MLB The Show 22: Best Hitting Teams

Here are the best hitting teams in MLB The Show 22.

In sports, there are times when overwhelming offense is all that’s needed to overcome the foe and any deficiencies on the team. If you can score more runs, points, or goals than your opponent, then regardless of how many you give up, you’ll still win.

Below, you will find the best hitting teams in MLB The Show 22 to inundate your foes with runs. In The Show, both Contact and Power are ranked separately. The list combines the two scores and halves them to achieve a “Hit Score.” For example, if a team ranked third in Contact and 12th in Power, their Hit Score would be 7.5 Importantly, these rankings are from the April 20 live MLB rosters. As with any live roster, the ranking is subject to change throughout the season based on performance, injuries, and roster moves.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (Hit Score: 1)

Division: National League West
Contact Rank: 1st
Power Rank: 1st
Notable Hitters: Trea Turner (94 OVR), Freddie Freeman (93 OVR), Mookie Betts (92 OVR)

The Dodgers rank first in both hitting categories, top five in all categories, and first overall for all teams. An already dominant lineup became even more so after the signing of 2020 National League Most Valuable Player and 2021 World Series winner Freddie Freeman as the longtime Atlanta player couldn’t come to an agreement with his former franchise. He joins a lineup that features another former M.V.P. in Mookie Betts, the speedy and powerful Trea Turner, power hitting Max Muncy (91 OVR), the young and impressive Will Smith at catcher (90 OVR), and veterans like Chris Taylor (84 OVR) and Justin Turner (82 OVR). A resurgent (thus far in 2022) Cody Bellinger (81 OVR) is starting to hit like when he won the M.V.P. in 2019, which just makes Los Angeles incredibly difficult to defeat.

2. Toronto Blue Jays (Hit Score: 3.5)

Division: American League East
Contact Rank: 2nd
Power Rank: 5th
Notable Hitters: Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. (96 OVR), Bo Bichette (88 OVR), Teoscar Hernández (86 OVR)

Arguably the most exciting team to watch in baseball thanks to their youth, skill, and personality, Toronto is a lineup that is anchored by sons of former Major Leaguers or professional baseball players in Vladimir Gurrero, Jr. (96 OVR), Bo Bichette (87 OVR), and Lourdes Gurriel, Jr, (87 OVR), with Cavan Biggio (75 OVR) rounding out the second generation players. The trade for Matt Chapman (87 OVR) will help more defensively than offensively, though he does provide some power. George Springer (83 OVR) rounds out the formidable lineup that’s known for moonshot home runs.

3. Houston Astros (Hit Score: 5.5)

Division: American League West
Contact Rank: 3rd
Power Rank: 8th
Notable Hitters: José Altuve (92 OVR), Yordan Alvarez (90 OVR), Kyle Tucker (85 OVR)

A team many still view as villains after the accusations of cheating during their 2017 World Series winning season came to light in 2019, the lineup was and still is a force to be reckoned with even if not all the players from 2017 are still with the team in 2022. It just so happens that the core of the team, instrumental in their championship, are still with the team, rubbing some fans the wrong way.

José Altuve (92 OVR), longtime Astro and former M.V.P., is still a great hitter who hits for both contact and power. Yordan Alvarez (90 OVR) is the big power threat in the lineup as he mashes both righties and lefties, but he still has great contact ratings as well. Third baseman Alex Bregman (86 OVR) is good against both, but great against lefties, and Kyle Tucker (85) – the young and future superstar right fielder – is, like Alvarez, good against both hands and does rather well against lefties. Yuli Gurriel (82 OVR) and Michael Brantley (81 OVR) provide more pure contact and rarely strike out with their bat-to-ball skills.

4. New York Yankees (Hit Score: 6)

Division: A. L. East
Contact Rank: 10th
Power Rank: 2nd
Notable Hitters: Aaron Judge (97 OVR), Joey Gallo (90 OVR), Giancarlo Stanton (87 OVR)

One of the best home run hitting teams in MLB – helped in part by the dimensions of Yankee Stadium – the Yankees have a trio of power hitters that can turn any mistake into a long, towering home run. Aaron Judge (97 OVR) is literally overpowered against lefties in The Show 22. Joey Gallo (89) has 97 and 99 in his power ratings, and Giancarlo Stanton (87 OVR) also mashes both, but has better contact ratings than the other two. The biggest issue with these three is that they all have mediocre to paltry Plate Vision, so there is a lot of swing-and-miss to them.

Still, when they hit the ball, it’s hit hard. Josh Donaldson (85 OVR), acquired in a trade just after the MLB-induced lockout ended, is another power hitter with a little better Plate Vision. On the other side, erstwhile hitter D.J. LeMahieu (82 OVR) provides the Plate Vision and contact hitting to balance out the power in the lineup.

5. Boston Red Sox (Hit Score: 8)

Division: A.L. East
Contact Rank: 9th
Power Rank: 7th
Notable Hitters: Trevor Story (94 OVR), J. D. Martinez (87 OVR), Rafael Devers (86 OVR)

Boston being the third team from the A.L. East in the top five of hitting teams shows just how difficult – and how many runs are needed – it is to win in that division, which just makes the plight of the Baltimore Orioles even more depressing for their fans. While Tampa Bay isn’t listed among the best hitting teams here, they are among some of the best in other categories. The A.L. East, like in most of the recent decades, is still the toughest division in baseball.

Newly signed Trevor Story (94 OVR) crushes lefties, though he’s still good against righties (with good speed, too!). J.D. Martinez (87 OVR) is more of a balanced hitter than when he first hit Boston, with 75-78 in the Contact and Power ratings. Rafael Devers (86), arguably their best player, crushes righties as he bats from the left side of the plate. Alex Verdugo (84 OVR) is a great contact hitter, and don’t forget about Xander Bogaerts (82 OVR), who just might have the most well-balanced hitting tool in the lineup.

6. Chicago White Sox (Hit Score: 9)

Division: American League Central
Contact Rank: 5th
Power Rank: 13th
Notable Hitters: Yasmani Grandal (94 OVR), Luis Robert (88 OVR0, José Abreu (87 OVR)

A team many experts have peg to be in the 2022 World Series, Chicago hopes to reach those heights through their lineup more than anything else. Yasmani Grandal (94 OVR) might be the best catcher in baseball – at least defensively – but also seeks to hit homers with every swing thanks to his high power ratings. Luis Robert (88 OVR) is good against righties, great against lefties, and has top of the lineup speed. 2020 A.L. M.V.P. José Abreu is a balanced hitter that slightly favors power while Tim Anderson (83 OVR) is more of a contact hitter. They present a fearsome foursome, with players like Leury Garcia (80 OVR) and Eloy Jiménez (79 OVR) providing support.

7. St. Louis Cardinals (Hit Score: 9)

Division: National League Central
Contact Rank: 7th
Power Rank: 11th
Notable Hitters: Nolan Arenado (95 OVR), Tyler O’Neill (90 OVR), Tommy Edman (89 OVR)

A team seemingly always in contention, St. Louis is a well-balanced hitting team as they don’t lean too heavily in one direction like the Yankees or Atlanta. Nolan Arenado (95 OVR), the best defensive third basemen of the past decade, is also a strong hitter, particularly against lefties, and favors power. Tyler O’Neill (90 OVR) is the rare combo of power and speed with Tommy Edman (89 OVR) providing contact and speed. Paul Goldschmidt (89 OVR) is still a great hitter, and Harrison Bader is improving the hit tool to make best use of his high speed. Yadier Molina (85 OVR), in his final season, is an average hitter, but will rarely strike out, helping make this Cardinals team have no easy outs.

8. New York Mets (Hit Score: 10)

Division: National League East
Contact Rank: 6th
Power Rank: 14th
Notable Hitters: Starling Marte (87 OVR), Pete Alonso (86 OVR), Francisco Lindor (84 OVR)

A team that made splashes during free agency in pitching and hitting, the New York Mets are riding those signings to a hot start that saw them just take three of four from the San Francisco Giants. Pete Alonso (84 OVR) is your prototypical power hitter with his calm, unmoving batting stance a bit unnerving when you know the power it contains. He’s joined by new signing Starling Marte (87 OVR), more of a contact hitter, but who also led all of baseball with 47 stolen bases in 2021. Francisco Lindor (84 OVR) may have had a down year in 2021 – as did pretty much all Mets not named Jacob deGrom – but looks to be bouncing back in the early stages of 2022. Eduardo Escobar (83 OVR) is no slouch, either, as he hit 28 home runs in 2021. Another new signee in Mark Canha (80 OVR), Brandon Nimmo (80 OVR), and Jeff McNeil (79 OVR) help round out the lineup.

9. Philadelphia Phillies (Hit Score: 11)

Division: N. L. East
Contact Rank: 4th
Power Rank: 18th
Notable Hitters: Bryce Harper (96 OVR), J.T. Realmuto (90 OVR), Kyle Schwarber (85 OVR)

Like the Dodgers, an already formidable Philadelphia lineup became even more so with the offseason additions of Nick Castellanos (87 OVR) and Kyle Schwarber (84 OVR). Castellanos hits well for both contact and power while Schwarber is known for his long home runs. They’re led by 2021 M.V.P. Bryce Harper (95 OVR) and another candidate for best catcher in the game, J.T. Realmuto (90 OVR). Realmuto has a balanced hit tool and an incredibly high speed for a catcher (80). Jean Segura (88 OVR) adds with his high contact while Rhys Hoskins (80 OVR) provides more power from first base.

10. Atlanta (Hit Score: 12)

Division: N. L. East
Contact Rank: 21st
Power Rank: 3rd
Notable Hitters: Ozzie Albies (92 OVR), Matt Olson (90 OVR), Austin Riley (83 OVR)

Atlanta actually tied with Colorado with a Hit Score of 12, but one big factor plays in Atlanta’s favor: the sooner-than-expected return of Ronald Acuña, Jr. (99 OVR) from his torn ACL suffered July 2021. In The Show, you could also move him to the MLB roster to shoot Atlanta up these rankings.

Besides the injured superstar, Atlanta traded for Matt Olson (90 OVR) rather than re-sign Freeman, and then signed Olson to a long-term deal. Olson provides a lot of power and great defense at first. Ozzie Albies (92 OVR) is a great leadoff hitter even if his speed isn’t as high as some because of his great contact, especially against lefties. Austin Riley (83 OVR) looks to build on his breakout 2021 and provides good pop in the middle of the lineup. The seemingly perpetually underrated Adam Duvall (81 OVR) is a power hitter than can play five positions and Travis d’Arnaud (81 OVR) is a solid catcher. Still, this team will be much more dangerous once Acuña, Jr. returns.

Now you know the ten best hitting teams in The Show 22 as of April 20. Acuña, Jr.’s return could conceivably shoot Atlanta up the rankings, possibly into the top five, so keep that in mind as you play MLB The Show 22.

Bruce L

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