King Legacy: Best Fruit for Grinding

Here are the top five fruit for grinding in King Legacy.

King Legacy: Best Fruit for Grinding

Blox Fruits, one the of Roblox’s best-known games, immerses players in a world influenced by the most famous RPGs. Your skills in this game can be affected mostly by the Fruit you have equipped, offering a variety of setups and compositions, but not all Fruits are created equal, and some are superior in particular ways. 

In King Legacy, having Blox Fruits on hand is very important for grinding. Devil Fruits are fruits that, when consumed, grant the user a skill that may fall into one of three categories: Paramecia, Zoan, and Logia. The only drawback of consuming a Devil Fruit is that the player will lose their ability to swim, so extended journeys will require alternate modes of transportation such as boats, airplanes, or ice routes.  

Below, you will find the best fruit for grinding in King Legacy.

1. Dough Fruit

Dough Fruit is the best fruit for grinding in King Legacy. Also known as “Mochi Mochi no Mi,” this is a historic, special Logia-type fruit which transforms the player’s body into a sticky material like dough. It is regarded as one of the finest fruits within the game and is well renowned for its efficiency and utility in grinding and PvP. The combination of highest damage, quick cooldown, effective stuns, and extended range make this fruit particularly effective at grinding. In order to defeat airborne fruits, Dough Fruit has to possess extremely high levels of ability which in turns to be its weakest point. This fruit looks like a doughnut having a stem on its top. 

Dough fruit is available for purchase on the black market for $5,700,000 and ten diamonds. Furthermore, buying it from Blox Fruit merchant costs $2,800,000. 

2. Magma Fruit

Magma Fruit, also known as “Magu Magu no Mi,” resembles an apple formed of molten rock that is covered in scorching orange and scarlet magma. The fruit is distinct in appearance and is perfect for grinding due to its great destructive power and because of its affordable pricing.

Magma Fruit can convert the player’s body to magma, transforming them into a magma person. It features great damaging abilities and a slow-moving flight. It requires five energies in one puddle to passively create little lava puddles that the user can walk on when the Magma powers are awakened. This ability allows the user to float on water. Additionally, because it is a Paramecia, certain NPCs are immune to the effects. It’s a great fruit for raiding and grinding. A little expertise is required to expertly use Magma Fruit. 

You can find Magma Fruit in the game or buy it from the Gacha or the Black Market by spending $1,950,000 with two Gems. Additionally, you can also purchase this from Blox Fruit Dealer with a price tag of $850,000. 

3. Flame Fruit

Flame Fruit, also known as “Mera Mera no Mi,” is a Logia-type Devil Fruit with a spherical, orange shape that is made up of several flame-shaped parts with swirl designs on each one, having a wavy stem at the top. High burning damage and knockback make it good for grinding.

It transforms the player into a Flame Human by enabling them to produce, command, and change into fire at whim. Depending on the range of attack, the fruit’s power to convert a user into flame has the additional consequence of burning an adversary. The attacks travel too slowly to strike any players, although this isn’t an issue while battling NPCs, which is its major flaw. 

You can find Flame Fruit under plant or tree, or buy it from Black Market or Gacha with a price of $2,300,000 plus three Gems. Moreover, a Devil Fruit Supplier charges $250,000 Beli. 

4. Light Fruit

Light Fruit, also called as “Pika Pika No Mi,” is a fruit in the Logia family that transforms the player’s body into light, turning them into light humans. It is fantastic for grinding because it offers good damage and fast flight. Light Fruit is the fruit that is utilized the most throughout the game because of its powerful combinations that aid in grinding. This fruit has long-range, AOE strikes that deliver greater damage to your adversary, as well as a sword. A regular person could fight almost everyone who cannot use Haki as well as escape from almost everyone if they consumed the Light Fruit. 

It has very little chance to be found under plant or tree. However, the Light Fruit can be bought from the Gacha or from Black Market by spending $2,400,000 and three Gems while $650,000 is the price from Fruit Dealer. 

5. Ice Fruit

“Hie Hie no Mi,” additionally known as Ice Fruit, is categorized as a Paramecia Fruit that transforms the user into a Frozen Human by giving them the ability to generate, manipulate, and change into ice. It features several stuns strikes that are helpful for boss fights, raids, and eventually making it effective when grinding NPCs. It renders the person immune to NPCs. Additionally, there is no longer a need for a boat because it also allows the player to run on the surface of water. The Ice Fruit is a fantastic option for newcomers and anybody who wants to grind. 

You may buy Ice Fruit from a Blox Fruit merchant for $350,000. You can also purchase it from Black Market by paying $1,200,000 plus one Gem. 

Now you know the best fruits for grinding in King Legacy. Find which fruits combinations work best for your grinding purposes!

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