Horizon Forbidden West: How to Complete “A Dash of Courage” Errand

Here’s your step-by-step guide to completing the Errand “A Dash of Courage” in Horizon Forbidden West.

Like in Horizon Zero Dawn, you will encounter Errands from different characters throughout the game. Though optional, the rewards are more than worth the effort as some Errands can be fairly simple tasks. Plus, who doesn’t like getting easy Skill Points and experience?

Once you reach Barren Light, you can get one of the first Errands of the game. It also unlocks a unique and potentially handy feature for Aloy. Read below for your step-by-step guide to completing “A Dash of Courage.”

How to gain “A Dash of Courage” Errand

Once you reach Barren Light, head into the tavern. It’s the big, circular building in the center of the settlement. Go into the dining area and speak to the chef, Milduf. He’s located near the entrance to the dining area, his back facing you with his cooking in front of him.

Milduf will tell you about Ulvund’s workers coming in for the “Ulvund discount” and how that’s not only depleted his resources, but ruined his best cookware. That Ulvund…

Seeing that you didn’t demand a discount and instead asked for a meal, he takes a liking to you and asks you to retrieve some things for him to continue his cooking. Without new cookware, he won’t be able to cook his special dish.

You need to bring him five Wild Meat, three Bitter Leaf, and a Corrugated Metal Panel.

Gathering the required items

Wild Meat and Bitter Leaf are easy enough to find and rather plentiful in the wild; you may already have the items. If you need them, kill boars in the area for the former. Bitter Leaf is a taller stalk that you can find, particularly near rocky terrain.

For the Corrugated Metal Panel, you must head to the marked Scrounger Site on your map. It’s back the opposite way, beyond Chainscrape. Head there to find three Scrounger’s feasting and engrossed in their piles of scrap. There might be a Burrower or two around, patrolling, so use the tall grass to your advantage and use Silent Strikes. You can snipe the Scrounger on the ledge if you don’t want to sneak up on it, making sure to shoot off its component and then blasting in in the eye for major damage.

Search the piles of scrap to get your Corrugated Metal Panel. With all of the items in tow, head back to Barren Light.

Completing “A Dash of Courage”


Head to Milduf and tell him you’ve gathered the requested items. A cutscene will play where Milduf prepares the meal. After tasting the dish, you tell him that the dish was “inspired,” which pleases his heart. You also tell him to be confident and stand up for himself, which he does. With that, the Errand is complete!

Milduf’s Treat is unique to him, but each Cook will have a different Very Rare section.

That’s not all, though, as Milduf reveals two things. One, he will offer you two of his dishes free of charge for bringing him the materials (and a health boost from the meal he prepared); sweet! Two, this unlocks Cooks. Cooks will trade parts and food for food dishes that give temporary boosts. The boost(s) that is (are) given is dependent on the dish. Each cook you encounter will also have different special dishes in the Very Rare (purple) section.

For example, Milduf’s offerings include three-minute boosts to stamina or melee or health recovery. “Milduf’s Treat” boosts melee by two levels for three minutes in addition to restoring 75 percent health and stamina. The health boosts offered will also add more health than your total bar if applicable. For example, if your max health is 300, a dish could make your bar appear as 380 out of 300. Cooks – and their menus – could really give you that boost you need before a tough mission.

Completing “A Dash of Courage” isn’t just great because it’s a simple task for quick and easy experience, but also because it unlocks Cooks and their menus! Seek out each Cook and their menu, using those boosts to suit your playstyle. Have fun exploring the many dishes in Horizon Forbidden West!

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