Maneater: Protein Digestion (Organ Evolution)

Find all of the details for the Protein Digestion evolution in the game Maneater.

Protein Digestion

The Protein Digestion organ increases the value of eating protein-rich food sources in Maneater. The evolution can be put into any one of your shark’s organ slots.

To unlock the Protein Digestion organ evolution, you need to search Fawtick Bayou and hit the signposts for all ten of its landmarks.

Protein Digestion Official Description

“This evolution increases how many Proteins you gain and Health you heal by feeding.”

How to Unlock Protein Digestion

Gaining access to the Protein Digestion organ evolution comes by hitting landmarks.

In Fawtick Bayou, there are ten landmarks dotted around. You need to find the signposts by the landmarks – which show up in orange when you use your sonar (Layout 1: O or B) – and hit them with any form of attack.

Here’s where to find all of the landmark locations in Fawtick Bayou to unlock Protein Digestion:

Protein Digestion Parameter Boosts

A Tier 5 Protein Digestion boosts your shark with a couple of passive effects as well as the parameter increase shown below:

  • +7 Defence

Each section of a ratings parameter is made up of five points, with there being 20 segments in total per parameter bar. By equipping an organ evolution that gives a +5 rating, the equivalent of one section will be filled.

Protein Digestion Effects and Abilities

The Protein Digestion organ increases the effectiveness of eating prey for Protein collecting and Health restoration with these two passive effects:

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5
Passive: +10% Protein, +10% Health on FeedingPassive: +15% Protein, +15% Health on FeedingPassive: +20% Protein, +20% Health on FeedingPassive: +25% Protein, +25% Health on FeedingPassive: +30% Protein, +30% Health on Feeding
Cost to Upgrade: 6,000 MineralCost to Upgrade: 8,000 MineralCost to Upgrade: 10,000 Mineral and 175 MutagenCost to Upgrade: 12,000 Mineral and 350 MutagenTier 5 is the highest upgrade level

Further Protein Digestion Details

  • Required Age: Pup
  • Icon:
  • Appearance: The Protein Digestion organ evolution doesn’t change your shark’s appearance.
  • Total Upgrade Materials: 36,000 Mineral, 525 Mutagen
  • Set Bonuses: The Protein Digestion organ isn’t part of a set.



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