MLB The Show 22 Future of the Franchise Program: Everything You Need to Know

Here’s everything you need to know about MLB The Show’s biggest program yet, Future of the Franchise.

The fourth main program for MLB The Show 22 dropped June 3, the “Future of the Franchise” program. Like the initial “Face of the Franchise” program, Future of the Franchise has a collection of “boss” cards (all 95 OVR) for each of the six divisions highlighting top prospects. For example, Joey Bart is the 95 OVR Future of the Franchise player for the San Francisco Giants. The program lasts about four weeks.

Below, you will find everything you need to know about the program. This will include available cards, limit and experience caps, and the 30 Future of the Franchise cards, of which 12 you will unlock through the program (two packs per division).

Future of the Franchise program

Future of the Franchise is the biggest program yet in terms of level and experience caps. Unlike the previous Halladay and Friends program – which only had 40 levels and 500 thousand experience – Future of the Franchise has a whopping 78 levels and one million experience caps. This is sure to keep you playing to nab all of those free packs. Remember to do the Daily Moments for an easy one thousand experience each day.

The first thing you should do is the Featured Program Moments, one for each of the 30 “boss” players. Each is worth one thousand experience, so at the end of these, you’ll have 30 thousand experience just from the moments.

A few of the choices for the choice packs, American League version.

That experience will help you will unlock American League and National League Flashbacks & Legends choice packs, all diamonds (85-89 OVR). There is one card for each team, and these cards will go a long way to helping you with the Flashbacks & Legends Collections, which just received an update with the Future of the Franchise program.

Some of the National League choice pack options.

Eventually, you will unlock all 30 cards – 15 per league – before you nab your first Future of the Franchise pack. The good news is that if your rotation isn’t populated with diamonds, there are several starters who are in the high 80s OVR. There aren’t many bullpen arms, but All-Star Sean Doolittle at 89 OVR is sure to add depth to your bullpen.

A smattering of the parallel experience mission for each Flashback and Legend card.

Each card from the choice pack also has an associated mission that, when completed, adds an extra one thousand experience to the program. This is in addition to the experience you gain from playing games with those players. The breakdown is simple: pitchers need 500 parallel experience while hitters need 300. Tip: it’s easier to rack up parallel experience with pitchers than hitters, so target the pitchers first.

To help in those experience missions, play the first of seemingly three Conquest maps focused on the A.L. and N.L. West divisions. The map is shaped like a ship’s wheel with a stronghold located on the outermost contiguous spots. The missions are simple: gain all territories and all strongholds. There are no steal fans or “take over X stronghold by turn X” missions as well, making it a leisurely play. However, if you want to quickly finish the experience missions, it’s recommended to steal fans every turn.

The Conquest maps may go in reverse order of the Future of the Franchise packs you will unlock, which start with the East divisions and hit the West last. The Central divisions Conquest map may be released second, then finally the East divisions. There has also been one Showdown released per program, so expect the same here, though it wouldn’t be surprising to see more considering the length of the program.

Future of the Franchise Collections missions

The two initial Collections for Future of the Franchise: Lou Gehrig and the Colorado City Connect uniform.

There are two Collections to begin the program. First, there is All-Star Lou Gehrig from the Lou Gehrig Day program (found in Other Programs). That adds ten thousand experience to the program. Complete the Lou Gehrig Day missions to unlock the card.

Next is the City Connect jerseys for Colorado. These were recently unveiled to wide praise. Like with the main program, target the moments first as this will nab you 25 program stars. While not enough to unlock All-Star Charlie Blackmon, those 25 stars are half of the program!

From there, do the missions. These simply have you gain parallel experience with Colorado players. If you put in a lineup of only Colorado hitters and use only Colorado pitchers, you should hit the 250 (two program stars) and 500 experience (three program stars) missions with one Conquest game, depending on your results. This will unlock Blackmon and as a Colorado player, he can assist with the missions while working on his own.

With Blackmon, you need to gain 500 parallel experience to gain ten program stars. If you don’t do the exchanges, which isn’t worth the cost, then completing all of these missions will actually net you two extra stars as one thousand experience nets you five program stars and 1,500 experience nets you seven program stars.

Once you have the jersey, add it to the Future of the Franchise program for 15 thousand experience.

Future of the Franchise cards

Your first Future of the Franchise pack is the A.L. East, unlocked at level 27 or 150 thousand experience.

As previously mentioned, there is one Future of the Franchise card per team for a total of 30. You will be able to unlock 12 of the 30 through the program. You will unlock your first at 150 thousand experience – level 27 – and unlock a new pack after 30 thousand experience and then every 20 thousand experience until you’ve collected two packs per division.

Beginning with the A.L. East, their boss cards are Gunnar Henderson (SS, BAL), Brayan Bello (SP, BOS), Oswald Peraza (SS, NYY), Josh Lowe (CF, TB), and Orelvis Martinez (3B, TOR). Each of the position players have two secondary positions, giving you some versatility.

To the N.L. East, their boss cards are Michael Harris II (CF, ATL), Kahlil Watson (SS, MIA), Brett Baty (3B, NYM), Bryson Stott (SS, PHI), and Brady House (SS, WAS). Each player in this pack plays at least one secondary position.

Moving to the A.L. Central, their boss cards are Yoelqui Cespedes (CF, CHW), George Valera (RF, CLE), Jackson Jobe (SP, DET), Nick Pratto (1B, KC), and Austin Martin (CF, MIN). Each of the four position players plays at least two secondary positions, but Martin is the only one that has infield secondary positions.

The N.L. Central boss cards are Pete Crow-Armstrong (CF, CHC), Austin Hendrick (RF, CIN), Garrett Mitchell (CF, MIL), Henry Davis (C, PIT), and Masyn Winn (SS, STL). Davis is the only player in this pack who does not have a secondary position. The other four players play at least two secondary positions.

Lastly, moving to the West divisions, the A.L. West boss cards are Korey Lee (C, HOU), Reid Detmers (SP, LAA), Shea Langeliers (C, OAK), Matt Brash (SP, SEA), and Justin Foscue (2B, TEX). Langeliers does not have a secondary position, but both Lee and Foscue play two secondary positions. Detmers is already in the history books as he threw the first individual no-hitter of the 2022 season in just his eleventh career start on May 10.

Finally, the N.L. West boss cards are Blake Walston (SP, ARI), Michael Toglia (1B, COL), Bobby Miller (SP, LAD), Luis Campusano (C, SD), and Joey Bart (C, SF). Bart does not play a secondary position. However, Campusano and Toglia play at least one secondary position.

If you keep gaining experience, you’ll gain two packs per division from the initial Faces of the Franchise program. This should help you fill out that Collection.

Now you know everything about the Future of the Franchise main program. This is the largest and longest program thus far in MLB The Show 22, giving you ample time to reap all of the rewards. Aside from your favorite team’s boss card, who else will you select?

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