How to Get the Cinnamoroll Backpack Roblox for Free

Learn how to get the Cinnamoroll Backpack for Free on Roblox here.

How to Get the Cinnamoroll Backpack Roblox for Free

If you’re curious as to how to get the Cinnamoroll backpack Roblox, then you may have already given up on trying to figure out why it looks nothing like a cinnamon roll. Or, maybe you already know that Cinnamoroll is a character created by Sanrio in 2001 and is meant to be a puppy despite looking very rabbit-like, but that’s beside the point.

Below, you will read:

  • Why to avoid the Roblox store
  • How to obtain the Cinnamoroll backpack Roblox for free
  • What else you can get after obtaining the Cinnamoroll backpack Roblox

Don’t bother with the Store

If you couldn’t find the Cinnamoroll backpack in Roblox on the main site in the Avatar shop, then you probably already know that it isn’t there. This isn’t the type of item that you can just buy with Robux for an easy purchase. In fact, you can’t use any type of currency to get the backpack. Don’t let this get you down though, as there is a way to get the item without having to spend anything. This might be a good or bad thing depending on your perspective and how Robux-rich you are.

Get the badge, get the backpack

The real method of getting the Cinnamoroll backpack in Roblox is to play the game [My Melody] My Hello Kitty Cafe (Build). As the name implies, it is a game where you get to build and run a cafe featuring Hello Kitty and her best friend My Melody. Also, Kuromi is unlockable, too. In any case, the badge that you need to earn for the backpack is called “Serve 1,000 Customers!”

Now, if you’re thinking that serving 1,000 customers is going to be rough, don’t worry about it too much. It actually isn’t that hard, but it is time-consuming so you might want to listen to a podcast or watch YouTube or a streaming service while you’re doing this. If you enjoy the game, just play it normally and you’ll eventually get the backpack. In any case, there is a sign outside the cafe that keeps track of how many customers you’ve served so if you’re ever wondering how close you are, just give it a look.

Other rewards

In addition to the Cinnamoroll backpack, you can also get other exclusive rewards from My Hello Kitty Cafe. This included the Kuromi backpack that was available and given to you when you hit Level 40. This was a limited-time event reward though and ran from October 27, 2022, and January 27, 2023.

The good news is that there will likely be other special rewards in the future since the game periodically offers rewards at different times of the year. Examples include the Gudetama backpack and the Hello Kitty backpack. While the next exclusive reward hasn’t been revealed as of this writing, chances are it will be available at some point in 2023 so keep a lookout if you’re interested.

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