Madden 24: Fastest Players

Catch me if you can on the way to the end zone! Here are the top ten fastest players in Madden 24.

Madden 24 Fastest Players

There are three things to remember when it comes to speed in Madden 24: speed kills, speed kills, and speed kills. No matter how hard a defender can tackle, it’s irrelevant if they are ten yards behind. A receiver’s ability to catch the ball is futile if he can’t create any separation from a blazing-fast cornerback. 

The NFL has many athletes that run like a cheetah, but speed at times comes with tradeoffs that need to be considered. Fast players are typically smaller and weaker than other players on the field. Be very meticulous about the fit with the rest of your team when picking players based on this attribute. 

Below, you will read:

  • Madden 24’s fastest players by speed rating as of August 30, 2023
  • Why each of Madden 24’s fastest players pose a threat to opposing teams
  • 2023 stats for each of Madden 24’s fastest players

1. Tyreek Hill – 99 SPD (Miami Dolphins)

Madden 24 Fastest Players Tyreek Hill

Position: Wide Receiver
Overall: 98
Age: 29
Best Ratings in Madden 24: 99 Speed, 99 Acceleration, 99 Change of Direction

Tyreek Hill’s speed is the main reason he is 98 OVR in Madden 24. He effectively maxes out in every attribute regarding moving with or without the ball. Hills has 99 Speed, 99 Acceleration, and a 99 Change of Direction rating that reflects his ability to move fast and quickly with no chance of catching him. Hill’s quickness is also displayed by his 98 Juke Move and 95 Release ratings. He can cut quickly and fool defenders with double moves. 

During the 2022 Season, Hill had career highs in receptions and yards with 119 catches for 1,710 yards and seven touchdowns. He played one game in the playoffs and recorded seven catches for 69 yards in a loss. 

2. Jaylen Waddle – 98 SPD (Miami Dolphins)

Madden 24 Fastest Players Jaylen Waddle

Position: Wide Receiver
Overall: 88
Age: 24
Best Ratings in Madden 24: 98 Speed, 97 Acceleration, 97 Agility

Jaylen Waddle is a speedy receiver who wreaks havoc in the opponent’s red zone. Waddle is extremely athletic with 98 Speed, 97 Acceleration, and  90 Jumping attributes. Receivers with his skill set consistently burn defenders and can elevate in the air for deep high passes. His speed and quickness show up after the catch as well, Waddle rates 96 for Change of Direction, 89 for Juke Move, and 85 for Spin Move. 

Last year, Waddle caught 75 passes for both career highs of 1,356 yards and eight touchdowns. His longest reception of the year was an 84-yard touchdown, setting the record for the longest play during an NFL Christmas game. 

3. Tariq Woolen – 98 SPD (Seattle Seahawks)

Madden 24 Fastest Players Tariq Woolen

Position: Cornerback
Overall: 83
Age: 24
Best Ratings in Madden 24: 98 Speed, 96 Acceleration, 95 Jumping

Tariq Woolen breaks the mold of wide receivers on the list, making him the fastest defensive player in Madden 24. Woolen has a Speed rating of 98 and an Acceleration rating of 96. Combining his speed with his athletic attributes, such as 95 Jumping and 92 Stamina, means that Woolen can keep up with almost any receiver and won’t tire out on deep routes or the chase down after the catch. 

Last year was Woolen’s rookie season and he shot right out the gate with 46 tackles, six interceptions, and a defensive touchdown. Woolen tied for first in interceptions and made the Pro Bowl. Not a bad year for a rookie. 

4.  Jameson Williams – 98 SPD (Detroit Lions)

Madden 24 Fastest Players Jameson Williams

Position: Wide Receiver
Overall: 79
Age: 22
Best Ratings in Madden 24: 98 Speed, 95 Acceleration, 94 Change of Direction

Jameson Williams combines speed with elusiveness to scare defensive secondaries. He has 98 Speed and 95 Acceleration ratings. Williams can start and stop on a dime, reflected by his 94 Change of Direction and 84 Juke Move ratings. He is also a solid long ball threat with a rating of 80 in Catch, Spectacular Catch, and Deep Route Running attributes. 

In 2022, Williams was injured for most of the season and had one reception for 41 yards and one touchdown. Williams was suspended for six games on April 21, 2023 for violating the NFL’s gambling policy. 

5. Marquise Brown – 97 SPD (Arizona Cardinals)

Madden 24 Fastest Players Marquise Brown

Position: Wide Receiver
Overall: 84
Age: 26
Best Ratings in Madden 24: 97 Speed, 96 Agility, 94 Acceleration

Marquise Brown is a flat-out playmaker. Brown making this list means he is amongst the fastest players in the league, which is reflected by his 97 Speed and 94 Acceleration attribute ratings. Brown also has 90 Catching, 90 Juke Move, and 92 Change of Direction attribute ratings. He is extremely fast and hard to get to after the catch which leads to Brown consistently extending plays. 

In the 2022 season, Brown caught  67 passes for 709 yards and three touchdowns. He missed five games due to injury last year, but is being promoted to the number one receiver this upcoming season. 

6. DJ Turner – 97 SPD(Cincinnati Bengals)

Madden 24 Fastest Players DJ Turner II

Position: Cornerback
Overall: 73
Age: 22
Best Ratings in Madden 24:  98 Acceleration, 97 Speed, 93 Change of Direction

DJ Turner II is the opposite of the type of corner that can be taken advantage of by forcing the defense into man coverage. His speed and athletic ability make it nearly impossible to create a mismatch against him. Turner has 98 Acceleration, 97 Speed, and 93 Change of Direction attributes. His 91 Jumping score, bundled with Agility and Awareness attribute ratings of 92, reflects that he stays on the hip of the receiver and has no issues with contesting passes.

Turner was drafted in the second round, 60th overall by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2023 NFL Draft. He made Second-Team All-Big Ten in 2022 while playing for the University of Michigan. 

7. Quez Watkins – 97 SPD (Philadelphia Eagles)

Madden 24 Fastest Players Quez Watkins

Position: Wide Receiver
Overall: 75
Age: 25
Best Ratings in Madden 24: 97 Speed, 95 Acceleration, 87 Jumping

Quez Watkins is a serious deep threat at receiver. Watkins is average in most aspects of the game, but his 97 Speed and 95 Acceleration more than compensate for anywhere he lacks. His athleticism is also reflected by his 87 Jumping and 85 Catch attributes, which makes him a great receiver to add and can serve as a decoy to keep the defense honest in coverage schemes. 

Watkins caught 33 passes for 354 yards and three touchdowns in eight starts during the regular season. In Super Bowl LVII, Watkins caught two balls for 35 yards, but had an untimely drop in the red zone that led to a field goal in the loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. 

8. Anthony Schwartz – 96 SPD (Cleveland Browns)

Madden 24 Fastest Players Anthony Schwartz

Position: Wide Receiver
Overall: 68
Age: 22
Best Ratings in Madden 24: 96 Speed, 95 Acceleration, 85 Change of Direction

Anthony Schwartz has the speed and quickness to be an exceptional playmaker, but leaves a lot to desire when it comes to catching the ball. Schwartz has 96 Speed and 95 Acceleration attributes and is capable of getting behind the defense and serving as a decoy for underneath passes or to open up the running game. 

Schwartz appeared in 11 games and started in one during the 2022 season. He recorded four receptions for 51 yards and no touchdowns. The Browns waived him due to injury on August 27, 2023. 

9. Kalon Barnes – 96 SPD (Minnesota Vikings)

Madden 24 Fastest Players Kalon Barnes

Position: Cornerback
Overall: 64
Age: 24
Best Ratings in Madden 24: 96 Speed, 93 Acceleration, 93 Jumping

Kalen Brown is a great man-to-man cornerback based on his skill set. His 96 Speed, 93 Acceleration, and 82 Change of Direction allow him to prevent being burned by receivers and being caught off guard by double moves. Barnes is also great at contesting catches and being in position, reflected by his 93 Jumping and 86 Awareness ratings. 

Barnes ran the second fastest time for the 40-yard dash at the 2022 combine since electronic timing, but only spent time on the practice squad for the Miami Dolphins. Barnes signed to the Vikings practice squad before being waived on August 28. 2023. 

10. Tyquan Thorton – 96 SPD (New England Patriots)

Madden 24 Fastest Players Tyquan Thornton

Position: Wide Receiver
Overall: 70
Age: 23
Best Ratings in Madden 24: 96 Speed, 91 Acceleration, 89 Jumping

Tyquan Thorton has top-tier speed, above-average athleticism, and a decent pair of hands culminating in a dangerous deep threat. His 96 Speed, 91 Acceleration, and 84 Change of Direction allow him to create separation and force defensive backs to pay attention to him on every passing down. Once Thorton is open, he uses his 89 Jumping and 84 Catching ability to secure the ball and help the quarterback with a larger ball placement area by elevating over defenders to make receptions. 

In the 2022 season, Thornton appeared in 13  games, but started in only nine of them. He caught 22 passes for 247 yards and two touchdowns as well as rushing for an additional score. He became the first Patriots wide receiver since Deion Branch to have a receiving and rushing touchdown in the same game. 

There you have the ten fastest players in Madden 24. There is no surprise that the list is all cornerbacks and wide receivers as speed is a big component of their jobs. When deciding what players to pick, make sure to weigh what you are giving up for speed and make sure that the rest of your team can pick up the weaker areas in a player whose main advantage is being extremely fast.

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