Hogwarts Legacy: Sorting Hat guide

All of the details you need about the sorting hat ceremony in Hogwarts Legacy are right here. Be aware that this guide does contain spoilers for in game content

One of the key moments for any sorcerer attending the world’s most prestigious school of magic is when they are sorted into one of the four founding member Houses. Hogwarts Legacy makes every Harry Potter fans dream come true by doing just that. 

Hogwarts Legacy Sorting Hats - Acceptance Letter

The four Houses available Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin are all keen to gain such an unknown talent to their ranks and the Sorting Hat helps to make your decision.

In this article you will learn:

  • How to get to the sorting ceremony
  • How to change your House if you are not happy with the Sorting Hats choice
  • What happens after you have selected your House

Below you will find all of the details about the Sorting Hat ceremony.

Sorting Hat ceremony

Hogwarts Legacy Sorting Hat Ceremony

After a tutorial mission which gives the player the basic tools to begin their journey, the school’s least popular Headmaster, Phineas Nigellus Black, scolds both the player and Professor Fig for their poor time keeping whilst saying the Sorting ceremony has finished. However, Professor Weasley agrees to continue the Sorting of your character. Your character take a seat on a stool at the front of the Great Hall as Professor Weasley places the Sorting Hat on your head. 

The Hat then discusses how unusual it is that you are an older student before asking a question. You will then be given two options to answer said question, leading the Hat to come to a decision based on your answers. For the first you should look to answer:

“I can’t wait to start classes.”

Question 2

That response will prompt the Hat to think and sense a certain something within you. As a result, the outcomes from your response are shown below.

  • Gryffindor: Daring
  • Ravenclaw: Curiosity
  • Hufflepuff: Loyalty
  • Slytherin: Ambition

Choosing your House

House Choice

The Hogwarts Legacy Sorting Hat has decided your fate with a House but if you prefer another, not to worry. After showing you the House the Hat believes you belong to, there are two options you have available: you can accept the House chosen by the Hat by pressing Square or X to continue OR press Circle or B to choose between the other three Houses to suit your own preference.

What happens next?

Hogwarts Legacy Sorting Hat - House Slytherin

Upon choosing your desired House you will receive a trophy acknowledging your accomplishment “The Sort Who Makes an Entrance.” Professor Weasley will then change your generic Hogwarts robe into that of your House colours and escort you to your relevant unique dormitory and equip you with the required password to gain access. 

You will then be allowed access to the common room where you will meet some prominent figures in the main storyline whom you can speak to and get to know a little about them.

So now that you know everything about the Hogwarts Legacy Sorting Hat ceremony, all you need to do now is decide which House your loyalty lies with. Stick with Outsider Gaming for more Hogwarts Legacy contents.





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