Knockout City: Complete Controls Guide for PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One

Get to grips with the controls set-up for Knockout City: the new dodgeball action game published by Electronic Arts.

Releasing in the form of a cross-platform open beta in April, with a full release slated for 21 May 2021, Knockout City seeks to deliver fast-paced, all-terrain dodgeball action.

The Velan Studios-developed title comes with a fair few moves for you to deploy, from traversing the world to throwing the ball, allowing you to take on your opponents as you see fit.

With plenty of options while in possession and without, these are the Knockout City controls that you need to know to master this free-flowing game of dodgeball.

In these Knockout City controls, you’ll find the left and right analogue listed as (L) and (R), and the directions on the d-pad of each console controller as Left, Right, Up, and Down. Pressing either analogue to activate the button is shown as L3 or R3.

Knockout City controls on PS4, PS5, Switch, and Xbox consoles

Easy to pick-up, but with plenty of variant moves to learn, the Knockout City controls below will see you through the action when you have and haven’t got a ball to hand.

KO City ControlsPS4 / PS5 ControlsSwitch ControlsXbox One / X|S Controls
Move Player(L)(L)(L)
Move Camera(R)(R)(R)
Use GliderX (in midair)B (in midair)A (in midair)
Close GliderX (with Glider open)B (with Glider open)A (with Glider open)
Double JumpX, O/TriangleB, A/XA, B/Y
Dodge(L) + Square(L) + Y(L) + X
Pick-up Ball (empty-handed)(L) towards ball(L) towards ball(L) towards ball
Drop BallLeftLeftLeft
Lock-on to OpponentR2 (hold)ZR (hold)RT (hold)
Throw BallR2ZRRT
Charge ThrowR2 (hold and release)ZR (hold and release)RT (hold and release)
Cancel ThrowL3 / Square / L2L3 / Y / ZRL3 / X / LT
Fake ThrowR2, R3ZR, R3RT, R3
Lob ShotR2 (hold), Triangle, R2 (release immediately)ZR (hold), X, ZR (release immediately)RT (hold), Y, RT (release immediately)
Curve ShotR2 (hold), O, R2 (release immediately)ZR (hold), A, ZR (release immediately)RT (hold), B, RT (release immediately)
Tackle OpponentSquareYX
Deflect Incoming BallSquare (towards ball)Y (towards ball)X (towards ball)
Catch Incoming BallL2ZLLT
Perfect CatchL2 (last possible moment)ZL (last possible moment)LT (last possible moment)
Charge PassL1 (hold and release)L (hold and release)LB (hold and release)
Reflect PassL1LLB
Call “Here” (without a ball)L1LLB
Enter BallformR1 (hold)R (hold)RB (hold)
Pick-up and Throw Ballform playerR2 (hold and release)ZR (hold and release)RT (hold and release)
Charge a Ballform ThrowR2 (hold)ZR (hold)RT (hold)
Control Charged Trajectory(L)(L)(L)
Call “Throw Me” (in Ballform)R2ZRRT
Taunt OpponentsUpUpUp
EmotesUp / Left / Down / RightUp / Left / Down / RightUp / Left / Down / Right

How to get Overcharge in Knockout City

You can get Overcharge tiers by receiving a Pass (getting the ball while empty-handed from a teammate who pressed L1/L/LB to pass to you) or by performing a Perfect Catch.

The Knockout City controls for a Perfect Catch are the same as the controls for a regular catch, but you need to time the pressing of L2/ZL/LT to make the catch at the last possible moment.

You can also perform quick one-two passes for a faster Overcharge tier by passing the ball (L1/L/LB) to a teammate with a ball, and then they can reflect it straight back by pressing L1/L/LB.

Receiving a pass – which is done automatically – will give you Overcharge, but it can’t push your Overcharge bar beyond Tier 1. A Perfect Catch will add a tier to your Overcharge and can charge you up to Tier 6.

Getting into Overcharge will allow you to throw the ball faster in Knockout City, giving opponents less time to dodge or catch your throws. When you have four or more tiers of Overcharge, the ball will become Supercharged, making your throws incredibly fast.

What do the special balls do in Knockout City?

There are several specialist balls to use in Knockout City, ranging from ones that impact your movement to others that can deal huge amounts of damage.

Find the special balls at the ball spawners randomly on each map; most of them require the same Knockout City controls for throwing as regular balls.

  • Moon Ball: While holding the Moon Ball, you can jump higher and hit opponents further.
  • Sniper Ball: Hold R2/ZR/RT to target long-range opponents, keeping the aim on them for a Full-Lock. Release the aim with Full-Lock charged to throw a super-fast shot with the Sniper Ball.
  • Cage Ball: The Cage Ball traps anyone it hits in the Ballform, caging them in the form for a set period of time that cannot be shortened. The Ballform players can be picked up and thrown.
  • Bomb Ball: The Bomb Ball detonates on impact, hitting everyone within its explosion range – which includes your teammates and yourself.

The Knockout City controls on the PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox X|S, and Xbox One are clear-cut and fairly simple, but offer enough variety for you to try some different techniques in the dodgeball-derived game.

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