the Central Hall. A quick Revelio spell reveals a few noticeable objects around the room most notably what looks like a mirror Frame with a butterfly or moth shape on the bottom.

In this article you will learn:

  • How to start the Moth to a Frame mission
  • Tips on finding the Moths and the spells required

How to Start Hogwarts Legacy Moth to a Frame Mission

Hogwarts Legacy Moth to a Frame Lenora

To begin this mission, you must first speak to Lenora Everleigh who can be found in the Central Hall to the right of the central fountain. She appears to be puzzled by an empty picture frame on the wall. As a result, suggests using Lumos to reveal a picture of a location nearby. Lenora then asks that you come and tell her if you get to the bottom of the puzzling frame, then wanders off. 

Now is the time for you to explore and locate the location in the Frame. If you head to the opposite side of the Central Hall, down the stairs and to the left, you will discover a statue and nearby the Moth. Using Lumos to attract the Moth, take it back to the Frame. That completes the initial quest. This Frame is not the only one with many spread around the Hogwarts grounds, so best of luck solving them all.

Tips to Find Moth Frames and Spells to Help

Revelio is your friend, use it often. It can show hidden chests, Field Guide Pages and of course Moth Frames. The Frames are easily spotted as they are highlighted blue when the spell is cast. The other key spell is Lumos, which not only reveals the picture and location in the Frame. It is also used to attract the Moth to return it to the Frame which you will receive around 80 xp. Save to mention how impressive that for such a simple task. Also, don’t forget to collect the Field Guide Page after you have completed the initial mission. This will also give you further xp as well as contribute to adding new gear through your Field Guide.


Now you know how to solve the Hogwarts Legacy like a Moth to a Frame puzzles, its down to you to locate the many littered across the world so happy hunting. For more Hogwarts Legacy Guides, stay tuned to Outsider Gaming.

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