Marvel’s Spider-Man Complete Controls Guide for PS4 & PS5

Learn all the moves that you need to swing around Manhattan and fight crime as Spider-Man on the PS4 and PS5.

Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4 and PS5 is, quite possibly, the best Spider-Man game ever made – perhaps even the best superhero game ever made.

It may have been released way back in 2018, but a series of DLCs and, of course, it being a Spider-Man game, means that Marvel’s Spider-Man remains a tremendously popular game.

Until we get the delayed Marvel’s Avengers, the PlayStation’s Spider-Man is the best experience that we have of a life-like landscape in the Marvel universe.

So, with a multitude of combos and an intricate, but easy to grasp, set of movement controls, here are all of the Marvel’s Spider-Man controls for the PS4 and PS5 that you need to know.

In this Marvel’s Spider-Man controls guide, the analogues on either controller are denoted as L and R, with the buttons on the D-pad listed as Up, Right, Down, and Left. Pressing the analogue down to trigger the analogue button is marked as L3 or R3.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Primary Controls

For swinging around, performing attacks, and pulling out your camera, these are the basic Spider-Man controls on the PS4.

ActionPS4 / PS5 ControlsTips
PerchL3While on an edge.
DiveL3While in mid-air.
Show ObjectiveR3
WebstrikeTrianglePress Triangle to fire webs that pull Spider-Man towards the enemy and hit them.
DodgeOPress Dodge whenever the white zaps appear above Spider-Man’s head.
JumpXPress jump to then be able to swing.
AttackSquareTap several times to perform combos.
Gadget SelectL1
Shoot GadgetR1
SwingR2Jump (X) and then hold R2. At the top of the swing, or at the lowest and fastest point, release R2 and then hold it again to continue swinging.
Camera GadgetUp
Photo ModeLeft
MapTouch Pad

Marvel’s Spider-Man Combat Controls

Spider-Man is a powerful fighter, an agile combatant, and can utilise his web to tie-up and disarm his foes. Here’s how to beat-up some criminals and supervillains on the gound in the PS4 game.

ActionPS4 / PS5 ControlsTips
Basic AttackSquareJust a quick strike.
Basic ComboSquare, Square, Square, SquareA speedy series of attacks with the fourth hit pushing back most enemies.
Perfect HitSquareAs soon as your hit lands on the opponent, press Square again – it fills the concentration metre quicker.
ThrowSquare, Triangle (hold)Strike the enemy, and then throw them in the direction of your choice.
Attack Off of the WallO, SquarePress O to dodge towards a wall, and then launch off of the wall with an attack by pressing Square.
DodgeOPress O once and guide the dodge with L.
Long DodgeO, ODouble-tap O to achieve a dodge and then a longer dodge to evade attacks that damage a large area.
Perfect DodgeOIf you press O at the perfect moment – at the last second – it will make you temporarily immune and slow time.
Dodge UnderSquare, OStrike the foe and the press Dodge while moving in their direction to slide under their stance.
Grab and Throw ItemsL1 + R1 (hold)On the screen, certain items in the environment will show a nudge to press L1+R1. Do this to throw or pull down the item.
Perform FinisherTriangle + OWhen the prompt shows above the opponent’s head, press Triangle and O at the same time to perform a finisher.
Shoot WebsR1Tap R1 multiple times to wrap up foes in web or, if they’re near a wall, stick them to the wall.
WebstrikeTrianglePress Triangle to fire webs that pull Spider-Man towards the enemy and hit them.
Disarm EnemyTriangle (hold)When faced with an armed opponent, press and hold Triangle to sling a web onto their weapon and then yank it off of them.
Web ThrowTriangle (hold)Grab an enemy with webs and then throw them. If they hit a wall, they’ll be glued to it.
Yank EnemyTriangle (hold)Grab an enemy with webs, wait for them to be pulled, and then release to unleash some attacks.
Yank Down AttackSquare (hold), Triangle (hold)With this attack, you launch the enemy in the air and then slam them to the ground.
Spin CycleTriangle (hold), TriangleOnce you’ve webbed your foe and started hurling them around, tap Triangle to spin faster.
HealDownUse the amount filled in the concentration metre to heal. Fill the concentration metre by performing attacks – aerial attacks fill the metre quicker.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Air Combat Controls

When taking on the criminals that keep popping up around Manhattan, perhaps the best way to combat them is in the air.

Once you vault an enemy off of the ground in Marvel’s Spider-Man, you can finish them very quickly and with the added benefit of air combat filling up your concentration metre quicker.

ActionPS4 / PS5 ControlsTips
Air LauncherSquare (hold)Hold the Square button to launch the enemy into the air.
Air Launcher Follow-UpSquare (hold), SquareThis will throw the enemy into the air and then perform one quick strike.
Aerial ComboSquare, Square, Square, SquareOnce attacking your foe in the air, just keep mashing Square until the last attack defeats them.
Air YankTriangle (hold)Pulls the enemy up into the air so that you can continue to land hits.
Air ThrowTriangle (hold)Grabs an airborne enemy and throws them to the ground.
Swing KickSquare (hold)When swinging towards an enemy or while in the air, hold Square to perform a kick that vaults them into the air.
Leap OffSquare, XAllows you to land a strike and then leap away to gain some distance before they counter.
Ground StrikeSquare + XOnce you’ve leaped off of your opponent, or while fighting aerially, press Square and X at the same time to strike the ground.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Movement Controls

Perhaps the most incredible aspect of playing Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man creation is that the movement controls are just about perfect. Swinging around has never been so fluid and fun.

Here’s how to get around as Spider-Man:

ActionPS4 / PS5 ControlsTips
RunR2 (hold)While on the ground, you can run around by holding R2.
DodgeOYou can quickly dodge or flip around while on foot or in the air.
Charge JumpR2 + X (hold), release XTo perform a Charge Jump, just hold R2 and X at the same time to charge, then release the X button to jump.
SwingR2 (hold)Jump (X) and then hold R2. At the top of the swing, or at the lowest and fastest point, release R2 and then hold it again to continue swinging.
Swing CorneringOWhen swinging around, if you want to turn a sharp corner, use L to direct and O to swing around the corner quickly.
Wall RunR2 (hold)When near a wall or on a wall, hold R2 and move with L.
Vertical Wall JumpXWhile performing a Wall Run, press X to scale it quicker with a leap.
Wall CorneringO (hold)When performing a Wall Run and approaching a corner, hold O to run around it without stopping.
Ceiling HangL2If you find yourself walking on the ceiling, press L2 for Spider-Man to hang down.
Web ZipXWhile swinging around, press X to perform a quick Web Zip.
Zip to PointL2 + R2When you see the circle marker appear while on foot or swinging, you can zip to that marker by pressing L2 and R2 at the same time.
Point LaunchL2 + R2, XOnce you press Zip to Point, quickly tap X before landing to launch forward and gain speed.
Air TricksTriangle + O + LIn mid-air, press Triangle, O, and point L up, down, left, or right to perform Air Tricks. This gains experience points and fills your concentration metre.
Quick RecoveryXHaving hit the ground and performed a roll, quickly tap X to leap up.

How to stop a car in Spider-Man on PS4 & PS5

One of the trickier crimes to stop in Marvel’s Spider-Man is a car chase or any crime that results in some of the felons driving off in a car.

First, you have to swing to catch-up to them, and then tap Triangle when you’re in range to jump onto the roof of the vehicle (a Triangle button prompt will show when Spider-Man is close enough).

On the roof of the car, the criminals will periodically pop out of the windows to shoot at Spider-Man. When you see them, you’ll have about a second to move out of their way, or you’ll get shot.

If this happens, you’ll either have to quickly press Triangle to get back onto the car, or chase them down again.

To evade the bullets, as soon as you see an enemy pop out, move the left analogue (L) towards them (either left or right) to bring Spider-Man to their side of the car. Then, tap square to web them out of the vehicle.

Keep going until all of the criminals are apprehended. With all of the foes out of the car, you’ll then need to stop the vehicle. To do so, mash square when prompted.

There you have it: the Marvel’s Spider-Man controls that you need to traverse the city and conquer Spider-Man’s enemies.

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