MLB The Show 22: Best Second Baseman

We’ve got the best second basemen in MLB The Show 22.

Second base is a very important position in baseball. When a runner reaches second, they are considered to be in scoring position. They also serve as a connection to the outfielders along with the shortstop, which is why a lot of them play shortstop as a secondary position.

Most double plays start by throwing to second base for the first out and then the second baseman makes the 2nd play by throwing to first, so throw accuracy and good fielding ability is important to think about when picking for this spot. The 10 players below are the best second basemen on MLB The Show 22.

10. Jorge Polanco (OVR 85)

Team: Minnesota Twins
Age: 28
Total Salary: $5,500,000
Years on Contract: 4 yrs
Secondary Position(s): 3B, SS
Best Attributes: 99 Batting Clutch, 93 Durability, 79 Accuracy

Some players play the best under pressure and Jorge Polanco is a perfect example of that. He has a maxed-out 99 clutch rating, so he is at his best with runners on base. He is a great contact hitter but is very close to average when it comes to slugging, although he hit a personal best number of home runs in the 2021 season.

Polanco has decent fielding skills; though none of his attributes are in the 70s, they are all over 65. If you have a solid defense but are in the market for a good bat, Polanco is a good choice in that situation. He produces a ton of RBIs, stays healthy, and recovers fast, so you can depend on him to play most games. In 2021, he hit 33 home runs and 98 RBIs and had a .269 batting average. 

9. Jean Segura (OVR 88)

Team: Philadelphia Phillies
Age: 32
Total Salary: $14,250,000
Years on Contract: 2 yrs
Secondary Position(s): 3B, SS
Best Attributes: 82 Plate Vision, 87 Arm Strength, 91 Arm Accuracy

Jean Segura is an all-around solid baseball player. His only attributes that are average are power hitting and bunting. When it comes to contact, his scores are way above average, especially against left-handed pitchers. He has 82 plate vision which will increase the size of the PCI and lead to fewer misses. He has the ability to produce a lot of RBIs with his 83 clutch rating.

Segura has at least an 80 in every fielding category. His arm accuracy is rated at 91 and his arm strength is 87, which makes him a very effective infielder. He will fit into any team you put him on due to his skills as a fielder and hitter. His weaknesses aren’t really a big deal unless you only want to bunt and hit home runs. In the 2021 season, he hit 14 home runs and had 58 RBIs and a .290 batting average.

8. Jake Cronenworth (OVR 88)

Team: San Diego Padres
Age: 28
Total Salary: $700,000
Years on Contract: 1
Secondary Position(s): 1B, 3B, SS
Best Attributes: 93 Durability, 83 Plate Vision, 85 Throw Accuracy

Jake Cronenworth got his first all-star selection in 2021. He is a third-year player with A-grade potential. He has great plate vision and discipline. He is above average when it comes to contact hits against the left and right-handed pitchers. His 66 clutch rating makes him even better with runners on base.

Cronenworth is a near-elite 2nd baseman with a fielding rating of 76. His strength is above average, but he makes up for that with a score of 85 for throw accuracy which is definitely elite level. He does not miss many games due to health or rest. Cronenworth scores a whopping 93 for durability. In 2021, he hit 21 home runs, 71 RBIs and had a .266 batting average. 

7. Tommy Edman (OVR 89)

Team: St. Louis Cardinals
Age: 26
Total Salary: $700,000
Years on Contract: 1
Secondary Position(s): 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF
Best Attributes: 97 Durability, 90 Fielding Rating, 92 Reaction Time

Tommy Edman is an expert defensive player. You can place him in the infield or outfield and he will excel. He has a 90 fielding ability and earned a Gold Glove in 2021. Edman may not have the best arm strength, but he makes up for it with 92 reaction time and elite level throwing accuracy. His versatility adds an unlimited amount of value to any team.

Edman is versatile as a hitter, but he does have some weaknesses when it comes to plate discipline and power. Baserunning is definitely a strength for him. He is average in stealing and speed while also being very aggressive as a baserunner in general. During the 2021 season, Edman hit 11 home runs, 56 RBIs and had a .262 batting average. 

6. Brandon Lowe (OVR 90)

Team: Tampa Bay Rays
Age: 27
Total Salary: $4,000,000
Years on Contract: 5 yrs
Secondary Position(s): LF, RF
Best Attributes: 94 Power vs RHP, 91 Durability, 75 Clutch Rating

Brandon Lowe has a ridiculously powerful swing. He doesn’t hit as well against lefties as he does against righties, but then again, we are talking about an 88 vs a 94 rating. Lowe is a home run machine, and he is among the best in clutch situations with runners on base. He only has a 47 plate vision rating which means his PCI will be a little smaller, but if you are good with your timing, you will have a lot of success with him.

Lowe is a great defensive player. He ranks slightly above average in all categories, but you really want him for his batting ability. If you have a better fielding 2nd baseman, you could always move him into the outfield and keep the bat. He has a 91 durability rating so he can move around and relieve other players in three different positions. For the 2021 season, Lowe hit 39 home runs, 99 RBIs and a .247 batting average.

5. Ketel Marte (OVR 90)

Team: Arizona Diamondbacks
Age: 28
Total Salary: $2,500,000
Years on Contract: 6 yrs
Secondary Position(s): SS, LF, CF, RF
Best Attributes: 93 Contact vs LHP, 99 Contact vs LHP, 99 Batting Clutch

It is probably safe to say the Ketel Marte is a left-handed pitchers nightmare. His hitting attributes for power and contact are in the 90s with the contact rating maxing out at 99. Not only do you not want to have a leftie throw to him, but you also want to make sure no one is on base because he has a 99-batting clutch rating. Marte has an 86 plate vision rating, so you should have a large PCI to work with.

Marte is around average in most fielding categories with none over 65, unless you want to include durability. He is an all-around baseball player and since he does have an 88 durability rating, you can use him to relieve other players and keep him in your lineup. He gives you a lot of options and that adds to his value.

4. Ozzie Albies (OVR 91)

Team: Atlanta Braves
Age: 25
Total Salary: $3,000,000
Years on Contract: 7 yrs
Secondary Position(s): SS
Best Attributes: 99 Contact vs LHP, 91 Batting Clutch, 95 Durability

Ozzie Albies has a lot to offer to a club, especially as a lead-off hitter. If you consider everything, he is an elite-level offensive player. He has a 99 rating for contact vs lefties and a 91 clutch rating. He is a good power hitter and has near-elite plate vision. You can use him as a lead-off to get someone on base or utilize his clutchness to get other players runs.

Albies scores well in the defensive categories with arm strength being his only weakness. He has elite-level throw accuracy, and his fielding ability and reaction time are in the 70s. Albies also gives a layer of security for the position with his 95 durability rating.

3. Jose Altuve (OVR 92)

Team: Houston Astros
Age: 31
Total Salary: $26,000,000
Years on Contract: 6 yrs
Secondary Position(s): SS
Best Attributes: 89 Durability, 84 Plate Vision, 82 Throw Accuracy

Jose Altuve doesn’t score in the 90s for any particular attribute but outside of arm strength, he does everything pretty well. He has top-level throw accuracy and a 70 fielding rating. He is also very dependable with an 89 durability rating which is his best attribute.

Altuve separates himself from the others when it comes to hitting — nothing in the 90s but all above average and three categories in the 80s. He hits well against right-handed and left-handed pitchers and is an elite clutch hitter. In 2021, he hit 31 home runs, 83 RBIs and a .278 batting average.  

2. Trevor Story (OVR 94)

Team: Boston Red Sox
Age: 29
Total Salary: $20,000,000
Years on Contract: 7 yrs
Secondary Position(s): 3B, SS
Best Attributes: 78 Fielding Ability, 89 Power vs LHP, 81 Speed

Speed is a great differentiator and Trevor Story has it in abundance. He scores well above average in all base running attributes. He has 81 speed, a 70 stealing score, and is aggressive as an on-base runner. Story is a highly-skilled, reliable, every game type of 2nd baseman with a 78 rating for fielding ability along with elite reaction time.

Story hits best against lefties but still hits on a very high level against right-handed pitchers too. He does hover around average in a few hitting attributes, but he definitely knows what to do when he gets on base. None of his weaknesses are that important to hurt your team. He’s too good at too many things. Story hit 24 home runs, had 75 RBIs and a .251 batting average during the 2021 season.

1. Marcus Semien (OVR 97)

Team: Texas Rangers
Age: 31
Total Salary: $25,000,000
Years on Contract: 7 yrs
Secondary Position(s): 3B, SS
Best Attributes: 87 Power vs RHP, 81 Fielding Ability, 99 Durability

Some say the best ability is availability. Marcus Semien scores a 99 in durability so you can count on him to bring his A-list talent day in and day out. He scores about average in every category except for bunting. He has an elite level 81 fielding ability which is important to have for a 2nd baseman because they have to work with the outfield and shortstop to keep things in order.

Semien was an All-Star and Silver Slugger during the 2021 season. Other than bunting and contact hits against lefties, he rates at least a 70 in all hitting categories. He has great vision, hits very well in clutch situations, and is a well above average baserunner especially when it comes to steals and speed. Semien hit 45 home runs, 102 RBIs and had a .265 batting average in 2021.

MLB The Show 22 gives you everything you need to meet your needs at 2nd base. Make sure that you are either getting a player that is all around or if you are strong and weak in certain areas, pick a player that will fill in the holes on your defense.





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