MIR4 Update: New Area, Max Level Increased, and NFT Unsealing Coming Soon

Free-to-play game MIR4 receives several in-game updates, including the new area for players to explore, with an NFT unsealing on the horizon.

MIR4 Update: New Area, Max Level Increased, and NFT Unsealing Coming Soon

MIR4 has released a new update to the PC and mobile MMORPG, bringing in a great deal of gameplay content as well as some bug fixes and alterations to the use of the game’s core coin, DRACO. Furthermore, a new NFT unsealing event draws near for MIR4.

Here’s what you need to know about the latest MIR4 update and what’s to come this December for the free-to-play title.

Gameplay updates expand the MIR4 experience

As detailed above, the latest MIR4 update has added a lot to its in-game experience. The biggest addition in the 14 December update was the unveiling of the new area, Phantasia.

Within Phantasia, players will be able to embark on a new line of main quests, partake in new missions, and take on requests. In the area are several regions to explore, including the Desert Road, Phantasia Desert, Phantasia Labyrinth, Ant Hole, Sabuk Province, and the Subuk Castle’s Underground Jail.

To accompany the new area, a new raid and new bosses arrive in MIR4. The new raid centres on the Crimson Dragon Nest, which can feature a boss of up to level 130. As would be assumed to take on such a hefty-levelled boss, the maximum level in MIR4 has been expanded to level 130.

MIR4 gameplay update expand the MIR4 experience

Another new boss raid also comes to the game, requiring you to face the Forsaken King, as shown above. MIR4 players will also be able to start a new clan expedition that focuses on the Blue Thunder Dragon, pictured below, with a boss level of 115.

MIR4 update gameplay boss level

As we’re nearing the end of the year, MIR4 will also be running several special events. Yiun’s Pot of Wishes lets you earn items by logging in for 14 days from 15 December onwards. To get the rewards, click the firecracker icon at the top of the screen.

There’ll also be Yiun’s Letter of Wishes, which runs from 28 December to 10 January. In this event, you can earn event items by exchanging and buying growth items via the Event Shop and Hunting. To exchange items, go to Snake Pit, Spiritual Center, Bicheon Castle, and the new Phantasia Desert and speak to Wish Yiun.

New bug fixes and gameplay improvements with the MIR4 update

Here’s the list of fixes and improvements made to MIR4 through the 14 December update:

  • Auto-return upon death will stop after ten Tombstone counts;
  • The issue of the monster list not being displayed on the mini-map is fixed;
  • When obtaining new items, the ‘New Item’ indicator has been moved from the upper-left to the upper-right corner;
  • The amount of auto-selectable items that can be deleted has increased from 20 to 24;
  • The term ‘Viperbiest(s)’ has been changed to ‘Viperbeast(s)’ for a better experience;
  • The remaining minutes of item expiration can now be seen.

To improve the experience of using the game’s central coin, DRACO, some information improvements have been made, including showing the item craft date, the craft serial number, and season details on the DRACO Staking Program. Now, an XDRACO trade notification is sent to the seller and buyer when completed.

For more details about the latest MIR4 update, check out their forum post at MIR4 Global.

MIR4 NFT unsealing commences 21 December 2021

MIR4 update NFT unsealing commences 21 December 2021 bug fixes

MIR4 first caught headlines over the summer, with its launch being met by mostly negative reviews but a tremendously committed community. Now, four months since its full release, reviews have become more positive.

On Steam, the MMORPG title has climbed back up to a 64 per cent positive rating for user reviews, with recent reviews being mostly positive. This is greatly down to developer Wemade Next’s efforts to improve the core gameplay experience while upholding its commitment to valued cryptocurrency and NFT mechanics.

The idea of an NFT game looks to be taking off, and on 21 December 2021, MIR4 will have an NFT unsealing. Once a player has reached at least level 60 and a 100,000 Power Score for their character, they can then be made into an NFT to be sealed and then traded on the exchange. Then, a buyer will purchase, unseal, and play as the character in MIR4.

MIR4 continues to earn favour among players beyond the craze of crypto and NFT in gaming. The latest update is now live, there’ll be an NFT unsealing on 21 December, and then the next MIR4 update is due on 11 January 2022.

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