Madden 22: Best Linebacker (LB) Abilities

We’ve got the five best linebacker abilities in Madden 22, so you can create a dominant core defense to neutralize your opponent.

Linebackers are the most versatile defensive players in Madden 22. They give support to the defensive line on running plays, carry most of the responsibility for blitzing, and have the job of covering running backs and receivers in the passing game.

The best way to get the most out of your linebacker corps is to use the abilities provided in Madden 22 to enhance the skill set of your players. As the backbone of your defense, you want to give your linebackers the best chance to take advantage of the offense and to also aim to mitigate any weaknesses in certain areas. 

With that in mind, here are the best abilities for linebackers in Madden 22.

1. Edge Threat Elite 

Madden 22 Chandler Jones Best LB Abilities

The game of football is won in the trenches, and the best LB abilities in Madden 22 help give you the upper hand. Constant pressure on the quarterback will create a ripple effect through the entire defense, and you can take advantage of errant throws caused by hurrying the quarterback.

Doing this will give your defensive back a higher possibility of staying with their receiver, disrupting a throw, or even picking off a pass for a crucial interception. Edge Threat Elite works as a fusion of the Under Pressure and Edge Threat abilities.

It can be incredibly frustrating to deal with a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers who has a quick release and deadly accuracy with no fear to stand up in the pocket. This ability will help you consistently get into the backfield and foil the offense.  

2. Strip Specialist 

Madden 22 Khalil Mack Best LB Abilities

Madden 22 has multiple techniques for tackling the ballcarrier that come with advantages and disadvantages. Specifically, when attempting to strip the ball there is a tackle penalty given in Madden.

There is nothing worse than trying to strip Lamar Jackson on a scramble and not getting a fumble only for that penalty to prevent you from even making the tackle, which can allow a devastatingly dynamic play.

Strip Specialist reduces the tackle penalty and increases the effectiveness of taking down the ball carrier when also attempting to strip the ball. This can pay huge dividends when getting to the quarterback in the backfield, making the difference between a sack and completed pass while lowering the damage from an unsuccessful strip.

3. Lurker 

Madden 22 Lavonte David Best LB Abilities

Quarterbacks need to see you in order to avoid you. Anyone who has played Madden has probably made the mistake of seeing a receiver beat the cornerback on a slant only to pass it to the opposing middle linebacker sitting in a zone defense.

The flip side is that it is also great to be the defense that demoralizes the opposing team with the same tactic. The Lurker ability in Madden 22 gives defenders spectacular catch animations while lurking in middle zones.

Players with this ability will be more likely to make jumping and one-hand catches when the ball is in their vicinity. While the AI can make use of Lurker, it is most effective with user-controlled linebackers.

4. Mid Zone KO 

Madden 22 Eric Kendricks Best LB Abilities

Passes thrown midfield can be very frustrating to defend in Madden 22. An offense with a good tight end or receiving running back will terrorize you, especially if your team is using a zone defense.

For clarity, midfield is considered anything less than twenty yards from the line of scrimmage. With the Mid Zone KO ability, you can give your defender a quicker reaction time to passes thrown over the middle.

Defenders with this ability will also cause more pass knockdowns and tips that can turn into interceptions. Keep in mind that this ability is only effective after 10 yards when defending outside the numbers. 

5. Secure Tackler  

Madden 22 Micah Parsons Best LB Abilities

In a dream Madden world, we would perform a hit stick tackle every play on defense. The advantage is that you have a higher chance of a fumble and it helps with tackling bigger ball carriers, but the disadvantage of hit stick tackles is that it’s easier to miss elusive runners.

Conservative and diving tackles are less risky, but they’re not always as effective on running backs like Derrick Henry. Secure Tackler is exactly the ability it sounds like, as this gives the defender a higher success rate on conservative and diving tackles, which fall outside of using the hit stick.

This Madden 22 is a major asset against the run. On top of that, we recommend giving this to all of your linebackers in order to create a defensive wall to stop the ball carrier and neutralize your opponent’s rushing offense.

Top tips for using Madden 22 LB abilities

Linebackers are the heart and soul of a defense, but there isn’t a position in Madden 22 that will be without deficiencies. Fortunately, the right Madden 22 abilities can help negate those potential weaknesses.

The best Madden 22 LB abilities will increase the success of your tackles, and things like the Lurker ability help you fool quarterbacks right after the snap. Strip Specialist and Edge Threat Elite can lessen some of the risk as you’re looking to create major turnovers.

You’ll have to consider what works best for your chosen defensive scheme and playbook as well as the strengths of the players on your Madden 22 squad, but these linebacker abilities can solidify the core of your defense.

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