Why the Depiction of Jack Grealish FIFA 23 is Stirring Up Controversy

Jack Grealish in FIFA 23 Complete Guide

Oh, Jack Grealish, you were done dirty in FIFA 23. Yes, this article is starting with an apology to Manchester City Football Club’s star player. If you’ve ever seen a picture of Grealish, you’ll know that he has a very distinctive appearance, wearing his long, well-coiffed hair out of his eyes as he plays using an athletic headband. And, yeah, he’s pretty easy on the eyes.

But not in FIFA 23, according to Evening Standard.

He’s fun to play as, sure, but when you pull up a screengrab of his rendered face in the game… it’s not good.

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Grealish gets the same rating as FIFA 22 card

Grealish’s FIFA 23 card is the same as what he got in FIFA 22. He has an 84 rating for potential, a high attacking work rate, a medium defensive work rate, and four stars for his skill moves. His traits are that he is a technical dribbler, a playmaker, and flair. His right foot is his preferred foot.

FIFA 23 Player Jack Grealish Complete Guide

That hairstyle, though

While Grealish makes for a good left winger, his rendering in the game is less than impressive. He is one of the pro footballers who is eager to play FIFA each year, so you can imagine his utter disappointment when he saw how poorly his face had been rendered.

While the hair looks somewhat realistic, it is pulled back to reveal a face that does not really resemble Grealish’s.

The internet reacts

Fans took to the internet to react to the rendering of Grealish’s face. They agree that this rendering looks nothing like the man himself and that EA Sports really dropped the ball on this one.

Of course, fans of England’s rivals had a good chuckle about it, stating that he “looks finished just like Messi” and jokingly saying he looks true to reality.

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Jack Grealish reacts to his likeness

Grealish, however, isn’t as enthralled about how he has been depicted. He even shared a screenshot on his Instagram account with the caption “Nah cmon man, @EASPORTSFIFA. Look like that geeza out of Toy Story!!!!!” (He’s referring to the large-headed villain Sid, in case you were wondering.)

From there, fans photoshopped Sid’s head onto Grealish’s in-game body, and honestly, there isn’t much of a difference.

Jack Grealish’s FIFA 23 rating card makes him a versatile player, But his artistic rendering leaves something to be desired. At least the Internet trolls can have fun meme-ifying this EA blunder.

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