Horizon Forbidden West: How to Complete The Daunt Relic Ruin

Here’s how to complete the Relic Ruin in The Daunt to retrieve the Ornament.

Horizon Forbidden West has expanded on the world of its predecessor, Zero Dawn, adding in new machines, skills, and more. Of the available quests, a unique category is that of the Relic Ruin. These Ruins are vestiges of the Old Ones, society before it fell – as we live it today.

The first you’ll most likely come across in your travels, as it’s in the path of two main quests, is The Daunt Relic Ruin. Your task here is to unlock at door needing two items: a keycard and a code. Read below to find how to complete the puzzle and obtain your first relic, the Ornament.

How to run the puzzle and obtain the Ornament

The first trick is opening the hatch to proceed through.

Once you hit the ruins, head to the far left side (if you’re facing it from the river). From there, enter in a bit and look for the yellow indicator that you can grab hold of a ledge (move the box over if necessary). The ledge closest to the far side of the house will only show you your eventual goal, just beyond your reach.

You’ll notice the door and console to your right as you make it up the ledge (interact if you wish). From here, head out the the right and then sprint and leap over the gap. Enter into this next room (pull down the chest with the Pullcaster) and use your Focus to scan the log to add to your collection and, most importantly, learn the code for the door. From here, look up to the left and use the Pullcaster (L2 + Triangle then R2 and hold) to pull a box down.

Next, position the box so you can climb up to the ledge it was resting on as pictured. From there, aim the Pullcaster and pull both the hatch and crane. Sprint and jump to the crane, now within reach, and then climb into the hatch. From there, exit through to the other side.

The first thing you should do is turn around and pull open the rock barrier with the Pullcaster for easy access. Then, to make the last parts quicker, drag the box from the previous room into the new room. While you can still get it later, it does require making a jump.

Next, jump into the gap and go down. Try jumping on the wooden ledge only for it to fall to the ground. Turn and proceed further, using the Pullcaster to pull down the rocks as pictured. This will create a hole for something to fall into…maybe a box?

If you left the box in the previous room, jump the gap. Either way, drag the box to the hole you created. Go down with it and then drag it to the wall where the ledge fell. You can now use the box to proceed up and out to the top level of the building.

From there, exit to the left, making sure to stay on the ledge, and grab the hotel keycard on the floor (pictured). This, along with the log you collected earlier, will be necessary to unlock the door. You can head down immediately or collect a few loot boxes in the area.

Head all the way back to the other end of the building. Climb back up to the door and console. You’ll first place the keycard on the console and then be asked to input the code. If you input the code that was at the beginning of the email (#@&! or 3271), it will be an error. If you read to the bottom, you’ll see that the code is actually 1705. Input that to open the door, collect the Ornament, and compete The Daunt Relic Ruin.

All you need are your wits and the Pullcaster, really. With the Ornament collected, you’ll then unlock the collection mission for Relic Ruins. Will you find all Relic Ruins?

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