MLB The Show 22 Back to Old School Program: Everything You Need to Know

Here's your guide to the new Back to Old School program in MLB The Show 22.

MLB The Show 22 has dropped its newest main program, one that lasts just over two weeks in time for the return of many children to school. The aptly-named Back to Old School program focuses on three bosses and a fourth pseudo-boss, of which you can obtain two.

Below, you will find everything you need to know about the Back to Old School program in MLB The Show 22. This will include an overview of the rewards, boss cards, and how to gain experience.

Back to Old School program

Like the previous Dog Days of Summer program, Back to Old School has a 500,000 experience points cap. While the previous program had 51 levels, Back to Old School has 48 levels of rewards.

Hit up the Daily Moments, back to 2,000 experience per moment. If you had some leftover you didn’t complete from the previous program (up to two) and you do the one that dropped with the new program, then you can gain an easy 6,000+ experience.

The load screen for the Featured Program Moments, highlighting boss and Hall of Famer Larry “Chipper” Jones.

Next, head for the program moments to complete slightly more difficult moments from legends and flashbacks of the program, including the bosses. There is even a unique moment that had yet to be seen in The Show 22.

As pictured, you’ll have to steal second with Prime Eric Davis with the moment beginning with you on first base. Each of the nine moments nets you 2,000 experience for a total of 18,000+ experience.

At level ten (25,000 experience), you’ll unlock your first of three Classics choice pack. Inside the choice pack are Monthly Awards Brandon Lowe (95 OVR) and Jackie Bradley, Jr. (95 OVR), Postseason Danny Jansen (95 OVR) and Ian Happ (95 OVR), and Future Stars Ke’Bryan Hayes (95 OVR). This is one of the few packs without a pitcher .

At level 13 (35,000 experience), you’ll then unlock your first of three Flashbacks & Legends choice pack. Inside the choice pack are Awards Jim Palmer (95 OVR), Finest Joe Smith (95 OVR) and Juan Pierre (97 OVR), Prime Justin Turner (96 OVR), and Signature Tony Perez (95 OVR).

That means of the ten, you’ll unlock six and their respective program missions. For hitters, you must gain 300 parallel experience to gain 2,500 experience. For pitchers (Palmer and Smith), you must gain 500 parallel experience. It’s usually recommended to target the pitchers since you can more quickly gain the parallel experience. However, at this stage, focus on completing your Legends & Flashbacks collections.

You may have noticed that Davis has a mission as well. Davis is the pseudo-boss that was mentioned, much like 2nd Half Mickey Mantle in the previous program. Davis is unlocked at level 28 (175,000 experience).

Davis is a formidable card. Few players, even to this day, have ever matched his combination of speed and power. He stole 349 bases in his career and was only caught 66 times, a career mark of over 81 percent success. He also added 282 home runs.

Back to Old School bosses

There are three bosses once again for this program, of which you can only choose one. The boss pack is unlocked at level 30 (200,000 experience). All three bosses are 99 OVR, following the Dog Days of Summer program that had the first 99 OVR bosses in The Show 22.

The first of the bosses is Takashi Okazaki Billy Wagner (closer). The former Houston and Philadelphia great is in his Houston version here. He is nearly unhittable with 125 in Hits per 9 Innings, Strikeouts per 9 Innings, and Pitching Clutch. His Velocity and Pitch Break are both 99, and his only real weaknesses are Pitching Control (81) and the correlated Walks per 9 Innings (79). Still, he packs a four-pitch repertoire, which is still uncommon for relievers.

Next is Awards Chipper Jones (third base) from his Silver Slugger winning season in 2000. Jones is one of the few power-hitting switch hitters in MLB history (like Mantle), and also plays shortstop and left field. His hitting attributes are literally off the charts: 109 Contact Right, 125 Contact Left, 102 Power Right, 111 Power Left, 111 Plate Discipline, 109 Batting Clutch. He also has 98 Plate Vision and 98 Durability. His defense is above-average, not spectacular, but adequate, as is his speed.

Last is Prime Lou Gehrig (first base). The Yankee legend is, like Jones, all about offense. His only non-bunting attribute under 99 is Durability at 97, which isn’t too much of a concern at first base. He has 125 Contact Right, 101 Contact Left, 104 Power Right, 111 Power Left, 106 Plate Vision, 111 Plate Discipline, and 109 Batting Clutch. He has slightly worse defense and speed than Jones.

Conquest, Showdown, and Collections missions

You can find the Extreme program in the Other Programs menu.

There is a new Conquest for Back to Old School, the Grasshopper map. There are no turn-limited goals, so just play at your leisure and take every territory and stronghold. Once you do that, you’ll gain 30,000 program experience in addition to the experience you gained from gameplay.

This is also the first program in a bit that has an associated Showdown to begin the program. The Back to Old School Showdown will pit you against Billy Wagner in the final elimination showdown. You should more than gain your entry stubs back as you complete the challenges. That will also gain 30,000 program experience.

If you haven’t completed the Extreme program yet, then this is an ideal time to try your shot at The Show’s most difficult program of every year. There is a Conquest that, while not nabbing you program experience for Back to Old School, will nab you program stars (25) for the Extreme program, as will the Extreme Showdown. By completing the program, you can unlock four 99 OVR Finest cards: 1998 Kerry Wood, 2012 Aroldis Chapman, 2010 Robinson Canó, and 2015 Josh Donaldson.

If you unlock those cards, you can add them to the program collection for 30,000 program experience each, a total of 120,000 experience. However, take note: if you added any of the Finest cards from the Extreme program to the previous Dog Days of Summer collection, then you cannot add that same card or cards to this program.

Back to Old School is the first program in a few that has had so many experience-gaining opportunities from the beginning. Play now to unlock either Wagner, Jones, or Gehrig!

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