Horizon Forbidden West: How to Get the Spike Thrower

Here’s your guide to unlocking the Prototype Spike Thrower in Horizon Forbidden West.

One aspect of the Horizon series that’s been well received is the array of weaponry. While Aloy is formidable enough with her spear and bow, adding other weapons just adds to her deadliness in both Zero Dawn and Forbidden West.

One weapon you can unlock early in the game is the Spike Thrower. This Prototype Spike Thrower can come in handy, so read below on how to unlock the weapon.

Speak to Delah in Chainscape

After reaching Barren Light and progressing the story a bit, return to Chainscape and to a green exclamation point on the outer edge of the settlement. Here, speak to Delah to begin an Errand, “A Bigger Boom.”

Boomer giving you the “Really?” look after making a joke about keeping an arm.

Delah tells you that her partner – who is also her sister – is good at making things explode; her name is Boomer, after all. They discuss a prototype they have for a spike thrower, but they need one important component: the rib of a Fire Fanghorn. Agree to the Errand to begin your search.

Kill the Fire Fanghorn

Head to the marked area on the map to the east of Chainscape. You’ll notice that along with the Fire Fanghorn, there are two Scroungers in the area. It’s recommended to take out the two – one prowling along the water, the other up top on the ledge – before going for the Fanghorn. Of course, take out the one near the water with a Silent Strike.

There is no tall grass to hide behind up top, but you can hide behind a rock and try to snipe the Scrounger. As long as you keep it up there, it shouldn’t alert the Fanghorn.

Now, it’s recommended to shoot the Fanghorn with a few acid arrows and then regular arrows from the superior higher position. As long as you stay away from the hill, the Fanghorn will stay below you. Aiming can get difficult here, but this is the safest way to defeat the machine.

Loot it for the part and head back to Delah and Boomer.

Obtain and upgrade the Prototype Spike Thrower

Words of wisdom from Aloy.

Return and speak to Delah, who can tell from the look on your face that you’ve accomplished the Errand. Hand over the rib and Delah will get to work. Boomer will ask you if you killed any machines by blowing them up, though you don’t get a response.

Delah will then present you with the Prototype Spike Thrower. Equip it and hotkey it to the right stick setting of your choice. Keep in mind that the Spike Thrower is an arced shot, so aim higher than a direct shot as you would do with your bow.

A fully upgraded Prototype Spike Thrower.

Use the workbench in Chainscape if you’d like to upgrade the Spike Thrower. You should have more than enough components to fully upgrade the weapon. Equip a coil if you’d like as well after upgrading the Spike Thrower.

Now you have your very own Spike Thrower! Go ahead and test it out on Burrowers, Chargers, and the like. Remember to aim higher than your target!





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