Matchpoint Tennis Championships: Full List of Female Competitors

Here’s your full list of female competitors in Matchpoint – Tennis Championships.

Matchpoint – Tennis Championships does have female competitors, but not many. In fact, there are only five. Still, when playing Matchpoint, you’re able to play with or against them with either male or female competitors, so that’s a positive compared to some other games which disallow competition between male and female players or teams.

Below, you will find a list of the five female competitors in Matchpoint – Tennis Championships. They will be listed in alphabetical order by last name. There is no overall rating for any competitor in the game.

1. Amanda Anisimova

Nation: United States of America
Handedness: Right
Top Attributes: 88 Serve, 87 Power, 85 Forehand

Amanda Anisimova is the youngest player on the list at only 20-years-old at game launch. She has shown promise, and her attributes reflect her potential. She has 88 Serve, 87 Power, and 85 Forehand, making her a powerful server and skilled forehand player. She also has 85 Fitness, allowing her to move fairly quickly, and 81 Backhand. However, like others on this list, she lacks in the Volley department with 73, so avoid playing volleys as much as possible.

Anisimova has two career singles titles. She has 127 career wins with a win percentage of 63.8. Her best showing at a Grand Slam was making the semi-finals of the French Open in 2019. Anisimova is currently ranked 25 and had a career high ranking of 21 in 2019 according to the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association).

2. Victoria Azarenka

Nation: Belarus (unassociated in the game)
Handedness: Right
Top Attributes: 90 Backhand, 89 Volley, 86 Fitness

Victoria Azarenka has been among the top competition in women’s tennis for the past decade. Azarenka’s attributes reflect that with a 90 Backhand, 89 Volley, and 86 Fitness. She can smash backhands for points and play the net with her volley skills, which is rare on this list. Her high fitness also allows her to move around rather quickly. She has good Power (85) and a decent Forehand (80), but her Serve is lacking at 75. You’ll have to be more strategic with her serves in terms of placements if you want aces.

Azarenka is a former two-time Grand Slam winner. She won the Australian Open in consecutive years, 2012 and 2013. She’s won 566 career games with an astounding win percentage of 71.9. She is currently ranked 20 with a career high ranking of 1 in 2012.

3. Madison Keys

Nation: United States of America
Handedness: Right
Top Attributes: 87 Serve, 87 Power, 84 Forehand

Madison Keys comes in as a well-rounded player. Keys is great with her Serve (87), which is aided by her high Power (87). She also possesses a good Forehand (84) and good Fitness (84), so she shouldn’t tire and move quickly on the court. The only places she is lacking are her Backhand (79) and especially her Volley (70). Keep from playing volleys too much with Keys, and focus more on your forehand than backhand whenever possible.

Keys is a former Grand Slam finalist as she lost the 2017 U.S. Open to fellow young U.S.-born young star Sloane Stephens. Keys has 315 career wins and a win percentage of 63.4. She has six singles titles. She is currently ranked 24, and her highest career ranking is 7 in 2016.

4. Gabiñe Muguruza

Nation: Spain
Handedness: Right
Top Attributes: 90 Backhand, 87 Serve, 85 Fitness

Gabiñe Muguruza has been one of the best women’s tennis players over the past decade. Her attributes reflect her skills with a 90 in Backhand, 87 Serve, 85 Fitness, 85 Forehand, and 85 Fitness. Volley is her only skill below 85, but it’s all the way down at 70. It would be best to avoid volleying with her and focus on using her backhand to smash winners down the sideline or serve aces.

Muguruza is a former two-time Grand Slam winner having won the 2016 French Open and 2017 Wimbledon Championships. The former top-ranked player in the world has won 444 matches in her career with a win percentage of 66.3. Muguruza is currently ranked 10 by the WTA.

5. Heather Watson

Nation: United Kingdom
Handedness: Right
Top Attributes: 74 Forehand, 70 Backhand, 70 Volley

Heather Watson is, objectively, the lowest-rated player in the game. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any attributes above 74 as they all range between 65 and 74. A positive note is that there isn’t a big disparity between her highest and lowest attributes. She is a good striker of the ball with her 74 Forehand, 70 Backhand, and 70 Volley. However, her Serve and Power are both 65, meaning that her serve isn’t great and she doesn’t have much power behind her serve and shots.

Watson has four singles and four doubles titles in her career, plus one mixed doubles titles that came at Wimbledon in 2016. She’s won 335 career matches with a win percentage of 54.6 and is currently ranked 121 in the world according to the WTA with a high ranking of 38 in 2015.

Can you unlock more female competitors in Matchpoint – Tennis Championships?

No, there are no other characters to unlock aside from the purchasable legends. However, there are six empty slots, one for each of the career mode slots. It was recommended in the career mode guide to create both female characters and left-handed players because of the lack of each.

The beauty is once you build up one or up to all six career mode players, you can then show them off online against others in ranked or unranked matches. Since you can also use them locally, you can use them against your friends should they visit as well.

There has also been no news on if there will be additional competitors added through future DLC.

There’s your list of the five female competitors in Matchpoint – Tennis Championships. The good news is that with five, it won’t take you long to play through them and find out who you prefer playing as in the game. Create a few more female players through career mode, build them up, and add them to the list for even more playable characters!





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