Marco Reus FIFA 23

As much as his speed and ability may be hindered by his opponents’ physical superiority, he can manage to overcome them easily.

Marco Reus in FIFA 23 Ultimate Guide

In an era when FIFA games prioritize strength over all else, Reus’s combination of quickness and shooting is making everyone fall in love with him. Read on to find out more!

Reus FIFA 23 player card

Marco Reus is one of the highest-rated players in FIFA 23, with a player card that features outstanding ratings and attributes. The German midfielder is also one of the best players in the game, with an 85 overall rating.

Reus has a high/high workrate. So, even when his team doesn’t have the ball, he’ll still be actively trying to find ways and contribute to the action. Because of this, he can be an invaluable asset to any team if used right.

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Reus special traits

Finesse Shot, Playmaker, Technical Dribbler – Rues can contribute to any team as the German midfielder comes with a lot of special traits. These traits make him even more dangerous for teams with low to average defense. Moreover, you can also play outside foot shots when picking him up in your team.

Last, but not least, Injury Prone is another special trait of Rues – be careful from collisions or turn off the injuries while playing!

Why should you pick Rues in your FIFA 23 team?

Reus’s dribbling is the highlight of his game, earning him an 86 rating in the most recent edition. His lightning-fast reflexes and explosive speed make him a nightmare for opposing defenses.

His passing and shooting ratings of 84 and 84  allow him to find teammates in confined areas, generate scoring opportunities, and push opponents to play out of position.

Reus’s impressive in-game numbers are directly correlated to his penchant for shooting long shots. His 86 shot power rating is exemplary, enabling him to make long passes and goals.

For players wishing to bolster their attack, Rues’s distinctive characteristic of being able to take both long and delicate shots makes him a more attractive option.

Rues FIFA 23 setbacks

Reus’s low grade of 74 in physicality is one area where he could struggle. This makes him vulnerable to being physically overpowered by stronger opponents. Still, his speed and dribbling prowess enable him to avoid them frequently.

Bottom line

To sum up, Reus is a first-rate player in FIFA 23, and any team might want to consider drafting him. The combination of his speed, dribbling skills, and shooting ability makes him a dangerous attacking threat, while his passing and vision enable him to set up his teammates for success.

As much as his speed and ability may be hindered by his opponents’ physical superiority, he can manage to overcome them easily.

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