A Guide to Harnessing the Wind: How to Get Epona in Majora’s Mask

Discover the secrets to obtaining Epona, the legendary horse, in Majora’s Mask. Ride across the vast lands with style and speed!

Unlock the iconic steed, Epona, in Majora's Mask

Picture this: You’re gallantly galloping across the vast fields of Termina on your trusted steed, Epona. Nothing can stop you. Well, nothing except one tiny detail – you don’t have Epona. And in the enthralling world of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, this can be a daunting roadblock. Luckily, we’ve got the horse sense to guide you through it.

TL;DR: Here’s Your Quick Pit Stop

  • Epona is Link’s trusted horse, aiding in traversing the world of Termina.
  • To obtain Epona, players must acquire the Garo’s Mask and the Romani’s Mask.
  • Majora’s Mask’s recent resurgence in popularity has brought new players in need of guidance on finding Epona.
  • Our comprehensive guide will show you the reins on how to secure this legendary steed.

Back in the Saddle: The Road to Epona

Epona isn’t just a horse; she’s your ride-or-die companion in the expansive world of Termina. But the route to winning this faithful companion is peppered with a series of quests. IGN captures it well when they say, “Epona, the legendary horse of the Zelda series, is without a doubt the most famous steed in the realm of video games.”

Step One: Acquire the Necessary Masks

The first step in securing Epona is to obtain two crucial masks – the Garo’s Mask and the Romani’s Mask. But be warned, these masks aren’t simply lying around. They’re the spoils of some engaging side quests. Let’s see how you can get your hands on these masks.

The Garo’s Mask:

The Garo’s Mask, resembling a spectral ninja, is obtained from the Gorman Brothers after winning a horse race against them at the Gorman Track. Note, however, that you’ll need Epona to participate in the race.

The Romani’s Mask:

The Romani’s Mask is a symbol of membership to the exclusive Milk Bar in Clock Town. To secure this mask, you’ll need to help Romani, a young girl at Romani Ranch, fend off ghost-like creatures from abducting their cows.

Step Two: Save Romani Ranch

Once you’ve got your masks, it’s time to ride to Romani Ranch. However, there’s a catch – the ranch is blocked by a large boulder until the morning of the final day. To get there earlier, you’ll need to reset the three-day cycle using the Song of Time and then play the Song of Double Time twice to skip to the night of the second day.

Step Three: Claim Epona

After you’ve saved Romani Ranch, visit the ranch on the first day of the next three-day cycle. Speak with Romani to start a horse-riding mini-game. Simply pop the balloons while riding on Epona. Succeed, and Epona is yours to ride throughout Termina.

Mastering Epona’s Abilities

Obtaining Epona isn’t the end of the journey; it’s just the beginning. Epona isn’t merely a means of transportation. This legendary horse also has a crucial role in certain quests and accessing special areas. With her ability to jump over fences, Epona can help Link access otherwise unreachable parts of Termina, opening up new possibilities for exploration.

Additionally, Epona is key to winning the Gorman Brothers’ race and acquiring the Garo’s Mask. So, while having Epona by your side makes for quicker travel, it’s also the gateway to an enriched gameplay experience in the magical world of Majora’s Mask.


Obtaining Epona might seem like a long trot, but the reward is worth every stride. With Epona, the vast world of Termina opens up for you to explore with increased mobility and speed. So, saddle up, hero, and claim your trusted companion.


How can I summon Epona?

After obtaining Epona, simply play Epona’s Song on your Ocarina to summon her.

Can I use Epona everywhere in Termina?

Epona can be used in most of Termina’s regions, but she cannot enter towns or buildings.

Are there other benefits to obtaining Epona?

Besides faster travel, Epona is also required to access certain areas and complete specific quests.


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