Hogwarts Legacy: Spells Guide

Want to become a master wizard or witch of Hogwarts? Here’s your one-stop guide on how to unlock all the spells in Hogwarts Legacy.

If you want to become the most powerful wizard or witch in Hogwarts Legacy, you must master all spells that the game has to offer. 

You can’t call yourself a wizard or a witch if you don’t even know how or where to learn these spells. There are a total of 30 spells in the game. 23 of them are castable spells, and 7 are general utility spells. 

These spells are categorized into seven types but split into two categories; castable and general utility.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to unlock all the spells in Hogwarts Legacy 
  • Which quests to prioritize first to unlock every spell in the game
  • How to use spells effectively in conjunction with other spells.

*** Massive spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned.*** 

Essential Spells

  • Alomahora – A spell that unlocks locked doors and chests. 
  • Ancient Magic – A spell that deals massive damage once the Ancient Magic Gauge has been filled. 
  • Ancient Magic Throw – A spell that allows you to hurl objects at your enemies’ faces.
  • Basic Cast – A long-range basic attack. 
  • Petrificus Totalus – A takedown spell that petrifies enemies. You can also use this if you cast Disillusionment first. Very useful in stealth-oriented approach. 
  • Protego – A protective spell that blocks spells and basic attacks from enemies. 
  • Revelio – A utility spell that reveals and highlights objects and persons of interest.
  • Stupefy – A counter spell that temporarily stuns enemies after perfectly blocking attacks with Protego. 

Control Spells

  • Arresto Momentum – Massively slows movement for both enemies and objects.
  • Glacius – Freezes enemies.
  • Levioso – Levitates enemies and objects alike.
  • Transformation – Turns enemies into objects and vice versa. 

Force Spells

  • Accio – Pulls enemies or objects towards you. Casting Accio automatically casts Wingardium Leviosa.
  • Depulso – Pushes enemies or objects away from you.
  • Descendo – Slams enemies or objects to the ground, dealing impact damage. 
  • Flipendo – Flips enemies and objects in the air. 

Damage Spells

  • Bombarda – An explosive spell that deals massive damage, destroying large objects, rubbles, and enemies alike.
  • Confringo – A long-range bolt spell that deals fire damage and incinerates enemies. 
  • Diffindo – A spell that deals cut damage. 
  • Expelliarmus – Disarms enemies’ wands or weapons, and deals damage to unarmed foes. 
  • Incendio – A short-range fire spell that deals explosive damage and incinerates adversaries. 

Transfiguration Spells

  • Altering Spell – Alters the physical forms of objects conjured in the Room of Requirement.
  • Conjuring Spell – Summons objects in the Room of Requirement.
  • Evanesco – Turns objects inside the Room of Requirement into moonstones. 

Utility Spells

  • Disillusionment – Gives you camouflage, allowing you to blend with the surroundings. 
  • Lumos – Illuminates a small area around you.
  • Reparo – Returns certain objects and obstacles to their former state.
  • Wingardium Leviosa – A follow-up spell that activates after casting Accio, which allows you to control and move levitating objects to a desired location. 

Unforgivable Curses

Unforgivable Curses are mid-to-late game spells. These can only be unlocked by progressing through Sebastian Sallow’s quest line. 

You’re also gated by dialogue options because choosing the wrong response will result in the inability to access these powerful spells. 

  • Avada Kedavra – Kills an enemy instantly. Has a very long cooldown. 
  • Crucio – Inflicts Cursed status and damage over time. Cursed enemies take more damage. 
  • Imperio – Inflicts Cursed status, and turns enemies into allies temporarily for a short period of time. Cursed enemies take more damage.

Tips for using Hogwarts Legacy spells

  • Basic Cast
  • Revelio
  • Lumos
  • Protego
  • Stupefy

Basic Cast will be your primary source of damage at the start of the game. Learn how to dodge-roll when there’s an attack prompt around your head. 

Revelio should be used every single time when exploring the open world or Hogwarts. It will reveal the things you don’t even expect. 

Lumos is very useful in puzzles that require light to activate. At the prologue quest, you’re going to need it to alight Pensieve Warriors’ statues. 

Protego is a basic defensive spell that becomes increasingly powerful once you learn how to time it with your combos. Use it to disorient and stun enemies with Stupefy

H3: How to quickly add your starter Hogwarts Legacy spells

Picture illustrating Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Spell Set.

At the start of the game, you’re going to have only a few spells and one spell set containing four slots.

Simply drag one of the spells you’ve unlocked into the spell set slot you wish to put it. 

At the start of the game, you already know how to use Basic Cast. It’s your basic, long-range attack and the one you’ll utilize the most during the first 10 to 15 minutes of your gameplay. 

Once you start with the Main Quest – The Path to Hogwarts, you will learn four new spells. You are unable to unequip these spells as they are essential spells throughout your gameplay and are key-bonded to your controller or keyboard already. 

These spells are Revelio, Lumos, Protego, and Stupefy

Revelio will be the most used of the Hogwarts Legacy spells

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide - Revelio

Revelio – A utility spell that highlights objects or persons of interest.

Once you reach Gringott’s lower vaults, you’ll learn how to cast Revelio

This spell is basically like Bloodhound’s Eyes of the All-Father from Apex Legends or Deacon’s Survival Sense in Days Gone. 

You’re going to use this spell quite often than the others, especially if you’re a completionist. 

Lumos serves more functions than just lighting up your wand

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Lumos

Lumos – A utility spell that illuminates a small area around you.

The next spell is Lumos. Lumos is essential in some of the puzzles all over the World Map and dungeons. 

While Lumos might seem like a negligible spell most of the time, a lot of puzzles in dungeons and key areas require the use of Lumos, along with other spells. 

You can’t proceed in some of the main quests if you can’t solve a puzzle that requires Lumos. 

Note: You will lose Lumos if you cast another spell. 

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Protego

Protego – A protective spell that blocks incoming attacks and spells from enemies. 

Perfect the Protego and Stupefy defensive Hogwarts Legacy spells.

Protego and Stupefy are the third and fourth spells you’ll learn before leaving the vaults. Protego blocks most incoming attacks and spells. 

Attacks and spells with the golden sigil can be blocked. Red sigil attacks, however, cannot. You’ll have to dodge roll for that. 

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide StupefyYellow

Blockable attacks are denoted by a golden sigil.

When you see a golden sigil prompt, it means you can block the attack. Most enemies will do this and you should be able to flawlessly fight them just by being aware of its prompts. 

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Stupefy1

Stupefy activates if you hold the Protego button and successfully block an attack.

If you’ve played Elden Ring or any Souls-like games, you’ll probably choose dodge-roll instead of using Protego. Some console players think Protego is a bit too uncomfortable to play due to the ability mapping. 

Mastering Protego allows you to stun-lock an enemy with Stupefy, especially if you have both learned Arresto Momentum and Glacius

Yellow damage outputs are critical hits after stunning an enemy with Stupefy.

If you successfully hit an enemy with Stupefy, you will see a substantial damage difference between your standard Basic Cast and empowered cast damage. 

Note: Stunned enemies take more damage. 

Early Game Spells

After completing the Main Quest – Welcome to Hogwarts, you’ll have access to a variety of spells that will be your mainstay spells from early to mid-game. 

The first two early-game spells you’ll unlock are Accio and Levioso. Completing the Main Quest – Charms Class and Main Quest – Defence Against Dark Arts will reward you with these spells. 

Accio and Levioso are your bread-and-butter spells in most situations from start to finish

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Accio

Wingardium Leviosa will be automatically activated after using Accio.

Accio and Levioso are all Control spells and are very useful in almost every encounter, especially in puzzles. 

Accio allows you to control an object once you unlocked Wingardium Leviosa after completing the Main Quest – Professor Garlick’s Assignments 1.

Note: It is essential in climbing unscalable areas and walls.

Once you arrive at Hogsmeade, you’ll be able to unlock two additional spells: Ancient Magic and Ancient Magic Throw

These are essential spells that will help you deal more damage to your enemies. 

Ancient Magic is your early-game one-shot ability Hogwarts Legacy spell

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Ancient Magic

Ancient Magic can be used when one of the two gauges above the health bar is filled. 

The Ancient Magic is a gauge-based attack that refills the more you attack with Basic Cast and other spells.

Once the prompt becomes available above your enemies’ heads, casting Ancient Magic will deal immense magic damage.

It can often execute an enemy in one hit and is extremely useful when dealing with multiple enemies you want to get rid of quickly. 

Use the Ancient Throw Hogwarts Legacy spell to throw off your enemies’ attacks

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Ancient Magic Throw

Ancient Magic Throw can be used at any time and has no spell cooldown, so long as there are objects to throw.

Ancient Magic Throw is a spell that allows you to hurl objects at your enemies. 

The objects you throw can break Shield Charms, knock enemies out, and stagger larger foes. 

You can even use this to i-frame an attack without dodging (which is risky) or use it to cancel a channeling attack or spell. 

Use Disillusionment to take down foes quietly or surprise them with an instakill spell

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Disillusionment Vision Cone

After completing Main Quest – The Locket Secret, you’ll be able to proceed to the next Main Quest – Secrets of the Restriction Section

Before you start the quest, your friend Sebastian Sallow will teach you how to use the Disillusionment spell. 

Disillusionment is a utility spell that allows you to blend with your surroundings. 

If you’re not the type of person who goes loud and loves to make Hogwarts Legacy a stealth game instead, then this is your second-best spell. 

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Petrificus Totalus

Petrificus Totalus petrifies your enemies, however, if an enemy sees their comrades petrified, they will investigate. 

Disillusionment being your second best is because of this next spell: Petrificus Totalus. To use this spell effectively, get behind an enemy and use Petrificus Totalus. 

It’s essentially a takedown spell and doesn’t remove the effects of Disillusionment. 

Petrificus Totalus will be unlocked during the Main Quest – Secrets of the Restricted Section.

Note: Enemies can still see you in through your Disillusionment if you’re close enough. 

Use Disillusionment to open Eye Chests scattered all over the world map

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Disillusionment Eyed Chests

Disillusionment isn’t just for stealth combat and silent takedowns. 

There are also Eye Chests scattered all over the world and it’s impossible to unlock them unless you use the Disillusionment spell first. 

Make sure these chests didn’t see you use Disillusionment in front of them, or you won’t be able to open them. 

Incendio can burn enemies, webs, and flammable materials

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Incendio

Incendio is the first Damage spell you’ll learn after completing Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1

This spell is effective against most enemies, particularly spiders and enemy wizards. 

Incendio deals moderate damage and inflict Burning status, roasting enemies for a few seconds. When cast at very close range, especially if used with Accio, Incendio has a small knockback effect that can throw off enemies, except large ones. 

Note: Taking the Incendio Mastery in the Spell Talent menu will produce a ring flame that will burn enemies, making it a very effective CC spell outside of Control-type spells.

Use Confringo to deal damage at long range, where most of your spells might fail to hit

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Confringo

Confringo is a long-range, Damage-type spell. You can unlock Confringo during the events of the Main Quest – In the Shadow of the Undercroft. Sebastian will teach you how to use this spell. 

It’s basically the better version of Incendio, since it deals moderate damage at long range. When you pick the Confringo Mastery in the Spell Talent menu, you’re gonna turn Confringo into heat-seeking missiles that can hit multiple targets. 

It also inflicts Burning status as damage over time. 

Mid-game Spells

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Conjuring Spell

Use Transfiguration spells to decorate your room into the best magical space ever

After finishing a series of main quests, you’ll be able to unlock more spells. 

During the Main Quest – Room of Requirement and Side Quest – Interior Designing, you’ll learn how to cast three more spells. 

These spells are Conjuring Spell, Evanesco, and Altering Spell.

  • Altering Spell allows you to change the size of an object inside the Room of Requirement.
  • Conjuring Spell allows you to turn Moonstones collected in the world into furniture. 
  • Evanesco allows you to decorate interior walls and floors. 

Note: You cannot alter, conjure, or decorate the World Map as these are exclusive spells that only work inside the Room of Requirement. 

Use Alohomora to unlock rooms to get more items and Galleons

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Alohomora1

After completing the Main Quest – The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament, you’ll learn how to use the spell Alohomora

Alohomora is useful in unlocking chests inside houses and rooms, as well as in dungeons and secret areas. 

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Alohomora2

You need to complete a lockpicking mini-game first before you can completely break off the lock.

There are also three levels of lock and you need to collect more Demiguise Statues before you can unlock higher levels of Alohomora to break open level 2 and level 3 doors. 

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Alohomora4

It’s not really common for an aspiring master wizard to break into people’s homes, but hey, it’s free money. Who says no to that? 

Note: The lockpicking mini-game is practically the same across all levels of locks and game difficulty. 

Advanced Spells in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Advanced Spells

Completing primary and secondary Assignments from Hogwarts Professors will unlock more spells. 

  • Complete Madam Kogawa’s Assignments 1 and 2 to unlock Glacius and Arresto Momentum
  • Complete Professor Hecat’s Assignments 1 and 2 to unlock Incendio and Expelliarmus.
  • Complete Professor Sharp’s Assignments 1 and 2 to unlock Depulso and Diffindo.
  • Complete Professor Garlick’s Assignments 1 and 2 to unlock Wingardium Leviosa and Flipendo.
  • Complete Professor Ronen’s Assignment to unlock Reparo.
  • Complete Professor Onai’s Assignment to unlock Descendo

Repair bridges and certain sections of the room to get through blocked areas using Reparo

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Reparo

Reparo is a utility spell and is useful in repairing certain paths riddled with rubble, making it inaccessible. 

You’re not going to use this spell outside of fixing certain parts of the map and you can’t repair breakable objects, like barrels or boxes. 

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Arresto Momentum1

Arresto Momentum is the better version of Levioso. 

Arresto Momentum and Glacius are Control-type spells and are very effective at stopping movement. 

You can practically hinder anyone’s movement just by using these two spells alone, essentially petrifying them in eternal immobilization. 

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Arresto Momentum

Arresto Momentum greatly slows the movement of enemies. If you cast Arresto Momentum on an enemy on the ground, they will be suspended in the air for a couple of seconds before being released from its effects. 

However, this won’t work for heavier enemies. 

That’s where Glacius comes in.

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Glacius

Glacius freezes enemies and prevents them from attacking, casting, and moving. 

Unlike Arresto Momentum, Glacius isn’t really that effective for groups of enemies, but it is exceptionally good when you’re dealing with a lone, large foe with charging attacks.

Glacius fills the gap that Arresto Momentum cannot do. 

Note: Taking the Slowing Curse from the Dark Arts Traits menu will inflict Cursed on enemies affected by Arresto Momentum. Cursed enemies take more damage from your spells and Basic Casts. 

Disarm enemies with Expelliarmus and use their weapons against them. 

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Expelliarmus

Expelliarmus is a Damage-type spell that works insanely well with Ancient Magic Throw. 

When you disarm enemies, especially goblins, you can use their weapons against them and deal a significant amount of damage. 

It’s a very underrated Damage spell, but when used correctly, you can essentially i-frame any attack by using the invincibility frame provided by the casting animation of the Ancient Magic Throw. 

Use Depulso to Force-push someone away from you. 

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Depulso

Depulso is a Control-type spell that doesn’t deal any direct damage to your enemies.

On its own, Depulso is a pretty decent defensive magic, but when you combine it with other types of spells Levioso, it becomes a powerful attack that deals insanely high environmental damage.

Upgrading the Depulso Mastery in the Spell Talents menu will turn a single-target Depulso into a shockwave that can knock back three or more enemies. 

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Depulso WallDamage

You can also kill enemies under the effects of Levioso instantly using the fall damage mechanic. Any elevated area or inclined plane becomes immediate execution grounds using Depulso.

Note: Depulso deals environmental damage (which is guaranteed critical damage) if you push an enemy next to a wall or any obstacle. 

Use Diffindo on levitating or immobilized Dugbogs in their tongue attack animation to kill them instantly. 

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Diffindo

Diffindo is yet another offensive spell that allows you to deal slashing damage against enemies. 

Send sonic waves that cut through foes like a hot knife through butter. When upgraded, Diffindo can also cut through from one enemy to another. 

Diffindo also staggers enemies, which is a pretty good attack before you follow up with the big wands. 

Use Flipendo against Trolls with clubs to deflect their melee attack and use it against them.

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Flipendo

Flipendo is the final Force-type spell you will learn. It’s mostly used in puzzles and very vital in solving late-game ones.

Outside of puzzle solving, Flipendo is useful in dealing with enemies that are immune to most Control and Force-type spells, like large trolls and whatnot.

It’s also crucial in exploiting your enemies’ weaknesses. 

Late Game Spells

There are only two spells that are considered late-game spells. These two spells are Bombarda and Transformation Spell. 

Use Bombarda to deal large explosive damage in a small vicinity. 

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Bombarda

Bombarda is a Damage-type, while Transformation Spell is a Control-type spell. 

To unlock Bombarda, you must first complete the Assignment Quest – Professor Howin’s Assignment

Since Bombarda is a big DPS spell, you’ll want to use it with other spells, like Accio before pulling the handles. It’s essentially your mini-nuke and can help you deal an incredible amount of damage against a group of enemies. 

That being said, Bombarda should either be put in the first or in the last spot of a spell sequence. 

Bombarda also deals a massive amount of damage in a small vicinity. 

Taking the Spell Talents Accio and Levioso Mastery will allow you to pool enemies in a small area and nuke them in one go. 

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells Guide Transformation

Use Transformation Spells on targets immune to most of your spells. 

On the other hand, Transformation is a single-target spell that turns enemies into objects. 

To unlock the Transformation Spell, you must first complete Professor Weasley’s Assignment

It’s pretty useful to disable enemies with this spell, so you can focus on high-priority targets.

On later levels of the game, you’re going to encounter Frost Trolls and Ashwinder Executioners, who are immune to most types of Control and Force-type spells. 

You are unable to lift them or pull them toward you. 

To deal with them, you’re going to use Transformation to turn one of them into barrels and hurl the barreled ones at their friends’ faces. 

Unforgivable Spells

Unforgivable Curses are the spells you’re going to learn in the latter part of the game. 

These spells are Aveda Kedabra, Crucio, and Imperio. To unlock them, you have to finish Sebastian Sallow’s quest line from start to finish.

  • To unlock Crucio, you must be level 16 to complete the Relationship Quest – In the Shadow Study.
  • When Sebastian says “I think I have to,” the correct response is either “I want to learn the Cruciatus Curse. But you must cast it on me.” or “Teach me the Cruciatus Curse and I’ll cast it on you.
  • To unlock Imperio, you must first finish the Relationship Quest – In the Shadow Study to unlock the next Relationship Quest – In the Shadow of Time. You need to be level 17 for this quest. 
  • The correct response when you get to it is “Yes, I’d like to learn the Imperius Curse.
  • To unlock Aveda Kedabra, you must first complete the first two relationship quests: In the Shadow Study and In the Shadow of Time to unlock the final Relationship Quest – In the Shadow of Relic. You must be level 28 to unlock this quest. 
  • Choose the response “Everyone should know that curse.” followed up with “Yes, please.” to learn the Killing Curse. 

Furthermore, you need to be specific in your response because these spells won’t be unlocked and you might miss out on learning them from Sebastian if you choose the wrong dialogue option.

It is not mandatory to learn them nor is it required to complete the game. Learning Unforgivable Curses is completely optional. However, they are incredibly overpowered spells, and for aspiring wizards willing to learn EVERY spell, having access to these spells is a must.


Now that you learned how to unlock these spells and know how they work, you can now eliminate those pesky Ranrok’s followers with ease using your absurd magical prowess for the giggles. 

You’re a master wizard, anon!

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