Maneater: Shadow Teeth (Jaw Evolution)

Find all of the details for the Shadow Teeth jaw evolution in the video game Maneater.

Shadow Teeth

Shadow Teeth are one of the jaw evolutions that you can apply to your shark in Maneater.

Unlocked by swiping every landmark found in Dead Horse Lake, the vampiric Shadow Teeth evolution is a part of the Shadow Set, which offers Max Speed boosts.

Shadow Teeth Official Description

“This evolution drains the blood of prey you bite, healing yourself in the process.”

How to Unlock the Shadow Teeth

To unlock the Shadow Teeth jaw evolution, you’ll need to go to Dead Horse Lake and explore the area to locate all of its landmarks.

In Dead Horse Lake, there are ten landmarks. You can see the signposts more clearly by using your sonar (Layout 1: O or B) when nearby, which makes them show up in orange.

Once you’ve located a landmark, you need to hit the signpost with any form of attack.

Here’s where to find all of the landmark locations in Dead Horse Lake to unlock Shadow Teeth:

Shadow Teeth Parameter Boosts

Along with the on bite and passive effects of the Shadow Teeth, and without considering the Shadow Set perks, Tier 5 Shadow Teeth will add these parameter points to your shark:

  • +7 Defence
  • +6 Damage

Giving your bull shark a jaw evolution which increases a ratings parameter by +5 will fill the same amount as one segment. Each parameter bar is made up of 20 segments.

Shadow Teeth Effects and Abilities

Upgrading the Shadow Teeth jaw evolution with the nutrients indicated will enhance the passive effects and on bite benefits, as shown below:

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Passive: +6% Bite Damage
On Bite: +30 Health
Passive: +12% Bite Damage
On Bite: +35 Health
Passive: +18% Bite Damage
On Bite: +40 Health
Passive: +24% Bite Damage
On Bite: +45 Health
Passive: +30% Bite Damage
On Bite: +50 Health
Cost to Upgrade: 8,000 Protein Cost to Upgrade: 10,000 Protein Cost to Upgrade: 12,000 Protein and 175 Mutagen Cost to Upgrade: 14,000 Protein and 350 Mutagen Tier 5 is the highest upgrade level

Further Shadow Teeth Details

  • Required Age: Teen
  • Icon:
  • Appearance: The shark’s teeth are replaced by unsightly fangs, which grow in length with each upgrade.
  • Total Upgrade Materials: 44,000 Protein, 525 Mutagen
  • Set Bonuses: Max Speed Increase (The Shadow Set)

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