MLB The Show 22 Field of Dreams Program: Everything You Need to Know

Here’s everything you need to know about MLB The Show 22’s newest program, Field of Dreams.

MLB The Show 22 Field of Dreams Program: Everything You Need to Know complete guide

After the three-week All-Stars of the Franchise program, MLB The Show 22 started a new program that lasts for ten days: Field of Dreams. This is in the leadup to the now annual Field of Dreams game on August 11 between the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds. Unlike the previous program, there is not a boss card per team, far fewer in fact.

Below, you will find everything you need to know about the Field of Dreams program in MLB The Show 22. This will include a look at the boss cards and the available game modes at the start of the MLB The Show 22 program.

Field of Dreams program

MLB The Show 22 Field of Dreams program

The Field of Dreams program has a program level cap of 45 or 500,000 experience. There are many packs and items to collect throughout the program, including some Headliners packs and the recently added Ballin’ out of Control packs. Remember to complete the usually simple Daily Moments, which now give 2,000 experience apiece.

MLB The Show 22 Field of Dreams program level cap

Next, do the Featured Program Moments. These are moments tied to each of the boss cards. There were 30 in All-Stars of the Franchise, but only nine moments for the nine boss cards in Field of Dreams. Each moment nabs you 2,000 experience as well for a total of over 18,000 experience when adding the bit you’ll gain from playing each moment.

MLB The Show 22 Featured Program Moments

Soon, you’ll receive a Classics choice pack to pick from one of the above five cards: Postseason Aníbal Sánchez (Washington), Monthly Awards Kyle Lewis (Seattle) and Max Fried (Atlanta), All-Star Max Muncy (Los Angeles Dodgers), and Future Stars Ryan Mountcastle (Baltimore). You’ll end up with three of these packs, so target those you need to complete some collections (you may already be done with Monthly Awards).

MLB The Show 22 Classics choice pack

You’ll then receive a pair of repeat packs from All-Stars of the Franchise. You will nab the A.L. Flashbacks & Legends choice pack to select one card from the 15 American League teams.

MLB The Show 22 choice pack All-Stars

The same will happen with the N.L. Flashbacks & Legends choice pack. You’ll have a choice between 15 different players. If you completed the previous program and nabbed all 30 cards, then you can have some high diamonds to sell for at least a few thousand stubs. If you recently started, then it’s a nice time to build up your squad and collections.

MLB The Show 22 N.L. Flashbacks & Legends choice pack

The cards from the Classics choice pack (the first five shown) will have associated parallel experience missions to complete. As with previous programs, pitchers need 500 parallel experience and hitters 300. You’re more likely to gain experience faster with pitchers than hitters, so if your goal is to hit the experience markers quickest, then it may be best to target Sánchez and Fried with two of your three packs.

However, notice that there are three separate parallel missions at the bottom: Legends, Flashbacks, and Future Stars. Each needs 5,000 experience and rewards you with 5,000 program experience. Legends are players who have retired from baseball, Flashbacks are previous cards of current players, and Future Stars have their own designation in the collections.

MLB The Show 22 missions: Legends, Flashbacks, and Future Stars

There is a Showdown for Field of Dreams. This Showdown is present at the start of the program unlike the previous, which introduced two a bit into the program. The entry fee is 500 stubs and completing the Showdown will reward you with 15,000 program experience.

MLB The Show 22 Showdown for Field of Dreams

A Conquest map is also present for Field of Dreams. There are no goals to take over strongholds by a certain turn. Take your time throughout, and use the Steal Fans portion to gain parallel experience for missions. There are rewards for the six goals, mainly a Cover Athletes choice pack for conquering all territories. You will also earn 30,000 program experience for completing the map.

Field of Dreams boss cards

MLB The Show 22 Field of Dreams boss cards

There are nine boss cards from three different boss packs. The first boss pack (at 150,000 experience) is the Flashbacks Bosses, then the Future Stars Bosses (175,000 experience), Legends Bosses (200,000 experience), and finally a traditional Boss pack (225,000). All boss cards are 99 OVR, the first boss cards to reach 99 OVR in The Show 22.

MLB The Show 22 nine boss cards from three different boss packs

In the first pack, your choices are Signature Joey Votto of Cincinnati (first baseman), Milestone Yadier Molina of St. Louis (catcher), and Finest Zack Greinke of Kansas City (starting pitcher). Molina’s card is about as recent a flashback as you can expect as it’s from joining the 1,000 RBI club on May 7 earlier this season against Logan Webb of the San Francisco Giants.

MLB The Show 22 choice pack cards

Your selections in the Future Stars pack are starting pitcher Grayson Rodriguez of Baltimore, shortstop Oneil Cruz of Pittsburgh, and center fielder Riley Greene of Detroit. Cruz and Greene have been called up to the Pirates and Tigers, respectively, but Rodriguez suffered an injury and is unlikely to see time with the Orioles in 2022.

MLB The Show 22 selections in the Future Stars pack

For the Legends pack, your choices are Awards Al Kaline (Gold Glove) of Detroit (outfielder), Finest Brian Roberts of Baltimore (second baseman), and Signature Ron Santo of the Chicago Cubs (third baseman).

MLB The Show 22 Legends pack choices

You’ll end up with a fourth boss card if you make it to 225,000 experience points with the Boss pack. The pack contains all nine boss cards, though you can only choose one. Regardless, you’ll end up with four 99 OVR cards and four more cards to help with your Legends & Flashbacks collection.

Keep going past the Boss pack to receive more packs: Headliners, pack bundles, Ballin’ out of Control, and more. There’s a Takashi Okazaki choice pack just after the Boss pack and if you’re lucky, you could end up with 97 OVR Bob Feller or 96 OVR Alfonso Soriano.

Look for San Diego Studios to drop a Field of Dreams pack in the store shortly after the Field of Dreams game on August 11. They released associated packs for the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game during the previous program.

That’s everything you need to know about the newest program in MLB The Show 22, Field of Dreams. You have just less than ten days at the time of publishing to complete it, so hurry to nab those sweet 99 OVR boss cards!

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