How to Get Icon Swaps in FIFA 23

A player doesn’t need to play for their country to participate in Path to Glory but doing so will help them grow.

How to Get Icon Swaps in FIFA 23? Complete Guide

It is anticipated that Icon Swaps will be made available on FIFA 23 Ultimate Team on December 14,2022, and they will be made available in series throughout the season.

ICON Swaps are a way to get certain icons for Base, Mid, and Prime Icon Players in exchange for Player Tokens in FIFA Ultimate Team. In the Ultimate Team, these player tokens are obtained by completing swapped objectives. To implement this strategy, you will first need to collect Icon Swap Tokens from Objectives, and then you will need to exchange those tokens for the Icons that best suit your play style.

A predetermined quantity of unique tokens is required to perform each icon swap successfully. To get tokens, you must do different things. You can trade tokens for a certain icon card when you have enough tokens.

It is believed that icon swaps will be available in the following three series:

  • Icon Swaps, Beginning January 1, 2022, and Ending December 31, 2022,
  • Icon Exchanges 2 will take place in February of 2023.
  • The Third Icon Swap will
    take place in April 2023.

It is anticipated that FIFA 23 will contain more than 110 icons, including some brand-new icons. This page will soon have a complete list of all the heroes in FIFA 23.

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You can cast votes for your preferred Icon players and make suggestions to EA about including them in the FIFA 23 game. The FIFA 23 Icon Voting Poll website is where you can now cast your vote.

After being withdrawn, icon moments are no longer available in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. The Icon Moment player card type has been replaced in FUT 23 with a new card type known as campaign icons…

EA Sports issued various World Cup promo teams, which are:

  • Upgrades based on a country’s performance in the tournament (Path to Glory).
  • Superior renditions of important Hero cards, with artwork from Marvel Comics.
  • Iconic players in their prime who have helped make a significant impact on the World Cup.
  • A squad of players in peak shape, all of whom have made significant strides in their quest to reach the World Cup.
  • Upgrades to the World Cup greats’ fashionable wardrobes.
  • World Cup Phenoms have enhanced trading cards featuring the best young players in the World Cup, corresponding to Future Stars.

The Path to Glory features a variety of game play modes from the most recent European Championship as well as prior World Cups. EA has created a team of players whose individual ratings will increase proportionally to their team’s success. Route to qualification:

  • 85 overall, 3* talents, 4* weak foot
  • Group qualification: 85 > 86
  • Win +1 in-form upgrade; 86 > 87
  • Win 5* foot upgrade quarterfinals
  • Win 5* skill upgrade in semis
  • World Cup win: +1 in-form upgrade, 3 new

A player doesn’t need to play for their country to participate in Path to Glory but doing so will help them grow.

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