How to Change Your Name in Clash of Clans: A Step-by-Step Process

Read about every detail if you want to change your name.

Clash of Clans How to Change Name

If you’re a dedicated Clash of Clans player, you may eventually tire of your existing in-game name and wish to switch to something more memorable. Changing your name in the game is easy. This article will guide you through the process on how to change your name in Clash of Clans, from start to finish, with helpful hints and solutions to frequent problems.

It’s crucial to know the motivations behind gamers’ desire to alter their gamer names before proceeding. Possible reasons for wanting a new name include outgrowing your present one or getting a better gaming name idea, or just on a whim. Clash of Clans only allows you to change your name once, so it’s vital to pick something you’re happy with.

Let’s jump right into how to change your name in Clash of Clans.

Step 1: Access the “Change Name” option

To change your name, open the game and tap on your player name in the top left corner of the screen. From there, you’ll see a pop-up menu that includes the option to “Change Name.” Tap on that option to proceed.

Clash of Clans offers free name change initially. However, you will have to spend loads of gems if you take a turn again. It can charge you 500 gems, 1000 gems, and so on just for changing a name.

Step 2: Choose a new name

When choosing your new name, it’s important to keep in mind the game’s guidelines for naming. The name must be between three and 15 characters in length, and can only include letters and numbers. It’s also important to note that the name cannot include any profanity or offensive language. Once you’ve chosen a new name, tap on “OK” to proceed.

Step 3: Confirm and save your new name

After you’ve chosen your new name, you’ll be prompted to confirm your choice. If you’re satisfied with your new name, tap on “OK” to save it. If you’re not satisfied, you can tap on “Cancel” and choose a new name.

Your new Clash of Clans name will take effect immediately. However, this name-changing method is only available once. Choose your name carefully because you cannot alter it again in the future.

In conclusion, if you want to alter your Clash of Clans user name, you may do so in a matter of minutes. If you follow the advice in this post, you’ll be able to legally change your name and start over. Choose your new name with care, keeping in mind the game’s naming restrictions. Wishing you the best of luck in your games!

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