Madden 23: Best WR Build for Face of the Franchise

Here is the best WR build for Face of the Franchise in Madden 23.

It cannot be stressed enough that the modern NFL is a passing league. Quarterbacks and wide receivers are the focus of every offense nowadays. Most teams have at least two solid options at receiver to keep up. Madden 23 provides a variety of options to create the player to fit your personal playstyle. As such, in this article, we will be going more extensive by looking at the Best WR Build Madden 23 for face of the franchise.

Best deep threat wide receiver build overview

  • Position: WR
  • Height, Weight: 5’10’’, 180 lbs
  • Physique: Agile
  • Skills to prioritize: Route Running, Pocket Presence, Throw on the Run
  • X-factor: Mossed
  • Superstar Abilities: Deep Out Elite, Red Zone Threat, Speed

Deep threat wide receiver strengths and weaknesses

Wide Receiver Strengths and Weaknesses - Best WR Build Madden 23

Having a great deep threat receiver on offense is the easiest way to spread out a defense. Any type of man-to-man defense will become less effective, which will open underneath passes as well as the running game. Deep threat receivers are able to catch complex passes with ease. The only weakness is that speed usually comes on a smaller frame, which sacrifices strength. Passes in the middle of the field aren’t ideal for this build.

Wide receiver physique

Wide Receiver Physique - Best WR Build Madden 23

Wide receivers with Agile Physiques are usually the fastest and most athletic. Smaller size and weight allow them to run past everyone, but don’t expect to break too many tackles as they have a tendency to go down easily. The counter to that is elusiveness and the ability to make spectacular athletic catches. Wideouts with Agile Physiques can be easy to tackle, but they are extremely hard to guard.   

Wide receiver build skills

Wide Receiver Build Skills - Best WR Build Madden 23

Face of the Franchise mode uses skill groups that represent one or more individual skills. Upgrading the skill group increases each individual skill included in the group. The initial skill rating will change depending on the current player’s physique.

Players can be upgraded to 99, but the maximum rating level of individual skills will be limited to the current physique. Skill points are earned from side activities, in-game challenges, and the completion of goals. Upgrade your player based on your style of play and player type. You can preview changes in overall ratings by highlighting additional skill points. You also have the option to reset all skills and abilities. 

  • Catching Max: 15 skill points
    • Max skill rating: 95
  • Catch in Traffic Max: 15 skill points
    • Max skill rating: 91
  • Spectacular Catch Max: 15 skill points
    • Max skill rating: 95
  • Route Running Max: 9 skill points
    • Max skill rating: 95
  • Elusive Running Max: 9 skill points
    • Max skill rating: 90
  • Power Running Max: 9 skill points
    • Max skill rating: 72

70 Total Skill Points Needed for Max.


Abilities - Best WR Build Madden 23

Abilities are unlocked as you progress to new levels in the game. The Yard ability is only available in the Yard mode. Below are all the abilities that can be unlocked.

  • X-Factors (unlocked at level 2): Mossed, YAC ‘Em Up, RAC ‘Em Up
  • Abilities 1 (unlocked at level 5): Mid In Elite, Deep Out Elite, Deep In Elite
  • Abilities 2 (unlocked at level 10): Red Zone Threat, Slot-O-Matic, Grab-N-Go
  • Abilities 3 (unlocked at level 15): Jump, Strength, Speed (+5 points)
  • The Yard (unlocked at level 20): Tackle, Pass Accuracy, Throw Power (increases ratings to 84)
  • 99 Club (unlocked at level 30): Spectacular Catch, Catch in Traffic, Catching (+4 points)

Below are the best abilities you should equip for the best deep threat wide receiver build.

X-Factor: Mossed

Mossed just about guarantees success on aggressive catches over 55+ yards. This ability is named after Randy Moss, arguably the best deep threat in the history of the NFL. It’s a no-brainer for the build.

Ability 1: Deep Out Elite

Deep Out Elite improves a player’s catching on deep passes outside the numbers. The majority of deep passes are thrown along the sideline rather than in the middle of the field. Catching fly and go routes is the bread and butter of a deep threat receiver.

Ability 2: Red Zone Threat

Red Zone Threat improves catching against single coverage in the red zone. Although the field is shortened, defenses are likely to play man coverage to stop the run and passes underneath. This will leave your deep threat receiver in single coverage with a major speed advantage.

Ability 3: Jump

Jump increases your player’s rating by five points. This will give your wide receiver an acrobatic boost in jump ball situations.

Yard: Pass Accuracy

The Pass Accuracy ratings boost is ideal for an Agile Physique. The speed and athleticism of the build are complementary when lined up as a quarterback or defensive back.

99 Club: Spectacular Catch

The Spectacular Catch gives a player the ability to attempt highlight catches as well as increases the chance at making the catch. This is perfect for a deep threat receiver on 50/50 balls.

Possession wide receiver abilities

These are the best abilities to select for a receiver with a Balanced Physique.

Wide receiver abilities

X-Factor: Rac ‘Em Up

The RAC ‘Em Up ability increases the chances of catching the ball in stride against single coverage. Possession receivers have great hands and route running ability to make up for the lack of breakaway speed.

Abilities 1: Deep In Elite

Deep In Elite improves a player’s catching on deep passes inside the numbers. Possession receivers are known for running routes in the middle of the field. Post and in routes are the best plays to maximize this ability.

Abilities 2: Slot-O-Matic

Slot-O-Matic grants better cuts and catching on short slot routes. Deep threat receivers are usually lined up outside while possession receivers spend a decent amount of time in the slot. This ability enhances the natural skill set of this physique. When combined with Deep In Elite, you know have boosted skills in each zone of the field.

Abilities 3: Speed

Speed increases your player’s Speed rating by five points. This will allow for even more separation from defenders after the first move as well as additional yards after the catch. 

Yard: Throw Power

A Balanced Physique has only average strength. This ability boosts the Strength rating to 84. This will help when lined up as QB in Yard mode. 

99 Club: Catch In Traffic

Possession receivers are known for having great hands and showing no fear in crowds. Boost your wide receiver’s skill rating to a maximum of 97 with this ability. It’s a match made in heaven for this type of receiver. 

Tight end abilities

These are the best abilities to select for a Bruiser Physique.

X-Factor: Yac ‘Em Up

This Yac ‘Em Up ability increases the chance to break the first post-catch tackle. Tight ends aren’t usually the fastest players on the field, but they do have a lot of size. This ability capitalizes on the size of the Bruiser Physique. 

Abilities 1: Mid In Elite

Tight ends aren’t typically the primary receivers, and they don’t necessarily run the same type of routes as a wideout. Mid In Elite improves catching on medium passes inside the numbers. A majority of the routes a tight end runs are in this zone of the field. 

Abilities 2: Grab-N-Go

Tight ends run a lot of curl and comeback routes and come to a stop to catch a pass. Grab-N-Go is helpful in these situations by granting quicker turning and change of direction after a RAC catch.  

Abilities 3: Strength rating

  • This increases your player’s Strength rating by five points. Tight ends are big boys and usually have to fight against huge defenders at the line of scrimmage. A strength boost will help them roll off defenders and get into their route.

Yard: Tackle

Boosting Tackle and Hit Power to 84 is the perfect addition in the Yard for the Bruiser Physique. Their size makes them inclined to overpower defenders. 

99 Club: Catching

Although tight ends are used more and more like receivers, catching isn’t their only job. This ability gives a four-point rating boost in that area. 

Deep threat receivers are the most exciting type of wide receivers in football. They make spectacular catches and can alter the entire game plan for an opposing defense. Possession receivers also play their part due to their reliability and great hands. Tight ends can serve almost as a secret weapon as they pose a dual threat as a blocker and receiver. Use the parameters above to build the wide receiver that matches your play style as well as maximizes their physique. 

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