How to Get Free Clothes on Roblox

Discover how to get free clothes on Roblox with promo codes and items available in the shop. Check out these valuable codes and follow our tips.

Learn how to get free clothes on Roblox with our easy and effective guide

Roblox is a popular virtual gaming platform where users have the ability to create and play games created by other users. As such, players can also obtain free items that would otherwise cost in-game currency to obtain plenty of stylish clothes and unique accessories which can be added to your character.

Special promo codes are used to unlock these free Roblox items and clothes that you can get so here are some valuable codes you can claim right now.

In this article, you will find:

  • Promo codes to get free clothes on Roblox
  • Some free clothes on Roblox through the shop
  • How to find more free clothes on Roblox

Roblox Promo Codes for free clothes (February 2023)

  • SPIDERCOLA – Enter the code for a cool free Spider Cola shoulder pet.
  • TWEETROBLOX – Redeem this code for an awesome ‘The Bird Says’ shoulder pet.

Free Roblox clothes

You can find these – and other free items – in the shop on Roblox (instructions below):

  • Lunar New Year Rabbit Pal
  • Lebron James Crown
  • McLaren F1 Helmets
  • Dustin’s Hat
  • Ready Player Two Book
  • Ready Player Two Shirt

How to find more free clothes and items on Roblox

Follow these steps to find more items and free clothes on Roblox:

  • Head to the Roblox Avatar Shop.
  • Type “free” into the search bar and press “Enter”
  • Next to the search bar, select “Featured” from the list.
  • You will find lots of free clothes available to get your hands on for free


Just about all types of avatar items are available for free on Roblox and if you want more free clothes, you can follow the official Roblox Twitter account to receive updates on when the developers add more freebies.

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