MLB The Show 22: Fastest Players

Here are the fastest players in MLB The Show 22.

MLB The Show 22: Fastest Players

In any team sport, speed kills. It’s also a trait that is difficult to train and lessens dramatically with age. While it’s not surprising to see power hitters play into their late 30s and into their 40s – just look at Nelson Cruz – it’s rarer to see speed specialists that late in baseball careers because of how quickly speed diminishes. Still, having speedsters on your roster is a safe way to score runs and put pressure on the defense.

Below, you will find the list of fastest players in MLB The Show 22. These ratings are from the live roster on game launch (March 31). Players will be listed by Speed first, then by overall rating for any tiebreakers. For example, if three players have 99 Speed, but Player A is an 87 OVR, Player B 92, and Player C 78, then the order would be B-A-C. As with any sports game, the rankings are bound to change throughout the season based on individual player performances, injuries, trades, and more.

Also, most players on this list will be speed specialists, meaning they may not excel in other categories. They’ll be great as pinch runners off of the bench, but you will have to think about those precious bench positions and if using one simply for a speedster is worth the spot.

1. Trea Turner (99 Speed)

MLB The Show 22 fastest players Trea Turner

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers
Overall Rating: 94
Position (Secondary, if any): Shortstop (Second Base, Third Base, Center Field)
Age: 28
Best Ratings: 99 Speed, 99 Baserunning Aggression, 99 Contact Left

Arguably the fastest player in all of baseball, Trea Turner joined what many believe to be the best team in baseball in Los Angeles, only bolstered with the Dodgers’ addition of Freddie Freeman.

Turner isn’t just about speed, though, as he is basically the five-tool player who can hit for average, power, play defense, run well, and has a good throwing arm. It’s even more impressive that Turner generally mans premium defensive positions at second base, SS, and CF with the ability to also play third.

In 2021, Turner finished the season that began in Washington and ended in L.A. with a batting average of .328, 28 home runs, 77 runs batted in (RBI), 107 runs, and 32 stolen bases for 6.5 Wins Above Replacement (WAR). He was a first-time All-Star, won his first batting title, and led the league in stolen bases for a second time.

Turner’s speed ratings are exceptionally high, but he can also mash, especially against lefties. He has good Plate Vision (77) with a little low Discipline (58), but is solid all across the board.

2. Jorge Mateo (99 Speed)

MLB The Show 22 fastest players Jorge Mateo

Team: Baltimore Orioles
Overall Rating: 77
Position (Secondary, if any): Second Base (Third Base, SS, CF, Left Field, Right Field)
Age: 26
Best Ratings: 99 Speed, 81 Baserunning Aggression, 79 Steal

While Turner is on the best team in baseball, Jorge Mateo unfortunately is on one of the worst teams in baseball – a title that is several seasons running – after spending part of 2021 with San Diego as well.

Mateo is early into his Major League career, with two full seasons under his belt. He didn’t play much in 2021, but in 194 at bats, he posted a line of .247 with four home runs (among 48 hits), 14 RBI, and 0.4 WAR.

Mateo is all about speed. He has decent defense, but his offense is paltry. His Plate Vision is 50, Contact Right and Contact Left 52 and 54, and Power Right and Power Left 46 and 38. His Bunt of 52 and Drag Bunt of 60 are good, but could be better to make use of that speed. He does have good Durability at 75. However, at least Mateo has positional versatility, able to play six of the eight non-pitcher positions.

3. Derek Hill (99 Speed)

MLB The Show 22 fastest players Derek Hill

Team: Detroit Tigers
Overall Rating: 74
Position (Secondary, if any): CF (LF, RF)
Age: 26
Best Ratings: 99 Speed, 81 Arm Strength, 71 Durability

Another player with not much service time, Derek Hill had a quick callup during September 2020 before officially being called up in June of 2021.

In 2021, he played only 49 games with 139 at bats. He posted a line of .259 with three home runs, 14 RBI, and -0.2 WAR.

Hill is also a decent defender like Mateo with a little more batting chops. His Contact Right and Left are 47 and 65, Power Right and Left 46 and 42, and Plate Vision 42. He also has decent Durability at 71. He can play any outfield position, which is benefitted by his speed.

4. Eli White (99 Speed)

MLB The Show 22 fastest players Eli White

Team: Texas Rangers
Overall Rating: 69
Position (Secondary, if any): LF (Second Base, Third Base, SS, CF, RF)
Age: 27
Best Ratings: 99 Speed, 78 Fielding, 77 Arm Accuracy and Reaction

Yet another player who hasn’t seen much service time, Eli White brings speed and defense, but not much else.

He played in 64 games for the Rangers in 2021, another team ranked as one of the worst in baseball heading into the 2022 season even after signing Marcus Semien – one of the best players in baseball – and Corey Seager. In those 64 games, White had 198 at bats and posted a line of .177 with six home runs, 15 RBI, and -0.3 WAR. He is also, like Mateo, able to play six positions.

In The Show 22, White is the rare speedster who is weak at stealing bases. He also has paltry bunt stats that make it difficult to make use of his speed in that way. He is a great fielder at least, which helps with his positional versatility.

5. José Siri (99 Speed)

MLB The Show 22 fastest players José Siri

Team: Houston Astros
Overall Rating: 67
Position (Secondary, if any): CF (LF, RF)
Age: 26
Best Ratings: 99 Speed, 91 Baserunning Aggression, 77 Steal

The lowest rated player on this list, José Siri is also the last of five players with 99 Speed. The outfielder leaves much to be desired in The Show 22, but that’s to be expected from someone who made his debut just last season.

In 2021, Siri was called up in September and had 46 at bats over 21 games. In those 21 games, he batted .304 with four home runs, and nine RBI for 0.3 WAR.

Siri is fast and aggressive on the bases, but at this point still needs to develop in the other areas of the game. Improving his middling defense is essential for a primary center fielder, and he needs to hit enough – or have enough Discipline (20!) – to get on base and stay in the lineup to make use of his speed. If his brief 2021 is any indication, he should improve quickly.

6. Byron Buxton (98 Speed)

MLB The Show 22 fastest players Byron Buxton

Team: Minnesota Twins
Overall Rating: 91
Position (Secondary, if any): CF (LF, RF)
Age: 28
Best Ratings: 99 Fielding, 99 Reaction, 98 Speed

Considered by many to be the best defensive player in baseball, Byron Buxton finally seemed to tap into that massive potential with his best statistical season in 2021, following that up with a long-term extension with Minnesota.

Even though he had more WAR in 2017 (4.9) after playing in a career high 140 games, Buxton’s 2021 was his best all-around season and in particular, at the plate. He hit .306 with 19 home runs, 32 RBI, 50 runs, and nine stolen bases even while battling through injuries in only 61 games. However, the knock with Buxton is his health as since 2017, he’s played in 28, 87, 39 (during the 2020 pandemic season of 60 games), and 61 games.

Buxton’s defense is his signature with the high Fielding, Reaction, and Arm Strength (91) ratings. His accuracy is 76 and while not spectacular, it’s still fine. That Durability (68) is concerning as evidenced by his games played history, but he has steadily improved his batting skills so that when he does play, he’s more of a threat than just on the bases.

7. Jake McCarthy (98 OVR)

MLB The Show 22 fastest players Jake McCarthy

Team: Arizona Diamondbacks
Overall Rating: 68
Position (Secondary, if any): CF (LF, RF)
Age: 24
Best Ratings: 98 Speed, 84 Durability, 70 Fielding

Jake McCarthy was called up in August of 2021. He has just over a month of Major League experience to his credit.

He played in 24 games for Arizona, amassing 49 at bats. He hit .220 with two home runs, four RBI, and three stolen bases. for 0.4 WAR.

In The Show 22, McCarthy has speed, but like White, he isn’t as good a base stealer as one would think for a speedster, indicating the difficulty of the art of base stealing. He is a decent defender, but his bat needs development. He does have decent Discipline (66), so he shouldn’t chase too many pitches.

8. Jon Berti (97 Speed)

MLB The Show 22 fastest players Jon Berti

Team: Miami Marlins
Overall Rating: 77
Position (Secondary, if any): Second Base (Third Base, SS, LF, CF, RF)
Age: 32
Best Ratings: 99 Baserunning Aggression, 97 Speed, 95 Steal

The only player on this list in his 30s, Jon Berti is your quintessential speedster: fast with a light hitting tool.

In 2021, Berti played in 85 games with 233 at bats. He hit .210 with four home runs, 19 RBI, and eight stolen bases for 0.5 WAR. Berti played primarily third, but can play six of the eight non-pitching positions.

Berti is fast and can steal bases, but as evidenced by his 2021 stats, he’s still developing in other areas. His defense is decent except for his weak arm (Arm Strength of 42), and he has good Durability at 74. However, his hit tool is lacking aside from good Discipline (74).

9. Garrett Hampson (96 Speed)

MLB The Show 22 fastest players Garrett Hampson

Team: Colorado Rockies
Overall Rating: 79
Position (Secondary, if any): SS (Second Base, LF, CF, RF)
Age: 27
Best Ratings: 96 Bunt, 96 Drag Bunt, 96 Speed

Garrett Hampson may finally have come into his own after playing a career high 147 games for Colorado during the 2021 season.

He had 453 at bats, amassing a line of .234 with 11 home runs, 33 RBI, and 17 stolen bases for 0.7 WAR. His speed comes in handy as he uses his versatility in the large park that is Coors Field.

Hampson is the rare player on this list who can bunt with the best of them to make use of his speed. He is a good defender with Fielding and Reaction at 80, but his Arm Strength is 63 and Accuracy even lower at 47. His hit tool is still progressing, but enough that he should be able to get on base at least once a game.

10. Tyler O’Neill (95 OVR)

MLB The Show 22 fastest players Tyler O'Neill

Team: St. Louis Cardinals
Overall Rating: 90
Position (Secondary, if any): LF (CF, RF)
Age: 26
Best Ratings: 95 Speed, 86 Power Right, 85 Fielding and Reaction

A rare combination of speed and power, Tyler O’Neill has turned heads during his few seasons in St. Louis and not just because of his physique.

O’Neill has won consecutive Gold Glove Awards as well as consecutive Fielding Bible awards for the best defender at each position. In 2021, he amassed a line of .286 with 34 home runs, 80 RBI, 89 runs, and 15 stolen bases for 6.3 WAR. He is turning himself into one of the best players in baseball.

O’Neill has speed, yes, but the lowest Steal (5) rating on the list. That’s fine as he is more likely to hit a homer with his power ratings, anyway. His defensive stats are solid across the board, slightly reflective of the defensive awards he’s won in consecutive seasons; one would think they would be higher if he truly is that good of a defender. He also has great Durability at 84 so his speed-power combo doesn’t wear on his body too much.

There you have it, the fastest players in MLB The Show 22. Some are superstars while most, at this point, are utility players. Who will you target for your team?





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