How to Go Underwater in GTA 5

Learn how to go underwater in GTA 5 with ease! Follow these simple steps to explore the ocean floor, avoid death, and even capture photos or videos.

Discover the hidden depths of GTA 5 with our guide on how to go underwater

If you’re a gamer seeking to venture into the depths of the ocean in GTA 5, but uncertain about how to do it, fret not! Read below to explore how to go underwater in GTA 5.

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  • How to go underwater in GTA 5 with ease
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Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) is an open-world game that allows players to explore a massive virtual world. One of the game’s thrilling aspects is the ability to go underwater and explore the ocean floor. 

Follow the steps below to go underwater in GTA 5.

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Step 1: Procure a scuba diving suit

The first step to take when going underwater in GTA 5 is to obtain a scuba diving suit. You can purchase it at any Ammu-Nation store or diving shop located along the coast. Once you’ve bought the scuba diving suit, go to your wardrobe and equip.

Step 2: Locate a body of water

Once you have your scuba diving suit on, the next step is to find a body of water to dive. There are several places where you can dive into the game, such as beaches, lakes, and the ocean.

Step 3: Plunge into the water

When you are near the water, press the jump button to plunge into the depths. You can also use the diving board or other structures to jump into the water.

Step 4: Explore underwater

Once you are underwater, use the joystick to swim around and explore. You can also use the underwater scooter or a diving tank to explore the ocean floor. When exploring underwater, keep a close eye on your oxygen levels.

Step 5: Utilize the underwater camera

To capture photos or record your underwater exploration, use the underwater camera. You can access it by pressing the camera button.

Step 6: Monitor your oxygen levels

While underwater, keep track of your oxygen levels. Your oxygen level will decrease over time, so ensure that you return to the surface before it runs out. You can also find oxygen tanks to replenish your oxygen levels.

Step 7: Beware of dangerous creatures

While exploring underwater, watch out for dangerous creatures such as sharks, jellyfish, and other sea creatures. You can use weapons to defend yourself against these creatures.


Going underwater in GTA 5 is a fascinating way to explore the game’s vast virtual world. By following this ultimate guide, you can effortlessly go underwater in GTA 5 and explore the ocean floor. Remember to keep an eye on your oxygen levels, watch out for dangerous creatures, and have fun exploring!

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