Madden 21 Ratings by Team for all 32 NFL Franchises

Here are all of the Madden 21 team ratings for every NFL franchise.

It goes without saying, but if you want to play as the best team in the world on Madden 21, you’ll want to pick one of the NFL franchises.

The offseason has been action-packed, with so many colossal stars moving around the league.

Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, Rob Gronkowski, DeForest Buckner, Calais Campbell, Kyle Van Noy, Trent Williams, DeAndre Hopkins, Stefon Diggs, and Austin Hooper all changed teams, not to mention the top draftees vying to make a name for themselves.

On this page, you’ll be able to find the overall, offense, and defense ratings of each NFL team in Madden 21.

All Madden 21 Ratings by Team

EA Sports’ method of calculating team ratings isn’t always clear, with particularly strong teams in the league sometimes being underrated in Madden.

In the table below, all 32 NFL teams are ranked by their overall rating, but you can also find their offense and defense ratings.

TeamOverall RatingOffense RatingDefense Rating
New Orleans Saints858883
Baltimore Ravens848584
San Francisco 49ers848583
Philadelphia Eagles838780
Dallas Cowboys838581
Tampa Bay Buccaneers838483
Kansas City Chiefs828877
Indianapolis Colts828480
Pittsburgh Steelers828381
Las Vegas Raiders818577
Cleveland Browns818479
Green Bay Packers818479
New England Patriots818183
Buffalo Bills818183
Los Angeles Chargers817985
Seattle Seahawks818083
Chicago Bears807983
Tennessee Titans808180
Minnesota Vikings808081
Houston Texans808080
Los Angeles Rams798079
Atlanta Falcons798079
Arizona Cardinals797980
Carolina Panthers788076
New York Giants788076
Jacksonville Jaguars787977
New York Jets787580
Denver Broncos787681
Cincinnati Bengals787681
Detroit Lion777779
Washington Redskins777580
Miami Dolphins757379

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