Madden 21: Best WR Abilities

Here are the top five wide receiver abilities and how to best utilize them to maximize your offense.

Knowing the strengths of your receivers is one thing; looking to maximize the potential of some of the best is another. Here, we’re going through the very best wide receiver abilities and how they will impact your gameplay.

With so many different WRs available, you would be forgiven for thinking that they all do the same thing or act in the same way. However, with the multitude of Superstars and Superstar X-Factors, this is where we see the major differences in the abilities of players that will turn your offense into a feared juggernaut.

5. Short In Elite / Short Out Elite

Whether you are looking to gain four yards on third down or simply trying to get the ball into your best playmaker’s hands, a combination of the Short In Elite or Short Out Elite is the way to go. Both are focused on your receivers gaining improved catches either inside (In) or outside (Out) of the numbers, regardless of where they are lined up.

The emphasis of these abilities is to find separation on a short route, looking to make a quick catch and secure a first down. From there, you can simply get out of bounds to stop the clock, or potentially catch a defense slacking and turn the ball up field with a relatively low-risk pass.

4. Deep Out Elite

When you are really looking to target poor coverage or capitalize on your run game with play-action, Deep Out Elite is a fantastic way to get the ball to your star wide receiver. With this ability, players have improved catching on deep passes (20+ yards) outside the numbers.

Having this ability can break open a defense and increase the chances of your wide receiver finding the end zone from anywhere on the field. Not only that, but it can set you up to get out of play and stop the clock if you are chasing a late field goal to win a game.

3. Grab-N-Go

Trying to break down a stubborn secondary, or even beat them over the top? Then this ability is one to look towards as it will let your players’ stats shine on the field. This pairs nicely with some of the others on this list as it looks to maximize the abilities of your wide receivers and ensure that they can increase their yardage with the ball in their hands.

This ability offers quicker turning and change-of-direction after a RAC catch, which, when thinking about the potential of a short-yardage pass, can be the difference between a player taking the lead pass into the end zone from anywhere on the field or not.

Grab-N-Go specialists will usually have fantastic speed, meaning that there is very little chance of stopping them once they’ve broken through coverage.

2. Red Zone Threat

Getting to the red zone is easy, but how can you score with a defense stacked within 20 yards of one another and sitting in the end zone? Red Zone Threat is one way to look as it offers your wide receiver improved catching versus single coverage in the red zone.

Usually coupled with a big-bodied or physically talented player, this will offer your offense a mismatch to target if the coverage is correct, giving you a greater chance of converting your red zone trips into touchdowns.

1. Slot-O-Matic

When you are really trying to create a mismatch anywhere on the field, Slot-O-Matic is the way to go. Placing a wide receiver with considerable talents in the slot will usually line the player up with a nickel cornerback or a linebacker, meaning that ratings alone will put the odds in your favor.

This ability offers better cuts and catching on short slot routes, which, regardless of whether you are a skilled Madden player or a beginner, Slot-O-Matic offers tremendous upside to any player. Not only will they possibly be your best player on the field, but the ability makes it is easy to track the run as it is in the middle of the field.

If you’re unable to read the play, or your star wide receiver is outside of the numbers and covered, your slot receiver will be there as a contingency option. However, don’t just think that this is simply a fall-back option, as it can be your primary option to turn those short-yardage plays into touchdowns.

If you want to maximize your offense and put the defense on the back foot, be sure to use the best WR abilities in Madden 21. That said, don’t be afraid to familiarize yourself with all of the abilities, develop your own playstyle, and become the most feared offense in the league.

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