How to Complete the Scholar and the Sunstone Quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök

Find out how to complete the Svartalfheim side quest “The Scholar and the Sunstone” in our walkthrough.

In the brand-new world of Svartalfheim comes new quests, stories, and rewards as you rewrite Havi’s saga in the Dawn of Ragnarök.

On this page, you’ll learn exactly how to complete the second part of the Relic Arc quest, The Scholar and the Sunstone. The first part of this Arc was the Finding Fritjof quest that you can start at the Grenhellir Shelter in central Gullnámar.

Hreidmar Palace

Once you’ve completed the Finding Fritjof quest, your next objective will point you in the direction of Hreidmar Palace. This fortress sits atop the highest mountain in Southern Gullnámar, dominating the skyline. You can also find the Legacy of Ivaldi Mythical Hammer, a Book of Knowledge, two Platinum Ingots, and a Heroic Saga around Hreidmar Palace, so be sure to pick these up while you’re here.

At the bottom of the mountain, near the underneath of the bridge, is a path that will lead you to the main palace or, if you have the Power of the Raven, soar to the top. Since the area is crawling with guards, you can either stealth through to the objective or opt for an all-out brawl.

To find your objective here, you’ll want to reach the highest level of the mountain and go to the room on the north side of the palace. Opening the door here will trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene finishes, you’ll be confronted by a few Muspel soldiers, dispatch them and speak to Einar. He’ll tell you he cannot walk, so your next objective is to carry him off the mountain to safety.

Using the Power of Muspelheim makes this incredibly easy as the Muspel soldiers won’t bat an eyelid at the sight of one of their own carrying a Dwarf down the mountain. If you have neither the Hugr nor the power equipped, you’ll have to put Einar down to deal with the few guards on the route to the bottom. Once you reach the bottom of the stairs, you’ll need to put Einar down against a rock in front of you to your right and speak to him to trigger the next cutscene.


The next part of the quest will take you to the village of Onarthorp for the Sunstone. The village is to the west of Hreidmar Palace, you’ll find it just southwest of the Skidgardr Viewpoint.

In the village, you’ll need to find the giant Dwarven Statue overlooking the settlement. The clues given to Havi so far suggest the Sunstone is on the giant statue. Climb up to find the Sunstone isn’t here, climb back down, and use Odin’s Sight to find the next objective in the house the statue faces.

The objective marker is inside the house on your left as you enter the eastern side of the village. You can climb into the house through the second-floor window facing the giant statue.

Once inside, you’ll see the Sunstone on the right-hand side of the room in a wooden box. The house has a rat infestation that will attack you when you jump down. Attacking the rats will cause them to flee into a drain by the door. Move the barrier blocking the door over the drain to trap the rats. Take the Sunstone and meet Einar on the west side of the Hvergelmir Mylna.

Hvergelmir Mylna

You’ll find Einar on the western side of the Hvergelmir Mylna. The Mylna is to the north of Onarthorp, on the western bank of the river. He’ll be waiting for you by the road, crouched behind a rock. Speak to him to initiate the last leg of the Scholar and the Sunstone quest.

Once you’ve spoken to Einar, he’ll lead you to his workshop in the Mylna. Ultimately, his attempts to activate the Sunstone fail, so he tells you the stone must be charged with heat. Head outside and use the Power of Muspelheim to charge the Sunstone in the lava. If you don’t have the power, then you’ll need to find it on one of the guards nearby.

When the Sunstone is charged, go back to Einar’s workshop to trigger the cutscene and complete the second quest in the Relic Arc. You’ll find the final chapter in the city of Uldar.

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